Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira spies on Samarth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying whom is Samarth talking to at this time. Kartik asks do you remember. She acts again. He says let it be, we shall focus on this now. Samarth turns to see. Kartik and Naira hide. Samarth tries to unlock Akhilesh’s laptop. Naira asks what is he doing. Kartik says he is trying to hack password. Naira asks but why. He says KKMLK, that’s the password. Samarth gets shocked. Naira says that’s initials of all the five siblings. Kartik says but I don’t understand, what are you doing with his laptop. Naira asks him to say the truth. Kartik says keeping quiet will just increase confusion, we don’t want this. Naira asks what were you doing secretly with his laptop. Kartik calls Akhilesh and asks him to come to the hall for two mins, its urgent.


comes and asks why did you call me. Kartik says sorry, but Samarth was hacking your laptop password, we asked him but he didn’t answer. Akhilesh says yes, you wouldn’t believe him even if he told you, I had asked him, I changed the password at night and then forgot, I took his help, why do you just doubt on him. Samarth says its okay, they both love and care for you, they don’t know me and what I want. Akhilesh asks them not to interfere and live in their part of the house. Samarth says enough now, else you will blame Manish and express anger. Akhilesh says I didn’t say anything before, I have raised Kartik as my son, he is spying on me, I wonder he is doing it on his own, or if his dad wants to know. They go. Naira says Samarth is fooling us. Kartik says we will fool him now. She says we have to find everything about him. Its morning, Naira says I m feeling hungry, Kartik shouldn’t know. She goes to Samarth’s room and says one who hides something doesn’t trust the other person. She gets in and checks the room. She says there is nothing here.

Akhilesh and Samarth come. Akhilesh says Naira…. Kartik says what if they have seen Naira. Naira comes running. He asks did you get caught, what happened. She tells him. FB shows Naira saying I thought of clearing this room and arrange things after Kirti’s marriage, who is this person, is he your friend, you can take this room, I will vacate it when the things get cleared. Akhilesh smiles and says fine. She goes. Samarth asks what was this. Akhilesh says side effects of surgery, doctor said she can forget anything anytime. FB ends. Kartik says you are smart and hugs her. Naira says the disease has saved me, and my acting skills. They have a moment. He asks what did you get there. She says nothing. He says it means enemy is very clever. She asks shall we tell the family. He refuses.

Manish massages Dadi’s head. She says enough, I have a heart ache. He says Akhilesh would have been away if kartik and Naira didn’t try. She says but there is no effect seen, I told you about that fog, someone told me about the past and then Samart came, we were running away from that sin, its time to bear punishment, Samarth was a child at that time but his dad…. Manish shouts enough, I have told you, this shouldn’t be discussed, forget it. She says I m not able to forget it. He says please don’t talk about this again. She cries and hugs him. Suwarna says what’s the secret, and whose secret is it.

Naira asks Kartik to hire a private detective. Kartik says yes, have food. She asks him to see butterfly. She acts of eating food. She says give me medicine first. He says sorry, I forgot. She acts to drink syrup. He asks her to have water. She says go office and come soon. He says okay. He goes. Lav and Kush come as detectives. Naira asks them the info. They tell about new office of Akhilesh. Naira calls Kartik. He is busy in a meeting. She says I couldn’t tell him that I have come at Akhilesh’s office. She says I will tell Akhilesh that I came to say sorry, I will sit for some time to get info, but where is he. She sees Samarth’s cabin and goes in. She checks his bag. She gets a pendrive. Manish is written over it. She takes it. She sees Akhilesh and Samarth. She hides. She leaves from his cabin. Samarth attends come call. She gets dizzy and faints. Samarth turns and says Naira….

Kartik says no one has any idea about her. Suwarna says I m trying to call her. Manish asks didn’t she inform you. Kartik says she called me and left message, its time for her medicines. Manish asks him to call Naksh and ask. Samarth says Naira is here. Nurse gets Naira home. Kartik and everyone rush to her. Kartik asks where did you get her, what happened. Samarth says at our office, what was she doing there, if I had not seen her, she would have got locked there. Naira says I went to say sorry and all the best to Akhilesh, but I fainted there. Akhilesh says you aren’t fully recovered, take care of your health, sorry and wishes aren’t required. He goes. Kartik asks Naira to have water fast. She says I don’t want to have it. Suwarna and Dadi ask her to have it. Naira says no. Kartik says have the juice. Naira says I m fasting, I don’t want to have it. He looks at her.

Kartik breaks Naira’s fast. She gives him the pendrive. He plays pendrive content on screen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why hire a private investigator when there’s naira-kartik. The all rounders. The smartest, kindest, most intelligent people in the world, with so many PhD degrees. The only ones who can see through what wrong is happening. The only people who know the value of family. The only two young people who can lecture elders. The way the whole family is being dumb here, obviously these two are the only best people. Especially naira.

    Isn’t the show back to square one? Apart from not hiding stuff from each other, there’s no improvement. Why does naira have to poke her nose? Why can’t she rest for once? She’s not well, she can’t stress like this. But no, if she’s not there, who will eradicate world poverty, who will make the world a safer place for women, who will save the earth from destruction?

  2. Did naira got surgery I don’t think so. people who got brain surgery will not recover as soon as naira can.Look at her make up and dressing.She is the only intelligent and brave girl in the family. Stupid Writers

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