Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varsha wants Ananya to off the Tv and go and play but she refuses Rajshree and Kaki comes and Varsha complains that Ananya does not listen to her. RS says that Shaurya was same when he was small Shaurya and Anshu comes to watch tv and asks Ananya to go downstairs and play.

Akshara tells Naitik that she wants to speak to him he refuses saying that he has to go to office. Akshara is tenced Devyani sees this and when she is about to talk Bhabimaa asks her to accompany her to clean the stuff.

Naman, Mushkan and Duggu are talking Devyani comes and asks what they want to drink and goes to bring while Duggu says to Naman and Mushkan that their mom has been living in SS for along time and didn’t they miss her. Naman says that they missed her alot Duggu tells them to stay with them so they can be a big family.Duggu gets Orange juice and he says that he wants what Naman and Mushkaan are drinking Devyani says that its over and she will get him tomorrow Duggu refuces he says you gave them and refucing to give me Bhabimaa over hears this and says how could she do this even Duggu is her grandson Devyani over hears it. Mushkaan tries to give her drink but Duggu refuces

Ananya hides behind the certain varsha scolds hher and Asks Anshu and Shurya to off the Tv and come for breakfast

Akshara tries to call Naitik but the phone is off Devyani comes and tells that she needs to talk to her she says that she docent want anyone to think that she is neglecting others because of Naman and Mushkaan she says once when they are gone Akshara says that they will not go anywhere and will stay with them Akshara tells thay they have fought with their dad and come and wants to stay with Devyani she says its not possible Akshara says now no one will accept them she will try to speak to Naitik she asks Devyani also to think some way

Devyani brings pitzza and gives Duggu he is happy and says he will share with Naman and Muskaan Duggu gets a call from Ananya. Devyani asks Naman and Muskaan to leave SS as she doesnt want any trouble both says they too dont want any trouble to cause Akshara or even Duggu because of them she asks them to go today its self.

Akshara calls RS and says that she understands her so well and is there for her all ways she wants her support now too RS says that she went through so much that this is nothing for her everything will be alright Akshara says if she says so it will be she says that she is lucky that she can talk whenever they want.

Rajshekar and naitik are back from worrk and Akshara says to Naitik that she wants to talk to him about Naman and Mushakan when both of them comes with their bags telling that they are going to their Nanaji’s place Duggu asks them to stop and says to Devyani that she is their mom and asks to stop them Akshara goes to Devyani and tells that she wanted he to find a solution not to send them she says this is the best solution that is available

Maheshwari dinner table Rajshree notice all gents are busy with mobiles she scold all that they keep on looking at the phone and dont talk or eat Anshu’s phone rings and RS answers its Jasmeet she tells her too that its not good to use phone for long hours and if she wants to she can write a letter to Anshu. she gets a basket and asks all of them when they come home they should put the phone on silent mode n put in the basket she says that this rule is for everyday n collects all the phone in to a basket

SS dinner table Duggu refuses to eat as anyone didnt stop Naman and Muskann from going she says she is not going to obey anyone from now as no one listen to him he thanks god as he seees Naman and Muskaan coming back

Precap -Naitik is not happy with the fact that Naman and Muskaan wants to stay in SS

Update Credit to: Nishi

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