Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara talking. Naksh sees Akshara leaving and asks Naitik what happened, is she annoyed with you. Naitik says yes, she blackmails me, she said no to me for fasting, but she is fasting. Naksh says I can act and help you in fasting. Naitik thanks him and hugs him. Rashmi comes to her house. Nikhil asks what happened, are you fine. Rashmi says yes. Rashmi cries. Nandini have an argument with her mum-in-law Rukmani. Rukmani says why are you going to your mum’s place, even Akshara is not going, then why are you. She scolds Nandini a lot and does not permit her to go to her mum’s place. Nandini cries. Maa and Bhabhimaa are planning for Teej together. Sudha brings tea for them. Bhabhimaa gives her some work. They drink the tea and

say its good, though the tea is tasteless. Akshara says you are new bride, why will you work. Sudha asks hows the tea, they say its tasty. Bhabhimaa asks Sudha to go to her mum’s place. Sudha starts crying. They ask why are you crying, the tea is good. Sudha says I m crying because you all are very nice and take so much care of me. Bhabhimaa says we will send Maharaj to bring you back.

Naksh is talking with Yash on phone and discuss about their activities. Naksh asks what happened in the school. Yash gives him the school updates. Naksh feels he missed so much in school. Akshara’s dad sees Kaki and Varsha discussing about the fasts. He thinks of his wife, he says I will ask you today to come back. He calls his wife and says I was not missing you. She says I did not ask you whether you missed me or not. He says I don’t miss you but I know you are missing me. She says no, I don’t. He says ok, I have much work. She laughs. He thinks how can she not miss me. She says I know how much you are missing me. He says come back soon.

Rama asks Nikhil is there any improvement, don’t lose hope, keep trying. She says that day it did not happen right, we should end those things, and not be angry. Nikhil says I cannot behave normal with them. Rama tries to explain him saying Rashmi is fasting for you, so you should also go and bring her back home. Nandini and Rashmi come home and have a talk with Maa and Bhabhimaa. They ask them what their mum-in-laws told them. Nandini lies that Rukmani did not tell anything. Maa asks Rashmi is everything fine, she says yes.

Akshara comes to her room and sees Naitik and Naksh sleeping. She thanks Naitik for listening to her and wishes him happy Teej. Akshara leaves. He gets up and wakes up Naksh to execute their plan. Naksh asks did mumma see you, he says no, go and bring food for me soon. He sends Naksh. Naksh brings chocolates for him. Naitik sees his photo with Akshara and says I will fast for sure. He says I wish Nikhil and Rashmi understood their love and be united.

Akshara’s dad wakes up by the alarm. He thinks of waking up his wife by calling her. But she does not pick his call. He calls her again and again. Dadi comes to him and asks whats he is doing, he tells her her phone is off, how can I talk to her. Dadi laughs on him and jokes. Maa asks Akshara where is Rashmi, she says Rashmi is sleeping. They have a talk and think of waking up Rashmi. Nandini says let her sleep. Sudha comes and they ask her to eat with them. Akshara’s dad is still trying to call his wife. He says I m going to office, now I won’t talk to her. Anshu gets a call from someone. Akshara and everyone ask Sudha did you see Rashmi.
Sudha says Rashmi went out. Maa gets worried and thinks did she fight with Nikhil again. Rashmi calls Akshara and tells her that I had some work in the market, I will come soon. Akshara tells Maa and bhabhimaa about Rashmi. They ask Akshara to go to her mum’s house. Akshara says no, I want to celebrate Teej with you all.

Naitik and Naksh are ready. Akshara asks him to have breakfast, but Naitik says he does not have time now, he has to leave. Naksh says make a roll and give it to Papa. Naitik thanks Naksh for saving him. Naitik asks Akshara to go to her house. She says I won’t go. He asks her to enjoy the Teej. Rashmi comes home. Akshara asks where did you do. Rashmi says nearby. Naitik leaves. Rashmi comes in and drinks water and tells everyone that she is not keeping the fast. Everyone ask her where she went. Everyone are shocked to see that Rashmi is not fasting and asks her why. She says I don’t want to fast, don’t question me anything. Maa and Bhabhimaa thinks maybe because of her fight with Nikhil. Nandini says don’t worry Maa, we will talk to Rashmi.

Maa scolds Rashmi for not keeping the fast and not doing the puja. Rashmi crie.

Update Credit to: Amena hasan

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