Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh complaining that he gets much pain by injections. Akshara says I also have pain when you have, take it fast then you have to go school. She gives him injection. He cries. He says I won’t go to school. Akshara says fine. Naksh says I will go only with Muskaan. Everyone agree. Muskaan takes Naksh to school. Rukmani asks Nandini why is she giving plain food to Yash. Nandini says Naksh will feel bad if he sees good food in Yash and Ananya’s tiffin and so Varsha and I decided to give plain food to our kids.

Rukmani scolds Nandini and packs good food for Yash. Anshu and Shaurya play at home. Everyone look on and smile. Varsha plays with Shaurya. He calls her fat and she gets annoyed. Anshu asks them not to fight. He says go to gym and lose weight. Shaurya says let Jasmeet come, then I will see you. Everyone laughs. Muskaan comes back home dropping Naksh. Naitik thanks her for always taking care of Naksh. Akshara too thanks her.

Muskaan says don’t thank me, Naksh is very lovable, I did it as I love Naksh. Everyone smile. Vishwamber and Omi also play. Kaki asks them to stop playing and go to office. Shaurya says its time for meeting. They leave or office. Kaki asks Rajshri to play with her. Rajshri and Kaki play not so well and try decently. Rajshri misses Dadi and says lets stop playing. Kaki says no, lets play. Vishwamber comes back and laughs seeing them play.

Naksh comes to know from the kids that a good coach is coming to teach them football. The trainer asks Naksh to go and sit. Naksh feels upset as he misses the game a lot. Naksh starts playing alone with a football and the new coach Rohan sees him and his skills. He is impressed by Naksh and stares at him and his moves. He then sees Naksh upset and sitting alone. He smiles and Naksh goes as the bell rings.

He says Naksh is a good player, it will be fun to play and teach them. Akshara talks to Bhabhimaa about Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks her to call the tutor back. Akshara says yes, he has to study. They miss Maharaj ji and Sudha. Bhabhimaa says I want a new Maharaj ji to help out Girja. Muskaan comes to Devyaani and says Jasmeet called, she wants to go on shopping and wants me to come, shall I go. Devyaani says yes, ask Bhabhimaa once. Muskaan says I asked her. Devyaani gives her some money to shop. Muskaan thanks her.

Devyaani thinks she has to do something to fulfill Naman and Muskaan’s financial needs. Rohan tells the staff that his coach said he has to play for his happiness and not for trophy. Roham goes in the ground to meet the kids. Yash asks Naksh does he want to meet Rohan, he can lie and come in the ground. Naksh says no, I want to play with him.

Naitik works in office and tries to find out about Naksh’s disease. Akshara talks to him and he says I was reading about his disease. He says there are many workshops for such kids, you take him, I don’t have time, I m feeling sad as I can’t give him time. Akshara says don’t worry, we have to smile and spend the time. Rohan meets the kids and they join hands. Rohan asks their names and keeps a name for the team.

Naksh wants to go to loo and gets the permission. He goes out. Rohan thinks where did the boy go. Rohan asks the coach about Naksh and tells him he wants to meet everyone. Naman talks to Muskaan and is proud of her for being so mature. Rajshri says she is having pain in bones because of playing. Kaki and Varsha also have the same. Naksh comes and Akshara and Muskaan play carom to bring his interest.

Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to take Akshara’s side. He sits with them and plays. Akshara smiles. Devyaani are happy as Naksh plays very well. Naksh leaves without talking to her. Everyone at home laugh seeing the women have body pains. Akshara messages Naitik about Naksh and he gets upset. Naksh is annoyed with Akshara. He says he is ill and won’t go to school. She says fine, don’t go. Yash calls Naksh and talks to him. Naksh tells him that he will not come to school. Naitik comes home and says sorry Akshara, I tried to come home soon but became late. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry. She says his disease is making his heart weak. They get worried.

Rohan meets Akshara and scolds her for killing Naksh’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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