Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabeer gets caught

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira getting shocked seeing her nail impressions under Kabeer’s neck. She dances with him and gets tensed. Naira recalls Kabeer’s words. She gets away and coughs. Everyone looks on. She asks for water. Kartik gives her water. He asks what happened. She says just listen to me, don’t react, Kabeer’s neck has similar nail marks, we all will behave normal like we don’t know anything. Everyone stares at Kabeer. Kartik asks everyone to take a break and have refreshments. Manish says why shall we wait, we will just catch him. Kartik says no, we need a proper proof against him. Kabeer sees them. He feels weird. He runs away. Kartik asks everyone to take care of Naira, and runs with Manish, Akhilesh and police. Suwarna asks the participants to leave, they will call them in two days. Naira cries and says Kabeer….. he is Shubham’s friend, I felt…. how could I make such a big mistake. Dadi says don’t worry, Kabeer will be caught. Rajshri says he won’t get saved now.

Priyanka says doors are sealed now, Naira you are safe now. Naira runs to her room. She goes to washroom and cries. She thinks of dancing with Kabeer. She washes her face and hands. Rajshri and Devyaani ask her is she fine, open the door. Naira says leave me alone, please go. Akhilesh says where did he go. Inspector says he won’t get saved. Everyone looks for Kabeer. Naira cries. Kabeer enters the washroom. She gets shocked seeing him. Kartik is on the way with Manish and Akhilesh. Kabeer writes I love you Naira on the glass. He asks why are you not smiling, I m your love, come out. He threatens her and asks her to come out. Naira comes out.

He stares at her and smiles. She cries and goes out of the washroom. He says don’t shout, else whoever comes hearing you will die. Dadi asks Kirti why didn’t she get Naira down. Kirti says she is in shock, give her some time. Devyaani says Kabeer will be caught. Suwarna says Manish called, they are going to Kabeer’s house. Kabeer shows the mangalsutra to Naira and says I will make you wear this, you are so pretty, I got this saree for you, its my fav color, will you wear this for me, please, my Naira, will you wear it or shall I make you wear it. She gets angry and says I won’t wear it. She moves away and calls family. He asks why, I love you. She says I hate you, how dare you come here, we treated you as a family member, we didn’t think you have a sick mind, I will not agree to you.

Kartik and others come to Kabeer’s house. Kartik kicks and breaks the door. They all get shocked seeing Naira’s pics everywhere on the walls. Manish holds Kartik. Kartik says I will not leave him, I will punish him first. He shouts Kabeer come out, where are you. Suwarna and everyone pray for Naira. Kirti says I can understand what Naira is feeling. Priyanka says Naira is scared, she feels helpless and cheated, her fear will change into anger. Rajshri says yes, one moment is enough for Durga to become Kali. A phone rings. Naira throws things and screams.

Kabeer pushes her on the bed. He says I just thought of you, proposing you, marriage and then….. She gets angry. He says your anger is making you more attractive. They hear Dadi and Surekha talking. Dadi says Naira has troubled us a lot, she has snatched Kartik from us, its good if he takes her away. Naira sees the call connected. Kabeer says did you hear them, see your family also wants this, come with me. She asks him to go. He says I will go, but take you too. Kartik asks what….. He ends call. He says Kabeer is at our place. Manish says we have to rush home. Kabeer gets Naira downstairs. He gets shocked seeing all the women. They pull the carpet and make them fall. They ask Naira to run. Kabeer screams. Everyone stares at him. He gets surrounded.

Kabeer gets attacked. They all take Kabeer on the road. Naira throws him down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such as crap and stupid episodes, what the heck is this, so all the goenka family knows since 2 weeks that the real stalker is kabeer loool anyways keerti my girl, you are praying your so called sister in low but actually you are forgetting so quickly all your pains of losing your child and you’re paying attention to support naira really . As usual other singhania and goenka lady will do their epic chores like “”heeew, eeew” with thier facial expressions coz they don’t have it something else to say rather than saying”” naira Will gonna make it perfectly”” rip the logic. In the precap ???????? maha devi, out of sudden become “” the big show wrestler”” so powerful to beat kabeer and throw out on the ground, well ain’t expected any sense or logic comes from the writers of this show, but today’s episode they hit the rock bottoms and I’m glad that kabeer’s track is going to end.

