Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira stand against Samarth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samarth warning Kartik and Naira. He says you were expecting a decent answer that I have come to get family’s love, so I haven’t come here to get love, but something else, you find it out, let me make it easy for you, I have come here to ruin your family. They get shocked. He says I will do it, stop me if you want, you can try, but you can’t do anything. Naira asks did you come to take revenge. Samarth asks her to find out. Kartik asks the reason for revenge. Samarth says its your duty to find that, I can’t see your problem, take this keychain, the answer to your question, I was bored playing the game, it will be fun as you both have come, right? Say yes and compete with me, I don’t just play, I need to destroy my enemy, and his entire family, stop

me if you can. Kartik and Naira ask him to do if he can.

Samarth says I have nurtured my hatred, not even Lord can change my decision or break my courage, mark the day of Diwali, Goenkas will go bankrupt, they will be ruined, this house, reputation, business and love, nothing will be spared, everything will be ruined, your Diwali will be bad and mine will be happy, there is time for Diwali, I will show a small trailer, police will arrest Manish in the party tomorrow, you both will just watch this, you will find out my hatred is greater or your love. Kartik and Naira fold hands and say we will wait. Naira says you will realize things and say that love is stronger than hatred, we will make sure that this happens. Samarth picks his keychain and leaves. Naira asks can I ask for my Karwachauth gift. Kartik says think I have given it, we shall defeat hatred and the haters, we won’t let anything happen to our family.

Surekha says this one is for Lav and thats for Kush. Akhilesh says we will wish them at 12 o’clock, we will take them to park, we shall spend the day together. She asks won’t Samarth come along. He says no, he asked us to go, its our private moment, he is sensible. Lav and Kush come and say we know its gifts for us, we don’t want any surprise, we will celebrate birthday at home. Akhilesh says we will do it next time. Lav says no, we called Mahi, our special friend, she is allowed just to attend house party, we want house party only.

They go. Akhilesh says I don’t want to party with anyone. Surekha says but we have to do this for kids’ sake. Lav and Kush get glad and talk that Kartik and Naira’s plan worked, we have to take responsibility. Suwarna looks on and thinks the kids are showing so much sensibility, when elders aren’t. Samarth comes to his room and dips his face into water. He recalls the past. He says I knew Kartik and Naira would follow me, don’t come between me and my revenge, it has taken me many years to create differences in this family and now I will separate this family, if I don’t ruin everything, it will be disgrace to myself.

Its morning, Kirti says its brunch party, we shall go soon. Devyaani says we will go once we make sweets, Naitik’s flight is in the evening, we didn’t tell him about Naira’s dizziness. Kirti sees Naksh coming and changes topic. Devyaani says we will get a chance to meet. Bhabhimaa says everyone is worried there. Naksh says that’s why I told you to get Naira, I m tensed that this may affect Naira’s health. Bhabhimaa says Naira wasn’t dizzy by tension. Devyaani says yes, that was because of fasts, right Kirti. Naksh gets shocked and sees Kirti.

Everyone attends the kids’ birthday party. Surekha wishes and hugs Lav and Kush. Akhilesh hugs them. He asks them to touch the money, they will donate it later on. Dadi wards off bad sight and wishes them. Manish and Suwarna also bless them. Kartik and Naira hug them. Naira asks what gift do you want. Kartik says we got gifts of our choice, what do you want. Lav and Kush say happy family, promise? Kartik promises. Samarth says let my turn come, I will also wish the kids. Lav and Kush go to Samarth. Samarth blesses them and says today’s party will be memorable one, we will have great fun with big blasts. Lav says we don’t like blasts, we get scared.

Naira says don’t worry, it won’t be dangerous. Kartik says yes, we have made the entire house fireproof. Akhilesh says we will think of some games. Samarth sees Kartik and Naira, and goes smiling. Akhilesh and Samarth check arrangements. Kartik says staff was finding the loophole. Naira says it will be some problem for Manish. Samarth blows the balloons. Kartik asks how will we know their plan, we have to attend the party. Naira says yes, else how will we keep an eye on Samarth. He puts some notes inside the balloon. Kartik says we will manage the party. Naira asks why are you pretending. Samarth says I m doing my work, its fun to ruin the things which are already decorated, what happened, did you get scared, did you come to beg me that I shouldn’t do this, forget it, mercy doesn’t exist in my dictionary, just revenge exists there. Naira says we are not scared and none can stop us. Kartik says we are dealing with a loser.

Kartik and Naira dance on Meri wali…. Samarth thinks they are very smart and won’t let me do my work easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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