Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma saying Bhabhimaa should have not said this, Akshara will feel bad. Akshara says its fine, she is a mother. Karishma comes to office. Shaurya says client has scolded dad because of you, do you realize your mistake. She says its first one. He says it does not mean we forget it, I told you to deal with client. She defends herself. Shaurya says its our mistake to trust you. She says I was busy for few days. He says you can’t run from professional duty. She says I thought you will understand as we are family. He says don’t being Akshara in between and asks her to resign from the job. She leaves.

Nandini asks for baby, and Rukmani says I will take care of him. Mohit says give him to me, and takes the baby. Rukmani leaves. He gives the baby to Nandini. They all play with the baby. Rajshri and Vishwmaber come and Rukmani taunts them not for coming to see baby in hospital. Naitik says they had some pain, Akshara’s Nani died the day baby was born, we did not tell anyone. They all are shocked. Naitik says Rajshri asked me not to tell anyone. She wanted us not to make anyone sad here and all others came to meet us, than going with them. Rukmani feels bad. Rajshri says we got both news at same time, and we had to leave and not informed everyone. Rukmani apologizes to Rajshri and says I did not know this.

Rajshri says its fine. Akshara cries. Bhabhimaa says Akshara did not tell us anything, and gave us happiness, and I scolded you, I m sorry. She hugs Akshara. Karishma comes home and sees this. Rajshri asks how is she. Karishma says I m fine, such small things does not affect me. They get puzzled. Devyaani asks whats the matter, is this way to talk to elders. Karishma says what about them, Shaurya has fired me from the job without any mistake. They are shocked. Vishwamber says if Shaurya fired you without any mistake, I would have scolded him, it means you did not realize your mistake till now, Shaurya did right, our hotel had big loss and even then we are quiet.

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Karishma says you could have dealt with clients. Vishwamber says they got annoyed before we could handle. He says you did not do work well. She says I was busy at home, you all know it. He says yes, I agree, but clients don’t agree to this, they want the work to be done on time, and they have scolded me, work should not affect relations, and I did not ask him why he hired you and I will not ask even today. Devyaani says I understand, but explain Shaurya once, give her one chance. Vishwamber says I m sorry, its not in my hands now.

Karishma says no use now, and asks Akshara about her family’s rules and egulations. Akshara looks at them. Devyaani stops Karishma and says maybe its any misunderstanding, Karishma works well, you have always praised her. He says yes, she did well in beginning, and since she got married, she started being careless towards work and we have neglected it many times, as I understand balancing needs time, and but this time its very wrong. Our client booked out hotel and gave all details to Karishma, and she did not talk to them, and he has taunted me and cancelled the deal. Karishma says you are blaming me, I know its loss, but other staff could have handled it, you wanted reason to fire me from job.

Vishwamber says no reasons are good for work. Karishma says I had to manage home. He says even Akshara does work handling home and kids, she did not do mistake. Shaurya comes home and says we got much insulted today because of Karishma, so I have fired her. Dadi asks what did she do. Shaurya says she crossed limits today, I told dad. Dadi says they have gone to Akshara’s place. He says Karishma will not be quiet and will do something. Rajshri says we will leave now. Vishwamber apologizes. Bhabhimaa says its not your mistake. Naksh and Yash come and hug Rajshri. Rajshri says we have met the baby. Naksh asks when did you come.

Vishwamber says we are in hurry, we will come later. Rajshri asks him to take care of Akshara. Akshara thinks I should tell this to her. Naksh says I take good care of them. Vishwamber and Rajshri greet everyone and leave. Akshara says Naitik its good that they left. Mohit takes the baby and says we will go to room. He talks to Rukmani and makes Nandini get happy and normal. Naksh and Yash react aas the baby does potty. Mohit asks them to clean. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani not to support Karishma for wrong things, how did she talk to Akshara’s parents, Rajshri came here from her mum’s Chautha to meet us and how did Karishma behave.

Karishma says I m so sorry, I did not know this, Akshara did not tell me anything, else I would have avoided. Bau ji says Shaurya might be worried. Girja says Dadda ji is calling them. Karishma says everyone scolds me and no one supports me, as I m not family. She says its no use to talk and leaves. Akshara talks to Shaurya and says she did not call to ask about his decision, and he gets worried when such things happen. Shaurya says I m fine. She says I know whatever you do will be good, Karishma should accept her mistake. Karishma hears this and gets annoyed. She leaves.

Nandini tells Rukmani that she can’t keep baby away from her and cries. Rukmani says I will do this. Mohit says I will give the baby. Rukmani says no way and leaves with the baby. Everyone looks on.

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