    1. Kirti is not allowed to be angry or hurt otherwise she might get some importance ?… Anyway no one cares about her nd she is not an attention seeker to create a scene to be noticed ?

      1. Pia dear, i didn’t mean that keerti should make drama out of nothing to get attention but what I mean was that at least she should care herself more although family comes first on her coz today’s episode she was praying and worried of naira then her real pain.

  2. U knw wat dis precap s d funniest thing dat i hav evr seen.i was laughing lyk anythn.nd uperse naira s d new nayi soch according to her fans who knws nothing other dan screming jumpinh n others scenes to grab limelit nd her slave karthik no words fr him.he think he s some prince frm sky yesterday the way he was talking to naksh nd justifying fr dat b*t*h naira frgetting abt his sisters pain .i felt lyk slapping both naira nd karthik.such a pathetic arrogant character.evryone s caring fr naira noone s worried abt keerthi instead all wer busy for doing nairas jasp.puri chamchagiri.durga to devo seriously its better to say dumb to dumbest fr naira.
    These ppl r finding him fr stalking naira bt not fr kirti.disgusting

  3. Always like this show and can’t wait for today episode.. Very nice amd u deserve it see the women power. U cnt underestimate our nair and her family.. If they cn love then they cn give u a lesson too…very nice trak going… Love this serial since its first episode… I hope it will complete it’s 20,30 years more

    1. Please don’t create such fool things.


    This stupid Naira got cheated and want to be alone, so she will even shout at elders but when Keesh wants to stay alone she cant keep her ass away from them. Senseless, karthik is too toooo much. Police cant break open the lock and he broke the entire door with a single kick. Ufffffff. My Kirti and Naksh, even if they appear for seconds onscreen,they are stealing hearts.jai kali for Naira is OMG

    1. Don’t say anything about naira such a lovely girl

    2. Maya-The.illusion

      Awesome UN???

  5. I don’t understand y u all r blaming naira?? Or hating her. !! She is just doing her character according to the scripts. . . Iam not a fan of any1. . But still this is too much. .
    Or if u r at the core of Hating naira. . then just go & thell the director to kill her ?? & Make keerti as the lead role. Who is a puppet of her daadi ??.

  6. Off course kirti have to be puppet otherwise how will naira be proven better than all ??? .

    1. Maya-The.illusion

      No one can compare to Naira. Now we have our own Alexander the great, aka Naira??

      I have nothing against the actresses but the writers of the show are proving to be a greater disappointment with every passing episode. The show used to focus on each and every relationship in past but now it only focuses on showing how great Naira is.

    2. See..if keerti is daadi’s puppet…that too Naira’s mistake.. great..

      1. Why else every single character are spoiled, subham, suwarna, dadi, karthik, kirti….naira is the only one who get benefits from it even karthik was spoiled to benefit her. Either naira’s slave or used to make her look geater

  7. Few points why people hate naira
    1. In one of the recent festive dance sequence, only naira’s dance was highlighted when all other ladies were dancing. Previously,in such things,, everyone’s dance used to be shown equally.
    2. In the present track, Keerthi should have been given importance wrt atleast physical health if not emotional
    Etc etc etc

  8. Asha surjith Singh

    Could you please stop blaming naira because ,she is doing as per her character and why don’t you realize that this is a show .and I an asking you only one thing that if this show ya naira not good so why did this show became top 5 among trp .and will u shiw me a shows which is running up to 9-10 years don’t think this is easy and also think this that why did people love kaira

  9. Maya-The.illusion

    The show has become “Yeh NAIRA Kya Kehlati Hai” with Naira (I am talking about the CHARACTER and NOT the ACTOR) becoming the sole lead of the show, Kartik’s more of a second lead while other are just extra.

  10. I dont understand why all are blaming that naira is given much importance . She is the mainlead so obviously she will get the importance.the same thing happened when akshara was there she was focused and varsha was sidelined and we all accepted it so what now.u all are so indifferent towards the characters . If u like keesh that doesnt mean u have to blame other characters .

    1. Yeah exactly.. as compared to varsha’s keerti is getting more importance than her.
      But no..all r finding a chance to blame naira.

  11. I like this show because they always focus on the sensitivities of the society and we should appreciate it.

  12. please shut this crap show .I hate naida

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