Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone welcoming Nandini, Mohit and the baby. The kids are happy seeing the baby. Bhabhimaa does their aarti and welcomes them inside. Rashmi says congrats and hugs Nandini. Akshara says Nandini and baby were weak, so we did not plan any function, we will plan I after some time. Rukmani says yes, real happiness is on everyone’s faces. The house is well decorated, Alshara did great. Akshara says Karishma did this, not me. Karishma smiles. Dadda ji asks Rukmani to give the baby to him. Everyone ask for baby. Dadda ji says first me. Rukmani asks can Dadda ji manage, as he is not well. Dadda ji gets sad. Bhabhimaa says he is not so ill that he can’t take care of baby, we all are also here.

Rukmani says don’t feel bad, I will give him. Dadda ji takes the baby and smiles. He plays and everyone smile. He asks Bau ji what name to give him, shall we call him Munna. Naksh says its dad’s name. Naksh and Yash fight for baby.

Rukmani gets worried seeing they all fight for baby. Akshara says we will give baby to everyone for 5 mins each. They all happily take the baby and smile. Rukmani asks Rama about Nikhil. Rama says about Nikhil and Rashmi’s divorce, and its her upbringing fault that Nikhil did this. Rukmani says I m sorry, but Rashmi will also get happiness. Alok comes and greets them. Nandini worries for baby as he is very weak. Akshara says he will get fat in some months, like Naksh. Nandini says you tell me everything. Akshara says yes, there is nothing to worry, take rest.

Alok gives the bouquet to Rukmani. She says flowers can’t be kept near baby. He says sorry, I will keep somewhere else. Muskaan greets him and takes bouquet saying thanks, this is my fav one. He smiles and says congrats for Nandini’s baby. Rukmani says now the baby will play with me. He scolds Yash asking him to be away. Naksh worries. Rukmani tells Bhabhimaa about the function in evening. Bhabhimaa asks Karishma to do all arrangements. She says sure and does best arranegements. Everyone like the cradle.

Rukmani sees the cradle and is amazed seeing it. She says its silver cradle. Bhabhimaa says yes. Rukmani says when Naksh was born, then it was wooden cradle. Akshara says we got silver one that time too, but we used Ananya’s one. They all clarify that we love all children equally. They make the baby rest in the cradle. Mohit jokes and says he will stay with Bhabhimaa. Yash says everyone is scolding me and loving new baby. Naksh worries. Rukmani scolds Yash by moving cradle and says he did the shagun in my place. Naitik sees Akshara working so much and calls the doctor as she missed her checkup. The doctor comes and says I have come for your checkup.

Akshara thanks Naitik and gets the checkup done. They have a talk and smile, as her checkup is fine. Mohit comes and says sorry, I did not know you guys are romancing. He teases Naitik. Naitik says I give time to everyone. Akshara tells Naitik that Nandini looks worried. He says yes, even I noticed, but why, as delivery is done and baby has come, why is she in tension. Everyone talk and they ask Rukmani to sleep and rest. Rukmani says I want to be with baby. Devyaani says fine. Naitik asks Akshara to do sleeping arrangements. Rama says we want to go home, but you all stopped us. Akshara says such chances come less that we all are together.

Mohit says we all will sleep outside. Akshara says everyone can get ill, its cold. Devyaani says men will sleep on one room, and ladies in one room, and kids and elders together. Karishma asks won’t anyone sleep in my room, I know we are newly married, but me and Naman can be away for one day. Everyone smile. They all decide and laugh. Akshara sees everyone happy and smiles, saying a baby brings much happiness Naitik smiles and holds her hand.

Naitik asks doctor about Nandini. The doctor says she is in post partum depression. They all worried about Nandini. Rukmani says Nandini is getting mad. Bhabhimaa gets shocked.

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