Kunal thinks why am I feeling attached to her.

Kunal: I cant sit here like this. Can you take me for a walk?
Mauli nods.
Mauli makes kunal get up from the bed.
She takes kunal for a walk and comes to the living room.
Kunal: Seems like coming here after years.
Radhika: You sit somewhere and mauli can you come aside for a min?
Mauli makes kunal sit somewhere and goes near Radhika.
Radhika: Here you go … Drink this juice.
Mauli: I dont want it mamma.
Radhika: Mauli.. No way you are gonna leave without drinking it .
Mauli reluctantly drinks it.
Radhika: You will have to drink it everyday.
Mauli: No way mamma…
Radhika: Areey… Baby requires some nourishment and all.. You will have to.
Mauli hesitantly agrees.
Mauli smiles and hugs her.

Kunal sees them hugging and thinks how come they are too close?
Kunal: I want to go back to the room.
Mauli: Sure.
Mauli takes kunal to the room.
Kunal: This is so tiring. I am fed up of staying in home. We will go out.
Mauli: I am not your girl friend Mr.Kunal.
Mauli smiles.
Kunal: You can be friend atleast and stop calling me Mr.kunal.
Mauli thinks their past in which they had befriended each other.
Mauli: I will think about that.
Kunal: Attitude huh?
Mauli:Any offense?
Kunal: Would that matter?
They laugh
Kunal: Tell me something about your husband.
Mauli: Why are you interested to know about him?
Kunal: I am just curious.
Mauli: whatever. He is just like you. Same to same .
Kunal: Good to know.How did you both meet?
Mauli: Why do you wanna know all this?
Kunal: I am feeling bored. I need some enjoyment.
Mauli turns to go.
Mauli was about to slip.
Kunal holds her. Kunal gets in a eyelock. He brings Mauli further close to him. Mauli feels uncomfortable. Kunal is still staring at her.
Mauli: Excuse me?
Kunal doesnt respond.
Mauli: Kunal, Leave me.
Kunal realizes.
Kunal: I am sorry. Actually,..
Mauli leaves.
Kunal thinks she doesn’t want even to hear the explanation.
Just then Kunal gets some blurred past flashes of him and Mauli
Kunal: who is this?

After a month,
Kunal has recovered completely.
Kunal has literally fallen for Mauli but he doesn’t want to accept it because of Nandini and he believes that Mauli is married to someone else .

In his room,
Kunal is searching for his wallet and mobile.
Finally , he finds it.
But he doesn’t remember the password.
kunal tries typing nandini but it shows wrong password.
Kunal thinks what else could be the password.

Radhika is busy doing something in the kitchen.
Kunal comes there.
Kunal: Mamma, Do you know my mobile password?
Radhika: Of course… Its jaana.
She doesn’t realize it as she was busy.
Kunal thinks jaana?

Radhika: You go sit somewhere kunal…
Radhika goes to Mauli in her room.

Mauli is sitting on the bed and doing some work.
Radhika: Mauli.. Dont take too much stress.
Mauli: Mamma yar.. There is so much work . Kunal’s office work plus hospital work.
Radhika: First , calm down.
Radhika sits near mauli in the bed and moves the laptop from her her lap.
Mauli: Mamma..
Radhika: Shh…Today’s work is done. Do the rest some other time.
Now I need to ask you something.
Mauli: What?
Radhika: Why don’t we reveal kunal everything and it has been a month.
Mauli: I would love to Mamma. But the problem is that kunal is still in that trauma of Nandini’s death and he will not accept it if we tell him that he married someone else….
Radhika: But mauli he isnt that upset about Nandini’s death like he was on those days. Right now its as if his mind has moved on but he doesn’t want to….
Radhika realizes she just said the password of the phone to kunal.
Mauli: What are you thinking Mamma?
Radhika: I just told kunal his phone’s password.
Mauli: Oh my god… It has my photos more than his and I have not deleted it…
Mauli and Radhika rushes towards kunal who was in the living room.
Radhika: Kunal…
Kunal: What happened to you both? Why are you so worried?
Radhika: Nothing much. Why did you need your phone for?
Kunal:  Areey, Its my phone. I have a lot to do in it. But now since I tried too many passwords it got locked.
Mauli find the phone on the table and signs mamma.
Mamma thinks I should distract kunal.
Radhika: Kunal, you do one thing then… you come taste my new dish.
Kunal: You and your cooking mamma. Fine , come.
Radhika and kunal leaves to kitchen while Mauli hides his phone in her room and joins them in the kitchen so that kunal doesn’t doubt her .
Radhika: Here you go, taste it.
Kunal tastes it.
Kunal : Waah.. Its delicious.
Radhika: I know, Now Mauli you taste it.
Mauli : Mamma, its really amazing.
But Mauli feels to throw up.
Radhika: Are you okay?
Kunal: Mamma, what have add in it?
Radhika: Kunal don’t joke now. Mauli, are you okay?
Mauli nods.
Kunal: Mamma, Your dish has something wrong in it.
Kunal jokes.
Mauli: No mamma, It was really tasty.
Kunal: I should have realised that you two have become a team.
Kunal suddenly notices the tattoo on Mauli’s wrist.He reads Kunal..

  1. Jasminerahul

    kunal holding mauli n eye lock was romantic. I hope like kunal said they will become close friends.mauli n radhika distracted kunal.but I wish kunal had seen their photographs.kunal seeing the tattoo was superb

  2. Adhu

    It’s good that Kunal is feeling something for Mauli. Hope Kunal regain his memory and recognize her. Mauli is suffering because of his memory loss , when she needs him most. Nice episode. Good to see that you are keeping it crisp. ??

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