Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara searching her ring. She asks Naksh to try his magic. Naitik says try for the last time. Naksh tries. Akshara puts the ring and Naksh finds the ring and is happy that his magic worked. He dances. Akshara says got it. Naitik says greta, it means its working. Naksh says let me go for my trip. Maa says never. Ananya comes to everyone and tells them about breaking her piggy bank. She says I m thinking not to break it as it does not have much money, its empty. She asks them to fill it. Everyone joke. Naitik makes Akshara wear the ring. He says now you understood, Akshara this is fine that things have love, but its not dependent on them, things come and go, but we will be together always. Akshara hugs him smiling.

A song plays in the background. He helps her in cleaning the room. He hugs her. Naitik asks whats all this. She says its gifts for Naksh. He asks where is my gift. She says I have it, its special. She says ite better than your gift. He says I challenge you my gift is better. She says lets see, have to find out. She says first you. He asks her why are you stopping Naksh from going on the trip. Maa calls Akshara and she leaves. Shaurya brings a gift for Varsha and thinks where to hide it. Varsha comes and asks did you hide my surprise gift. He says did you see. She says I know and laughs. She says I know what you brought for me and where you have hidden it. He says whats this, you know everything. He says its my challenge, you can’t guess what I brought.

She guesses it right and laughs. She says be happy that our hearts are one. He laughs and hugs her. Naksh asks Akshara and Maa and they say no. Naitik sees this and Naksh does his magic. They still say no. Naksh talks to Naitik and says my magic is not working. Naitik says magic does not work on women. Yash calls Naitik and asks where is Naksh. Naitik makes Naksh talk to him. Yash asks him about the trip. Yash says my parents are ready. Naskh says Yash is going, even I want to go. Maa says we said no. Rukmani talks to Maa.

Rukmani asks why are you not sending Naksh, we are sending Yash. Maa says the thing is Naksh is small, how will he live alone. Rukmani says Yash is younger than him, still we are sending him. Rukmani says think about Naksh, else he will leave the house again. She suggests Maa to send Naksh on the trip and ends the call. Bhabhimaa asks what did she say. Maa says she was saying to send Naksh but I won’t send Naksh. She says Rukmani always interferes. Bhabhimaa says how is she sending Yash. Akshara says maybe she is not listening to Nandini. Maa asks Naitik to talk to Mohit and asks him not to send Yash.

Naitik supports Naksh but Maa is adamant that she won’t send Naksh. Akshara’s parents have a scene. They talk about the silver coin she got. He jokes and reminds her about their first diwali. He says I will hold your hand infront of everyone tomorrow. She says I have to be careful tomorrow. Maa talks to Bau ji about Naksh’s trip. Bau ji asks her to take admission in Naksh’s school. She says you don’t support me and made fun of me. He laughs and says you look beautiful when you are angry. She smiles.
Naitik talks to Akshara about Naksh’s trip that we should allow Naksh to go as we want him to become independent. He can learn many things and he will be confident and will change feeling responsible. Akshara says no, its not that I don’t want to send him, but I can’t be sure about his safety, teher won’t be anyone of us with him, if he needs anything, who will he tell. Naitik says let him learn, I also have some questions, but we have to let him free, else he will be always dependent on us. They see Naskh sleeping and go to him.

Naksh wishes everyone happy diwali. He greets everyone and they bless him. Akshara and Naitik also greets everyone. Naitik talks to Maa that I m celebrating diwali with you after many years. Naksh asks for his diwali gift. Naitik laughs. He insists that I want it now. Akshara says you will get it. Maa says we did not buy it. Akshara says permit him to go on the school trip. Naksh is happy. Maa says you agreed.

Akshara says Naitik explained me. Maa says I can’t allow him. Bau ji says let him go. Bhabhimaa says try to understand, we don’t want to. Naksh says I won’t talk to you and won’t celebrate diwali. He cries. Maa goes to him and says this is wrong, you always make us agree. Maa and Bhabhimaa says we won’t agree. Akshara says we will not send him if you don’t agree. Akshara tells her that Naksh will understand his responsibility if he goes. Maa says do what you want. Maa thinks about it and says this is good, keeping everything on me. She says I can’t say no for his happiness. Naksh is happy and goes to inform Yash. Everyone smiles.

Naitik asks Naksh to find out Akshara’s gift and Akshara says the same to him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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