Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira misses an imp meeting

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira coming home and asking Lav and Kush for Kartik. They say he went out. She says I have a good news to share. They say then share with us. They read the note and laugh. He says boys give flowers to girls. They ask her to play with them. She plays with them and tells about Mihir. Dadi looks on. Naira says I won’t be able to sleep until I share this with Kartik. Kartik comes. Naira smiles. He asks how was your day. She says great. He says I have a good news. She says I will tell it first, please. He says lets do it together, I m designing the jewellery for Scindia and Jadeja wedding. Samarth says it means you both are designing for the two sides in same wedding. Gayu says a competition between you two. Kartik and Naira smile and say its too much. Gayu says this

could have happened with you two. Samarth says you guys are so lucky. Akhilesh says keep this competition out of the house. Samarth says they have great respect for each other. Manish says its not time to compete, its time to compliment each other, jewellery will go in the same house. Dadi thinks this competition can break their relation.

Naira asks did you copy my designs. Kartik jokes. They sit talking. Suwarna comes. Kartik says how did you know, I need tea. Kartik goes. Suwarna says you shouldn’t joke such Naira. Naira says we normally talk like this. Kartik says lets go. He kisses Naira. She says I m your competitor, don’t do match fixing. He says then give it back and kisses again. She laughs. They come downstairs. Dadi blesses them. She says Kartik can go, Naira should be here for Gayu’s mu dikhai rasam. Naira says I have a meeting today. Kartik says Naira can’t leave work for rasam, any ways I m going. Naira stops Kartik. Naira says fine, I will call my office. She asks Kartik to go, she shouldn’t be late. He says even you shouldn’t be late. She says I will come soon. He says don’t be late. He goes.

Dadi says you have double duties towards Gayu. Naira goes to Gayu and tells about the rasam. Gayu says rasam can happen between family members, if anyone knows…. Samarth says I have accepted this baby, I don’t care what others think. Naira says your family is always with you, are you feeling fine. Gayu says yes, I have morning sickness. Naira cheers her. Kartik works with his team. Naira is busy in kitchen. He calls her and asks are you still at home. She says I m just coming, I will finish work soon and come. He says come fast, I will talk to Dadi. She says no need, I can handle my work. He says I m missing you, come fast. She says I m missing you too. He says Mihir and I will be angry if you get late, don’t lose such a good chance because of your household work. Dadi comes and says it would be better if you leave. Naira says I was talking to Kartik, don’t you trust me. Naira manages everything.

Shukla calls Naira and asks when are you coming, Mihir is coming here, come fast. She says call me when he is leaving for office, I will be there. The ladies come. Dadi says the guests are here, go and get the juice. Naira attends them. The lady says I heard Gayu is Naira’s sister, is she also like her. Dadi says yes. She says that’s why I stopped Naira, she handles rituals well, her work isn’t my responsibility. She sees Shukla’s phone and says Naira won’t be able to work because of this. She doesn’t answer call and keeps it in offline mode. Gayu comes for Mu dikhai. Everyone smiles. Naira says Mr. Kapoor didn’t leave yet for office. Kartik calls home. Naira answers and says I m leaving now. He asks why is your phone off. She says no, how did it get on airplane mode. He says Mihir and his team are here, come fast. Dadi asks Naira to serve drinks to the guests. Naira does the work. Gayu dislikes the strong smell of juice and runs to vomit. Naira runs after her. The lady says there is good news when the marriage happened last week. Dadi looks on.

Kartik says thanks Mihir, I m glad that you liked our designs, Naira is late because… Mihir says I don’t like to hear anything about my staff, your wife is talented and unprofessional. Kartik says no. Mihir says we should focus on our meetings, excuse me. Kartik says Naira is mad, she should have refused to Dadi. Gayu cries and says I was worried for this. Samarth says everything is fine, Naira you go, I will stay with Gayu. Mihir goes and talks to clients. Kartik too meets the clients. The lady says we thought to sit here and decide the designs. The man says she feels comfortable with the female designer, we thought you would call her now. The lady says its okay if she is late. Mihir takes them to show designs. Kartik thinks how to buy some time for Naira. He sees fire alarm. He says no, it will be wrong. Naira goes and sees Dadi. Kartik says nothing is wrong when it comes to Naira’s happiness.

Naira comes. Mihir says you are talented, but indiscipline, I hire people and also fire them easily, I don’t care what people think about it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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