Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik is exposed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking the driver to drive carefully. She picks baby’s file and sees the blood report. She says how is baby’s blood group AB positive, how can this happen. Kartik comes home. He asks what’s the matter. She says we didn’t choose the right hospital, look at the reports, my blood group is O positive and yours is B positive, how can baby’s blood group be AB positive. He asks what do you mean. Naksh slaps Kartik. Everyone comes and looks on. Kartik sees Kirti, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani staring. Naksh looks at Kartik with hatred. Manish asks what’s happening Naksh. Akhilesh asks what did Kartik do. Dadi says your relation is same, how can you slap Kartik. Manish asks Naksh to say something. Naksh says say something.

Naira says Kartik, swear on

Krish and tell me. Kartik says don’t make me swear on him. Kirti asks why are you thinking now. Naira asks what did you do. Kirti shouts tell them Kartik what did you do. Kartik says I did it Kirti, I did wrong with you and everyone, and with this baby. Naira asks what did you do, please tell me. Kartik says sorry Naksh. Naira asks what are you saying. Kirti says I will tell you, my brother has snatched my new born baby and gave him to someone else. They get shocked. Naira says Kartik can’t do this, who told this to you, how can you believe this, why would Kartik do this. Manish asks where is your baby. Kirti shows Krish and says Krish is my baby. They get shocked.

Kirti cries. Naira looks at Krish. She sits in shock. Akhilesh says no Kirti, Kartik can’t do this. Naksh says sorry but this is truth, Kartik took advantage of Kirti’s coma, he swapped the two babies, its good that man called me at hospital and told me everything, I didn’t believe it but I have seen CCTV footage. He asks how dare you do this Kartik, you cheated everyone, you have sent me for treatment, you promised me that you will take care of Kirti, you didn’t think for us, I asked you where is my baby, you lied to me. Kirti says you are lying every day Kartik, where did your love and our relation go. Naksh says you snatched a baby from one mum and gave to other mum. Kirti asks how can you be so bad, the one you love, your Naira, you didn’t let her see her baby, I can understand this pain, I was feeling this. Naksh says we are ashamed to have relations with you, no one does this with enemies too. Kirti says you were so close to me, you loved me a lot and promised to protect me, you did this with me, I never thought you can do this with me. Manish shouts what are they blaming you, why did you do this. Naksh shouts what shall I punish him. Kirti says his punishment is that I have no relation with him now. Manish shouts shame on you Kartik. Akhilesh asks why did you do this Kartik.

Kartik falls down and cries. He says what shall I do now. Manish says you can’t be forgiven. Krish cries. Kirti and Naksh see him and cry. Kartik and Naira see each other and cry. Kartik lowers his gaze. Naira cries and takes Krish. Kartik and everyone shout Naira and follow her. Kirti stumbles and runs. Naira thinks of Krish. Kartik asks her to open the door. He says I did a big mistake, please open the door. She sits near the door crying and seeing Krish. Kirti and Naksh come there with everyone. Naira says Krish is my baby, right. Kirti cries and says let me hug him. Manish scolds Kartik. Everyone worries. Manish says just blame Kartik. Naira says Krish is mine. Everyone cries and scolds Kartik. Everyone asks Naira to open the door and come out. Kartik holds Naira’s dress cloth. She pulls it to herself. She hugs Krish and cries.

Kirti says Naira please let me see my baby once, let me take my baby in arms. Naira cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhhh god.. how can someone be so so so selfish.. naira is beyond understanding.. such a pathetic woman she is.. they deserve this!

  2. What a pathetic selfish immature and idiot naira is . Well deserved kaira!! I knew naira is going to start her drama!

  3. Oh god, I don’t understand why are keesh apologising to naira when the real bad deed has been done with them, please let them get some happiness atleast now, please let them get their child back

  4. What is with this drama? I know it’s hard for a mother to accept that her child is no more but grieving like a kid, that’s just so stupid. I’m glad everyone scolded and blamed kartik. He deserves nothing but contempt and hate and no amount of redemption can make anyone forgive him. Tbh, loved the slap naksh gave kartik. Finally naksh got some role other than always blindly and selflessly supporting kaira.

    Why is naksh telling things like krish ko tumse nahi chengenge naira. What do these parents want? They’ll give naira the baby but just want to hold their baby is it? Idk if it was done to let naira come out, but it sounded weird. even if it was a way to get naira out of the room it was like giving her a fake hope again.
    I’m sad for naira actually, but the way she tries to handle a situation that she herself or her beloved immature husband got into, it’s just stupid and proves that you need to be emotionally and mentally mature to get married and have a child.


    While she didn’t know it was her baby she was showing so sympathy towards kirti now after knowing the truth she’s taking krish with her this shows what a dramatic attention seeker naira is…..she was speaking of kirti s pain and all now why she doesn’t understand kirti s pain… why doesn’t she return her baby to her. ….before she was like I don’t mind if he calls kirti mom…now why she has a problem…
    Such a attention seeker naira is…I request makers to remove kartik and naira name from the lead and make naksh kirti… as they define true meaning of relations

    1. Exactly.. keesh is just like Akshara and Naitik.. humble down to earth and always knows how to handle situation maturely.. unlike mannerless idiotic selfish immature attention seeker kaira!


    Wow….keesh are apologising even after so many apologies she doesn’t understand…now again baby will be with naira itself…..see what a selfish woman….who only boast s about herself but does nothing

  7. Naira b*t*h give d baby to kirti
    Nd go wid kartik nd do cheap romance somewhere else loser


    I really can’t understand how is naira like akshara….akshara would never do injustice with anyone….if akshara was in naira s place she would surely give kid back…..see fulfilling relations of a wife mother everyone does…handling a joint family is great…akshara did it successfully….but I can’t see naira handling her nuclear family properly

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