Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman and Muskaan talking. Naman says I know they did not expect us here. Muskaan says dad did not tell us anything, I m afraid he will come here if he gets angry knowing we came here. Naman says mum did not come here to talk to us. Kaki says Anshu said Suresh did not like the kids to meet Devyaani, then how did they come. Rajshri says maybe they did not tell him, Akshara will get into problem as she brought Devyaani home. Akshara comes to talk to Naman and Muskaan. Muskaan says we came here when you left for Bangkok. Naman says we realized that mum is not like dad told us, we did wrong with her, so we wanted to meet her and apologize to her as we have hurt her a lot, dad did wrong with her.

Akshara says Devyaani will be happy knowing this. Muskaan says why is she not coming to meet us. Akshara says we all need time to understand all this, take rest, I will manage everything. She leaves. Bhabhimaa talks to Bau ji, Naitik and Dadda ji. She says Devyaani is in tension, her pain is ours now, we should help her. She says if they came to stay here, is this right, how will they stay here and what will we tell people.

Dadda ji says this won’t work in our society. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to explain Devyaani and not annoy her. Bau ji asks did she meet her. Akshara says no, don’t worry, she will not do anything against us, she did not meet them, I don’t think they came here for always, bit its matter of few days. Bhabhimaa sees Devyaani outside Naman’s room’s door. She asks her to decide where she will stay, with them or with her children. She says think and do. Rajshri calls Akshara and asks what happened, why did Naman and Muskaan came.

She says how did you hide this from me. She is annoyed. Akshara says I m sorry, you taught me all this and now you are complaining. Everyone discuss that Akshara and all are worried. Rajshri says can’t we do anything. Vishwamber says I think we should leave them alone and not interfere in this matter. Bhabhimaa asks Girja to take Naman and Muskaan’s food in their room. Everyone come for dinner at the table.

Naksh brings Naman and Muskaan for dinner. Naitik gets angry. Naksh talks nonstop. Naman and Muskaan sit for dinner. Devyaani serves them food. Naksh asks why did Naman and Muskaan come here and till then why will they. Naitik says I was also asking Akshara the same. Naitik talks to them rudely and asks them will they stay in his house forever. Naman and Muskaan say we came for few days and then we will go. Devyaani is hurt. Naman says we came to apologize to mum, what happened that day was shocking, we realized we were wrong, so we came to spend some time with her and then we will go back.

Naksh says but you said your mum died. Muskaan says yes, but we were wrong. Naksh says where is your mum. Naman says here, in Udaipur. Naksh says I will also meet her. Naitik asks Naksh to have food quietly. Rajshri calls Ananya. Anshu talks to everyone. Rajshri sees everyone on phone and is annoyed.

Rajshri asks her to come to have milk. Ananya says I m watching movie, as no one has time for me. Devyaani talks to Akshara and is happy that her children came to meet her and to know her. She says I m very happy, I feel I m seeing dream. Akshara says its true. Talk to them as they will not stay for much time. Naman tells Muskaan that he lied to them that they came for few days, let the situation become normal. They would be shocked to know the truth, they can’t understand us, lets give them time and then talk to Akshara, I m sure she will help us.

Devyaani says did they tell you whether they informed their dad. Akshara says don’t worry, he won’t do anything. Muskaan says I don’t know, everyone loved us last time and now they are so rude, I m not blaming them but there is difference, mum is not coming to meet us. Naman says we took so ma ny years to understand her, we have to give her time. He says we always thought about dad, maybe she is worried about her family. Bau ji comes to Devyaani and asks her to give her children much time.

He says I have a request, take care that you don’t spoil our relations. She says no, I promise. Bau ji smiles. Akshara asks Devyaani what happened. Devyaani says can I keep everyone happy. Akshara encourages her. Muskaan says everyone know we are her children before marriage and Bau ji accepted her. Naksh hears this and is shocked. Muskaan says if dad comes to know we are here, you know what he will do.

Muskaan tells Naman its hard to hide this fact for one day, what will they react knowing we came here to stay forever. Akshara hears this and is shocked.

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