Mauli thinks HE really miss you Nandini.

Mauli freshen up and gets out of the washroom and sees kunal in confusion about something

Mauli: Dont worry, I will sleep on the couch.

Kunal: Its okay . I will sleep on the couch you can use the cot

Mauli: No way. Just sleep as if I dont exist. Go sleep on the bed and I am okay with the couch . After all I am a doctor and I am adpated to all the situations.

Kunal: Fine then. Before that,  we should plan something.

Mauli: plan what?

Kunal: mamma.

Mauli: I didnt get it.

Kunal: I mean we should be husband and wife before mamma.

Mauli:  kunal we are… There is no need of any plan. Mamma knows you very well and ofcourse any plan would mess up everything. We are gonna behave normal.

Kunal: you are right.

Mauli: so good night.

Kunal: Good night.

Mauli sleeps on the couch. Kunal stares at her for a while and then reminds himself of nandini. He sleeps

Next day,

Mauli wakes up and finds kunal not on the bed. She thinks Oh my goodness. Its already time. I should take bath fast. She hurriedly takes her clothes and rushes to the washroom. Coincidentally kunal opens the washroom from inside at the sametime. Naira falls upon kunal and all her clothes fells on them. They share an eyelock.

They both realizes and gets up.

Mauli: I am sorry.

Kunal: Why are you in so hurry?

Mauli: I maynot be a wife for you but I am a daughter in law for radhika aunty.

Kunal: was that a backhanded taunt?

Mauli: if you think so

They smiles.

Mauli freshen up and comes downstairs.

She finds mamma very angry.

She thinks I messed up the first day.

Mauli: Mamma I am really sorry. I wont repeat it ever after. Sorry. I know I am late.I will wake up early from today.

Radhika and kunal bursts into laughter.

Radhika: what do you think of me ? I am not a devil. Calm down.

Kunal told me you were so worried that you woke up late. Dont worry. There is nothing for you to do here. Got it? I didnt bring you here to do work.

Kunal laughs.

Mauli stares kunal and says slowly: I will take revenge for this. Wait and watch.

Kunal: I love challenges.

They smile.

Kunal: its time for me to leave for office . Let me go get ready.

Kunal leaves to room.

Radhika: Thanks mauli

Mauli: Why mamma?

Radhika: I havent seen kunal smiling properly since two years. Today I have seen it.

Mauli miles.

Radhika: Are you not going to hospital today?

Mauli: can I?

Radhika: why not? Go get ready. Kunal will drop you.

Mauli: I am not sure of that .

Radhika: I will ask him to do so. You go get ready.

Mauli hugs her.

Mauli: Thanks mamma for everything.

Mauli goes to her room.

Kunal is getting ready.

Mauli: excuse me sir, would you mind dropping me to the hospital?

Kunal: sir?

Mauli: arey…. tell me na

Kunal: I would not mind because the hospital is nearby the office …. madam

Mauli: Thanks.

Mauli and kunal come down. They have breakfast and leave .

Same day night,

Kunal returns home.

Radhika: Kunal, you came alone. I though you would pick up mauli too…

Kunal: she isnt home yet?

Radhika: no. She didnt call you?

Kunal: no… I will go and pick her up.

Radhika: fine then.

Kunal goes to pick her up . He finds mauli walking towards home. Meanwhile a man is following her.

Mauli turns to see. Kunal stops the car and gets down the car.

The man holds Mauli’s wrist.

Man: hey, whats your price?

She slaps him.

The man gets angry and tries to throttle her. She beats him up.

Kunal gets shocked seeing her in action.

Mauli to the man : There’s a hospital nearby. Go there and when they ask you what happened. Tell them Dr. Mauli bet you. Then you would get special treatment. ….. dont you feel ashamed of yourself? Bug off.

Mauli turns and sees kunal.

Kunal: wow.

Mauli: what wow?

Kunal: you could have asked me to pick you up.

Mauli: phone dead. Though to catch an auto .but none available.

Kunal:okay but he is dead or what?

Mauli: I am a doctor. I cannot kill someone like that. He will just get up after few minutes.

Kunal: are you sure. Anyway Proud of you yar.

Mauli : enough…shall we leave?

Mauli and kunal reach home.

Kunal: mamma, mamma….

Radhika: why are you shouting? Mauli you are fine right?

