Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara crying and Bhabhimaa pacifying her. Rukmani calls Maa and taunts her about Naksh leaving the house. Maa ends the call making excuse. Naitik comes back alone and says he did not find Naksh. Naksh comes in the hall and sees Akshara crying. He thinks why is she crying. He says mumma, what happened, why are you crying. Everyone are shocked to see him in the house. Everyone run to him. Naksh asks what happened. Akshara asks where were you, where did you go. Naksh says I m in my room. He says I slept under the bed. Maa says I saw, you were not there. Naksh says yes, I was not there before, I left the house. Naitik scolds him. Maa asks Naitik not to scold him.

Akshara explains him nit to do this again as they got much worried. Naksh says sorry, and promises he won’t do this again. He says I got scares seeing the big crackers. Akshara says we missed you a lot. Naksh says even I missed you seeing the kids with their parents. They hug and everyone smile. Bau ji says I will inform everyone, all are worried. Maa says sorry to him and says we won’t let this happen again, we will fulfill your every wish. Dadi says its good that we got Naksh back. They discuss about Naksh’s behavior.

They thank the Lord that Naksh came back. Ananya says I will explain Naksh not to do such thing again, and I won’t do that too. Everyone does the puja at home. Maa takes Naksh with her to light the fire crackers. She says I will buy for you whatever you want. Naksh asks for the magician’s dress. Naitik asks how did you think about this. Naksh says I saw the poster. Maa says I will bring it for you, lets go out now. Naitik tells Akshara why did you stop me, see what he is doing now. Akshara says don’t say anything now.

Bhabhimaa says yes, its good that he came back, if anything happened or if he gets really lost then… Naitik says yes, I m thinking why I got afraid, Naksh is a kid, he does not know whats good for him. Anshu talks to jasmeet and tells her about Naksh running away from home. He says even I ran away once. She laughs and calls him a coward. He says I m not, I promise I will make you meet my family. Bau ji says its diwali today, and everyone looks upset. He asks Naitik to make everyone smile. Everyone smiles. Naitik asks them to keep smiling.

Sudha comes getting hurt in the market. Maa gifts Naksh the diwali gift. He likes the magician’s dress and says I love you Maa. Akshara asks where did you get it. Bau ji says she has stitched it herself. Naitik is thinking about Naksh’s demands. Ananya is making the Rangoli. Ananya shows it to Shaurya and asks him how is it. He says its very good. She thanks him. Anshu talks to his friend and asks him to come to his house. His friend agrees after much convincing. Anshu tells everyone that his friends are coming tomorrow for the diwali party. He says they will go before the puja. They agree and says call them, no problem.

Akshara asks Maa where did my diamond ring go. Naitik says check carefully. Naksh asks what happened, I will search it by my magic. Maa asks Akshara to recollect when she wore it last. Nakhs is doing his magic. Maa tells Bhabhimaa see what Naksh is doing, let him do what he is doing. Naksh and everyone looks for the ring. Naksh says I got it, but its only a coin. He says why is my magic not working, I will try again. Kaki comes back and Dadi asks her how is your aunt. She brings some gifts for everyone. Anshu does not like the clothes. Kaki scolds him. Anshu argues with her. Anshu leaves angrily. Naitik says I know how you are feeling Akshara, but your smile is more precious for me than the ring. She says but we have to find it.

Anshu decides the clothes to wear tomorrow. He gets jasmeet’s call and tells her that he was thinking about her. She says I was not thinking about you. She says I m wearing red clothes tomorrow. She says red is my fav color, you also wear red. He says even I m wearing red. Anshu comes and says my friends are coming tomorrow, Kaki says why did you call them tomorrow. Akshara’s mum says we said yes to him and asks Anshu what to make. He says I will make the food myself and asks for the red kurta. He says I respect people’s feelings. Kaki says what happened, his words are not stable.

Naksh is doing the magic. Maa shows the school’s notice about Naksh’s school trip. Naksh says I forgot. Naksh says I got this long ago, but I forgot to tell you. He says Yash called and I went to buy crackers. Naksh says let me go, I want to go on the trip. Maa says no, you won’t go. Naksh asks why. Maa says you will be alone. Everyone says no. Naksh requests them. Maa says we can agree to this. Naksh is upset and asks Naitik to do something. He says I will do magic to make them agree.

Naitik talks to Akshara that we should allow Naksh to go for the trip. Akshara thinks about it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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