Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh informing Akshara about Chitti and she does not believe him. They come out and are shocked to see Chitti electrocuted. They ssave him by shutting the power and care for him. They make him drink water. Chitti says it was a big shock and thanks them for saving him. Akshara says sorry, we thought Naksh is joking. Dadda ji calls Bhabhimaa and she leaves. Muskaan goes to all doctor. Akshara scolds Naksh and Devyaani defends him. Akshara asks her not to defend Naksh. Akshara says Chitti would have died, you lied so many times, and we did not believe you this time, you should be punished. Naksh hides behind Devyaani.

Devyaani says you also support Muskaan against me. They argue. Akshara says its different things. Devyaani asks her to understand and saves Naksh. Girja brings haldi milk. They make Chiti drink the milk. Akshara is still angry. The phone rings. Naks gets tensed thinking about Naitik. He gets Yash’s call and says Devyaani took my side, but mum fought with her. Ananya tells about the project at school tomorrow. Varsha asks what is it. Ananya says it was written late in diary. Everyone smile as its everyone’s plan to unite Varsha and Jasmeet.

Ananya asks Varsha to make it with Jasmeet and she will do her homework. Varsha says no, I will make it myself. Rajshri asks her to take Jasmeet’s help. Naksh comes to Chitti and holds his ears saying sorry. Chitti says no, its my mistake, I should have been careful. Naitik talks to Akshara and she tells him everything. Naman sees them talking on phone and goes to his cabin. Muskaan cheers Naksh. Naksh says he won’t talk to anyone till Devyaani and Akshara patch up. He asks Bhabhimaa to unite them.

Muskaan asks him to let them on their own, they will sort it out, or think anything else. Varsha and Jasmeet work for Ananya’s project together. Rajshri,Dadi and Kaki smile seeing them. Dadi explains Varsha and Jasmeet to walk together and in same direction, else they will be stopped at same point. Bhabhimaa sees Devyaani and Akshara not talking. She asks Devyaani and tries to talk about Aksara, but she gets Rukmani’s call. Rukmani asks her to come in kitty.

Devyaanis asks suddenly? Rukmani says so what, you can come, as you are free. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa should I go. Bhabhimaa says yes, surely go, don’t worry about work, go. Devyaani asks Rukmani to come and take her. Rukmani asks Devyaano to dress well and come. Devyaani does loud makeup, and heavy jewellery, and saree. Akshara sees her going like this and stops her. She is shocked seeing her like this, and asks her why did she wear this saree.

Devyaani asks why, as I want. Akshara says its heavy to go in kitty. Devyaani asks why, am I wrong. Devyaani says you don’t know everyone joke me in kitty, Rukmani told me to dress like this. She says that’s why I said I won’t go in kitty. Akshara says no. Devyaani gets angry and taunts Akshara. Devyaani leaves. Akshara looks on. Dadi tells Varsha and Jasmeet that they have given this project to Annaya, not her school. Dadi explains why they did this, to unite them. Jasmeet and Varsha say sorry to each other and hug. Everyone smile.

Naksh coughs to get Akshara’s attention. She smiles. He gets glad and hugs her. He says sorry as he has realized his mistake. Akshara gets Varsha’s call and tells her about Jasmeet. She makes Akshara tensed. Girja comes with Jasmeet’s phone. Jasmeet backbites about Varsha. Everyone laugh. Jasmeet cries and asks Akshara to come home soon. She joke and tell that all the misunderstandings are gone and will never happen again. Akshara says I m very happy and thanks Lord. She wishes Devyaani understands her.

Rukmani asks everyone about Naman and Muskaan, why are they staying in their house till now. Bau ji asks her to stop it as they are Devyaani’s kids. Rukmani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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