Kunal: she is fine but I am worried about that man….

Radhika: which man?

Mauli: No man and nothing.

Kunal: arey… why are you hiding ir from her?

Mauli: what are you talking about kunal?

Kunal: mamma she hit…..

Mauli keeps her hand near kunals mouth to shut him up.

Mauli: nothing happened mamma.

Radhika: if there’s nothing then why are you not letting kunal to tell.

Kunal moves mauli’s hand and says: mamma , she hit a man who was behaving badly with her today.I think he is dead

Mauli: He isnt dead kunal….

Radhika: you did a good thing mauli.

Mauli smiles.

Mauli and kunal leaves to room

Kunal : I should really be careful around you.

Mauli: dont worry I dont hurt someone whom I love

She suddenly realizes what she said.

Mauli look at kunal.

Mauli: I mean  I dont hurt anyone whom I care about.

And unless someone misbehaves with me.

Kunal: then I am safe

Mauli: absolutely.

They say good night to each other and sleeps.

Kunal stares at mauli . He thinks she has something special in her.

He sleeps.

He dreams about nandini’s accident and wakes up .

Mauli gets up .

Mauli: what happened kunal?

Kunal: Nandini, nadini. She is no more. I lost her mauli…. I lost her. Accident.

Mauli: calm down. Drink this water. Sleep now.

Kunal keeps saying accident accident and holds mauli’s hand.

Mauli sits near him

Kunal in sleep sleeps on her lap.

Mauli feels uncomfortable but she sits there.

Next day

Kunal wakes up and finds Mauli sitting near him. She is asleep.

Kunal gets up and looka at Mauli for a while.

Mauli also awakes from the sleep and finds kunal staring at her.

Mauli: I am sorry, actually I think you saw a bad dream last night.

Kunal: Nevermind. I will just get freshen up first.

Mauli: sure. She gets up and finds her shoulder hurting.

Mauli thinks It could be due to the sleeping position of yesterday. It hurts really.

Kunal: are you okay?

Mauli ( Lies) : yeah , perfect.

After some time, kunal comes out after bathing .

Mauli: How long does it take for you to bath kunal?

Kunal: It wasnot that long.

Mauli: whatever.

Kunal: I dont think you can take bath now .

Mauli: why? And why is water all around here?

Kunal: I broke the tap

Mauli: What? Did you do that deliberately ?

Kunal: why would I do that ?

Mauli: you said you broke the tap.

Kunal: I meant I broke it unknowingly.

Mauli: Do you know to fix it?

Kunal: I was not a plumber.

Mauli: you need not be a plumber to fix it .

Kunal: Then you fix it.

Mauli: Okay … I will fix it.

Kunal: Oho, we will see.

Mauli thinks whats wrong with you mauli . You dont know how to fix the tap. Why did you say so.

Kunal: what are you thinking.?

Mauli: Nothing. Tools?

Kunal: Its there…

Mauli gets inside the washroom and tries fixing the tap.

Kunal: Let me ask you something. Do you really know how to fix the tap?

Mauli smiles sarcastically.

Kunal: I knew you dont know that.

Mauli: I could at least try unlike you.

Kunal: Give me I will fix it.

Mauli: You said you dont know how to….

Kunal: I can at least try like you.

Mauli: First let me complete my trial

Kunal: this is not gonna work. I will try.

Mauli: I told you let me try too.

Kunal tries getting the tool from her.

Mauli runs with the tool.

Kunal grabs her to get the tool.

Mauli and kunal gets into an eyelock.

Kunal : I am sorry.

Mauli runs again with the tool.

Mauli: I will not give you the tool unless I try fixing it.

Kunal: You dont even know how to hold it properly.

Mauli: Oh thats too mean..

Mauli runs again

Mauli stumbles upon something and falls down. Kunal falls on her. They gets into an eyelock again.

Radhika enters the room.

Radhika: I have been calling you both since ever. Where are you both?

Kunal and mauli closes the washroom door suddenly.

Mauli: Mamma I am bathing. I dont where kunal is.

Kunal slowly: why did you say so?

Mauli slowly : what should I say then we both are inside the washroom?

Kunal: thats right too.

Radhika: fine then. Come fast , breakfast is ready.

Kunal: Fine .

