Kunal thinks Is Mauli my wife for real?
Kunal gets some past flashes of Mauli’s and his wedding.
Rajdeep: Guess what, I even demanded her to be mine and she said its better to kill her than it. So lets make it fast.
Kunal : No, Dont you dare.
Police officer: Put your gun down Rajdeep.
Mauli signs kunal to distract Rajdeep.
Kunal notices it and nods.
Kunal laughs.
Rajdeep: Why are you laughing Kunal? I am not joking, I will do what I said. I will kill her.
Kunal: Go on. No problem. Because I dont even remember her and I am suffering from a memory loss. I wont even care if something happens to her.
Rajdeep: What joke is this now?
Kunal: Its not a joke. Its the truth. I dont remember anything that happened in last 2 years. You can do whatever you want.
Mauli finds Rajdeep distracted.
She quickly snatches the gun in his hand and throws it to the police.
Rajdeep: Hey you..
Kunal pulls mauli towards him.
Police shoots Rajdeep on his knee.
Kunal and Mauli thanks the police. Police leaves along with the wounded Rajdeep.
Rajdeep shouts that he will be back.
Mauli sighs. she looks at kunal and finds him disturbed.
Kunal thinks Is she my wife? she has my child in her womb? But nandini…
Mauli : Shall we leave?
She turns to go.
Kunal grabs her and pulls her close holding her waist.
Mauli: Kunal…
Kunal: Are you my wife?
Mauli gets worried.
Mauli: Kunal, Mamma would be really tensed we will leave na.
Kunal : I am asking you something.
Mauli: I am also saying something to you .
Mauli frees herself from him
Mauli turns to go but she falls unconscious.
Kunal : Mauli…
He holds .
Kunal gets worried and rushes to home.

Kunal comes home lifting Mauli in his arms.
Radhika: Kunal, What happened to Mauli?
Kunal: Mamma, I will tell you but you call the doctor.
Radhika calls the doctor home.
Kunal takes Mauli to her room

Doctor checks Mauli.
Doctor: She is fine but a little weak. I suggest you to take care her better. Her BP is also high.
Kunal and Radhika nods.
Doctor: She will wake up in a hour.
Radhika: Thank you doctor
Doctor leaves.
Radhika: What had happened to her kunal?Where was she?
Kunal explains her everything.
Kunal: I want to know the truth. Is mauli my wife?
Radhika gets worried thinking what to say.
Kunal: Mamma, answer me.
Radhika nods yes.
Kunal is shocked. He steps back but notices his phone over there. Kunal takes it and unlocks it with the passcode jaana.
Kunal is shocked to see his gallery filled with Mauli’s pictures.
Kunal rushes to his room and closes the door. He takes Nandini’s photo and hugs it and keeps saying I love Nandini
Radhika gets worried. She knocks on his door but he doesn’t respond.

After some hours:
Mauli wakes up.
Radhika: Mauli …
Mauli: What happened mamma?
Radhika explains the events took place.
Mauli: What to do Mamma?
Radhika: You try calling him out.
Mauli nods and goes towards his room
Mauli knocks the door.
Mauli: Kunal… Please open the door.
Kunal(without opening the door): I only love Nandini. I won’t love someone else…
Mauli: You love whoever you want. But now just come out.
Kunal doesn’t respond.
Radhika calls Mauli aside.
Radhika: Mauli, he won’t come out and you know what to do.
Mauli (smiles): He will have to come out.

Mauli screams..
Mauli: Mamma… Mamma..
Kunal hears this, he initially get worried and then thinks that it could be their plan.
Radhika: What happened Mauli?
Mauli: Mamma… My stomach hurts….. Ahhhhhhhhh….
She cries in pain.
Kunal gets worried but doesn’t come out and thinks what if she is hurt really?
Radhika: We will go to hospital . You come.
Mauli: Ahhh… Mamma… I cant walk.. It really hurts….
Kunal gets further worried and comes out finally. He runs towards Mauli .
Kunal: Mauli, Are you okay?
Mauli and Mamma smiles.
Kunal: C’mon, grow up you too.. You think its funny.
Mauli: You grow up too… You can’t just stay locked in there your entire life..
Kunal: But I can live with Nandini’s memory my entire life.
Mauli: Who is stopping you?… Did I stop you? I am your wife, if I didn’t stop you then none will.
Kunal: I might have married you but how can I love you. I still love Nandini and I am not over it Mauli.
Mauli: I am okay with it. But What you are doing today, I am not okay with it. Accept it Kunal, You had Moved On. Its just your misunderstanding that you had not moved on.
Kunal(shouts): Mauli.
Mauli: Look at me, Can you tell me you didn’t feel connected to me? You cannot even deny if I tell you that you had fallen for me. Can you?
Kunal stays quiet.
Mauli: Why are you quite? Do you think I am crazy to get the tattoo of someone who haven’t loved me ever? Accept it. You have moved on and its not a crime. Mamma Always tells time heals everything, you just need to accept it.
Kunal: No ,I love nandini, You cant prove it wrong.
Mauli: I dont want to prove it wrong, Kunal. I know how much you love Nandini . Why would I prove it wrong? All I am just telling is that …..
Kunal: I dont wanna hear anything.  Like you all think I cannot accept it and I dont want to accept it. Honestly , I cannot even accept that its my child in your womb.
Mauli is shocked.
Mauli: What are you trying to say Kunal?
Radhika: Do you even know what you are saying?
Kunal: This child…
Mauli(shouts): Kunal, I will tell you something before you tell something . If you want to question me or our relation . Do it.I would bear it. But just because of your lack of acceptance and your interest to make our relation invalid don’t you even dare try to interfere my baby into it.
Kunal doesn’t reply.
Mauli : Why did you shut your mouth? Why dont you just say that because I can’t accept the truth I cant love you anymore, whatever I did in the past. Just forget it. I want only Nandini’s memories.Why dont you say all this? You are not the kunal I loved. That kunal used to accept the fact. He used to love me like anything and would do anything for me, to see me happy. He couldn’t even bear the tears from my eyes. I can’t believe you are that same kunal.
Kunal gets some past flashes.
Mauli thinks I should remind him everything.
Mauli says everything about their, how kunal fall in love with her and everything.
Kunal gets past flashes.. It starts getting more and more clearer.
Radhika : K…
She was about to call him when Mauli stops her.
Mauli signs her to wait.
Kunal gets stressed and he starts to hold his head ….
Mauli repeats what all she said again.
Kunal falls unconscious due to the stress.
Mauli: Kunal…
Radhika: Is he fine Mauli?
mauli: Its due to the stress Mamma. Nothing to worry.
Mauli goes take some water and sprinkles it on his face.
Kunal wakes up.
Mauli: Can you remember something?
Kunal looks at Mauli for a while.
Kunal : Mamma, who is this?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    rajdeep getting trapped was nice.but sad that even after knowing that mauli is his wife kunal can’t believe that he loves mauli.kunal telling that he loves only nandini was irritating.mauli’s dialogues were very nice.what?did kunal forget mauli again?

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