Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashram in trouble

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Biju saying I will get rich tomorrow, clients paid Bauji for kids, if I get more work, it will be good. Lights go. He says its strange problem. He gets Bauji’s call. Kids say we will call Naira. Kartik comes there and collides with Naira. He holds her. Everyone comes and says we missed you both, its your anniversary tomorrow. Naira says you were missing us and we are here. She says sorry, I didn’t know you are coming. He says its okay, I wasn’t getting sleep. She says yes, I will leave if you want. He says no, I will go, you need to be here. Kids make them sit.

Suhana holds Aryan’s cheek and says I will leave now, you may follow me. He says I will drop you home. She says you are very funny, I m talking about social media so that we can stay in touch. She goes. He smiles. Biju sees Kartik and Naira and asks Maharaj/Bau ji what are they doing here. Maharaj says my work should happen without any problem. Biju says how shall I move the kids out. The kids wish happy anniversary and clap. Kids dance. Naksh calls Naira and everyone wishes happy anniversary. Kirti asks did we disturb you, did you wish each other. Naira and Kartik wish each other. Kids clap. Naitik’s Bau ji says always stay happy. Naksh says enjoy now, we will talk tomorrow. Naira prays for their relation. They see crackers. Naira gives best couple folder. He recalls the round and sees the folder. He sees a green frog drawn by Naira. He reads Naira’s note. Yeh rishta…..plays…. They see the kids and recall their marriage time. Kids dance around. They smile. Naitik’s Bau ji says don’t worry, they are together, their hearts will meet.

Biju asks the men to kidnap kids and leave. Kartik and Naira wish everything gets fine. Kartik asks who’s there. Naira also hears sound and comes. She says I felt there is someone. Biju and men run away. All the kids wake up. Biju says its me Biju, I m working here instead Negi, lights are gone so I came to check fuse, its just me here. Naira says I felt I saw couple of shadows. Biju says no, you are mistake. Kartik thinks he is lying, I also saw some shadows, if I say now, kids will get scared. He asks him to leave. Biju thinks how shall I wait till morning. Naira says Kartik I will wait for you at ghat tomorrow.

Its morning, Naira and Kartik wake up and say its our anniversary today, we got married on this day. They dance. She says I will wait for you. He says I will go. She keeps a gift box and goes. He goes to Naira’s room and sees the gift box kept. He sees the red shirt and reads her note. She wishes him and writes I m waiting for you, will you come at ghat. Lav and Kush ask Aryan why did he wear pink glasses. Aryan says someone told me I see world by pink glasses. They say Kartik and Naira are angry, but won’t be angry for long. Aryan says they shouldn’t be angry, Lord heard me, I got a GF, you both will get GF too. He goes. The ladies pray for Kartik and Naira. Manish asks is Kartik coming. Suwarna says he will come. Naitik asks how are you sure. Rajshri says we trust Kartik and Naira’s love. Kartik sees the shirt. Manish says leave Kartik, even Naira didn’t come. Naitik says Naira has come. They smile seeing her. Rajshri and everyone wish her for anniversary and bless. Naitik says we will wish Kartik and you together when he comes. Dadi and Suwarna go to pandit. Naira thinks everyone is waiting for you, please come, its special day. Kartik is on the way and smiles. Maharaj comes there. He asks is your son coming. He thinks its imp that he comes here. Kartik comes there and smiles seeing Naira. Naira says yes, he is coming. Maharaj says call him quickly, I m running short of time. Kartik gets shocked seeing….. He runs back. Naira turns and sees Kartik going. She thinks why is Kartik going back.

Naira shouts Kartik and looks for him. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Goenkas( dadi masi from america & kids included too), singhanias, and even the ashram kids are like fans or groupies of this celebrity couple kaira, following them, discussing only about them, being updated of everything happening in their life. They have been married for only a year today, still they got so many major fights that made their families lost their sleep. After all this again they will be praised as the best couple and will be taken as example for the elder couples as well as for the other kids.
    Ps: To all kaira fan i am not a kaira hater, just someone who comments according to the episode. if kaira behave realistically and are treated normally or tracks were a little more family-centered, since this show is about relations and family, i will be one praising . As for now, I cannot say this kaira repetitive and overly dramatised track is cute to make you guys happy. So please save your time, don’t bother commenting to stop watching.

    1. Agreed to each and every points .I’m writing frustrations bcoz I’m one of the fans of the also her dress, ornaments and make up were just pathetic.after all this fights and misunderstandings , people are still praising their love is just disgusting.
      #@kaira fans,stop advice me on stop watching the show,

    2. naira is all about makeup and heavy jewelry , it doesnt matter how the situation is , this show is for children they not showing any maturity in the show wonder how this show won favourite couple for star parivaar awards 2017 but definitely not this time. garbage

    3. Me too i am fan of the family spirit of this show, it was the only show with relatable characters and simple track, where elders were the characters with the most wisdom, where no one was either “black” or “white”, where all the characters had their own importance, where everyone had different opinions but tried to live together with respect and love for each other . For 8 years, with this beautiful story, they have won our hearts, and suddenly they start showing these type of ekta kapoor style tracks, mahan superwomen heroine and useless hero. Even ekta doesn’t show so much romance that viewers get sick of it and even her heros are shown to be a better son than karthik.

    4. Sina,cs,it’s not a family show anymore.

    5. True..Funny when Nani asked them to trust their love..Either this extreme or that extreme..These people have no other job than to praise them and patch them up..No couple had flaunted this much that an entire bunch have to strive to solve their fight..I still remember Naksh patch up during Nandini wedding..What a beautiful drag! Each and every character’s (from vishambar, his mother to daddaji) feeling, emotions and outlook were well portrayed..We can feel the depth and connect with them as it was very real..

      Seriously I can’t stand Naira screaming in the precap..First Kartik was buried in sand, saved by Naira..Then Naira in water..Now Kartik in snow..Probably next will be fire..Bcos last time she was saved by Naksh from fire accident..

    6. Haha,appu I thought of writing same water,sand and snow.but you forget about fire.the only difference is it was naksh who saved naira from they lost their sense.

  2. Mavisboamah

    end this serial asap. period

  3. Thn go criticise in twitter…..

  4. Bhai where is Kayu and Misti. Do no gayab hi ho gaye. They was also part of family. Lagta hai Ekta Kapoor unko bhul gayi

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