Mauli looks at kunal: why did you say that?

Mauli: Fine mamma.

Radhika: I heard kunal right now.

Mauli: I dont know where he is.

Radhika: Fine. Let me go downstairs.

Mauli: Okay mamma.

Mauli: kunal , why did you say that?

Kunal: that was a mistake.

Mauli: You would have messed up everything.

Kunal: leave that.

He takes the tool from Mauli when she was not paying attention.

Kunal: now I will show you how to fix it.

Mauli: oh that was not fair.

Kunal fixes the tap

Kunal: See, this is how you fix the tap.

Mauli: oh Thanks .

Kunal: you are welcome.

Mauli: Now would you mind me taking a bath?

Kunal: Oh you are asking me indirectly to get out?

Mauli: if you think so.

Kunal gets out of the washroom and sees nandini’s photo.

Kunal : Whats happening with me? No way. I am not gonna love someone else other than nandini. I am sorry nandini. I will have to stay away from mauli.

Kunal gets ready fast and leaves for office.

Mauli comes downstairs

Radhika: Why did kunal leave in a jiffy?

Mauli: He left?

Radhika: yes, he didint say you?

Mauli: No mamma.

Radhika: he might have some meeting. Now you have your breakfast and live . I will ask the driver to drop you.

Mauli: Thanks mamma.

Mauli leaves for hospital.

Same night.

Kunal was heading home when he crossed the hospital.

Kunal: what if mauli didn’t go home? I should pick her up.

Kunal calls mauli and inform her that he is waiting outside.

Mauli comes and enters the car.

Mauli: Thanks for waiting.

Kunal didnt say anything.

Mauli : whats wrong with you.? Why are so upset today?

Kunal: Would that matter?

Mauli didnt say anything.

They reach home and kunal gors directly to his room.

Radhika: what happened to him dear?

Mauli: Dont know mamma. let me go and check

Radhika nods.

In room,

Kunal freshens up and comes out.

Mauli: what hap..

Kunal: I am tired . I need to sleep. Good night.

Mauli: okay good night.

Kunal and mauli sleeps.

Kunal wakes up in the middle and donot find mauli in the couch. He wonders where she has gone? He finds her in the balcony.

Kunal: Mauli, why are you standing here?

Mauli:You asked me the first day why did I agree for this marriage . Right?

Kunal: yes, and you didnt give me a proper reply for that.

Mauli: My parents…. I love them very much. Like you love your mother . Kunal, my mother is suffering from cancer and that too she is in the 4th stage. Even after knowing this she was just worried for me. I was always not into love . I used to say that love was not my thing and used to reject every marriage proposals. But when I got to know that she is suffering from cancer . I thought marrying someone would be the least I can do for her. you know your mamma and my mamma were childhood friends. She was happy when radhika aunty proposed this.she was super excited and pappa too. Why should I say no to their happiness? I love them the most in this whole world.

Kunal:  I didnt knew aunty was suffering from cancer.

Mauli: Radhika aunty knew it. Thats why she proposed this. Anyway, I found them happy for me. Thats more than enough for me.

Kunal: why didnt you say this to me ?

Mauli: it would not change anything between us kunal. I decided to not to say this but then I thought you should know it.

Kunal: I honestly thought you were after my money before I saw you.  Then when I saw you for the first time. I could not digest that you are after money. Now I know the truth.

Mauli: kunal, there is something huge than money which you cannot buy with money.

Kunal: love,  Nandini always used to say this.

  1. Jasminerahul

    good that unlike the tv couples here maunal decided to behave normally before the family.the fall n eye lock was romantic. kunal grabbing mauli’s hand n eye lock. ..fall n eye lock…so romantic. mauli beating the dirty guy without anyone’s help n kunal amused to see it was kunal trying not to get attracted towards mauli?shocking that mauli’s mom is in the last stage of cancer.I feel very upset.both mauli n nandini told kunal that love can’t be bought with money.nice.
    in one place it’s written naira instead of mauli

    1. Avishka

      Thanks jasminerahul.
      Oh it was because my last FF was about kaira …. so I got it misspelled .

  2. great! i have been reading this FF from the first episode. update it fast. your FF are great. they help me a lot in entertaining me during Quarintine. please update fast.

    1. Avishka

      I am really happy to know that i am entertaining you Mohita

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