Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai — The Deal — chapter 1

a newly wedded naksh and tara entered the Singhania home only to find their entire family in front of them with aarti. naira placed the alka and rice pot in front of tara. tara kicked the rice pot and then dipped her feet in the alka. soon she left her footprints in the house. akshara did their aarti and then naksh touched her feet, once naksh did it, tara was about to when akshara stopped her.

akshara: arre tara, no need to touch my feet vaisi bhi it is not good for you to be bending in this condition. and your place is in my heart.

tara smiles and akshara hugs her.

naira: now games!

naksh: no I think tara is too tired to play any games. tomorrow we will do it. promise.

naira: fine!

naksh grabs tara’s wrist and they both go upstairs into naksh — well nakshara’s room.

nakshara’s room:

naksh brought tara into the room where it was decorated with roses and candles. naksh got a glass of water and threw it onto the candles and the flames disappeared.

tara: naksh, what are you doing?

naksh: now you are in this house, as my wife. I am going to tell you my conditions. one I don’t want to share a bed with you. you can sleep on the floor or on the couch, I don’t care! second, don’t get too attached to everyone in this family because soon you will leave. three,, you have no rights on me as my so called wife. four, if I ask you to do something, do it without any question. and five, once this child is born, I will divorce you and that too with no questions from you. understand?!

tara nods.

naksh: good!

naksh took off his sherwani and went to sleep on the bed. tara slowly walked onto the couch and slowly laid there.

tara’s POV:

naksh, when will you understand that it was preeti who made those pren-up papers? I had nothing to do with them. and now you only married me because I am carrying your child in my womb. naksh, I love you a lot but you…. you think that I don’t love you. my heart skips a beat for you all the time. and naksh… what you are doing is wrong. how can you separate a child from its mother?

precap: family suspects something

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  1. Wow you are 13???? Good writing keep it up sweetie I am aunty Jayashree will be reading your FF on a daily basis if you decide to write more. Enjoy your weekend.

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    Will wait.

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