Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik confronts Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi talking to pandit. Naira says where did Kartik go. Suwarna asks where is Kartik, give him prasad, we will go to temple. Naira says weather is getting bad. Suwarna says weather is getting better, monsoons are coming. Naira says maybe Kartik went to rest in room. She gets scared of thundering. Kartik is sitting on the road. The lady shouts don’t ask her, doubt ruin the relation. The man says ask her, you have seen the evidence. The people shout. Kartik gets shocked when they surround him. He shouts enough. They disappear. He sees his alter ego. His alter ego asks him to ask Naira once, else he will get mad, this doubt will ruin the relation, ask and end the matter.

Kartik says no, I won’t ask Naira, shall I ask her. Naira sees Kartik and her pic on laptop screen. She shuts the window. She fixes the plug and sits. She thinks I shouldn’t think anything. She sees the smoke from the power socket. Kartik reaches home. Naira sees him and asks why are you out, come upstairs fast. O morey saiyyan…plays… He walks upstairs. Naira gets doctor’s call. Doctor says I had back to back emergencies, your reports have come, congrats Naira, your reports are positive, you are pregnant. Naira thanks her. Doctor says share this good news with family. Naira cries happily and says Kartik come soon. The light goes.

Kartik comes. She says you always scare me, I have a good news to tell you, you will be… what happened, why did you go out in rains. She dries his hair. She asks why are you crying, tell me. He says you are in my heart, you know it, I love you a lot. She asks what happened, tell me. He says I have to ask you, its hurting me. She asks what is it. He says you love me right. She says more than you love me. He says I know you, mistake happens in love, life is such, we can move on, we can live our life, it happens, who made these dos and donts, I don’t agree with society, I want to move on, but something is stopping me, can I ask this to you. She asks what happened, tell me. He hugs her and says sorry Naira, this question will kill me, we can live in peace, I want an answer. She says ask me. He says I didn’t wish to ask, but I have to ask. She asks what’s the matter, you please tell me. He says I know you can’t do wrong, I can’t believe Mitali, tell me and end this matter, there is nothing between you and Mihir. She asks what did you say, I didn’t hear you, what’s the matter. He says nothing happened between you and Mihir in the hotel room, right. She gets shocked.

She asks what did you say, maybe I heard wrong what did you say. He asks did anything happen between you and Mihir in the hotel room. She gets away. He says sorry, I should have not asked this, I had to ask it, else this would have ruined my mind, just tell me, nothing happened, I won’t listen to Mitali. Maine socha bhi na tha….plays… She cries. He hugs her and says I know you can’t do this, tell me the truth. She recalls their marriage. She says this is the truth, what you heard, you thought, is true. He leaves her hand. She cries holding her stomach. She leaves. Yeh rishta kya….plays….

Naira drives and cries. Kartik shouts Naira. Naira shouts Kartik…. She sees a truck coming her way. She meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. DannyComments

    I will say this again.. sometimes I think Indian shows try to show us the truth, in their own twisted and unrealistic ways…marriage isn’t for everyone! How many times have these two separated due to misunderstanding? Marriages only work when there is Communications.Proper Communications!!! Kartik was already insecure because his wife had started working, because she had other people looking out for her but the major mistakes married people make is always assuming that their partners should be mind readers!!!

    Do I blame kartik? Yes! Do I blame Naira? Yes! Why? Because these two refuse to learn from their past mistakes. Naira by now should know how insecure her husband is and it’s so sad, that Kartik, after so many years, believes that simply achieving her dreams would make Naira cheat! So so sad!

    1. Agree. The working woman aspect should have been better handled. The serial starts these modern current life situations but they just have to add the drama and “F” it up.

  2. Nothing to say. Go to hell kaira. Dance is passion for naira. And now designing. Kartik ko kaam karna to kabhi nai aata. Seperation OMG. why am here

  3. Maybe i am only one person who doesnt think kartik is wrongI think naira shouldnt have lied. Cz if i saw so many things against someone & otherside another person is provoking me so much, than i can have a ques. He didnt alleged her for a single moment, he just wanted to clear his mind. When he asked, naira should tell him the truth, (as she have lied many time before) than punish him. Its totally my opinion


    Disgusting to the core I say why is this serial still there its seriously a bad influence on people I feel child marriage has happened these r nt adults hw many times separation drama and al

  5. Zara

    Kaira have had so much misunderstandings. You would expect them to learn from their past mistakes and trust each other more. But here, after every misunderstanding they go back to square one. All they do is make promises(which they will definitely break) about how they will never doubt each other. They will misunderstand each other,then they will fight, then they will find out the actual truth, then they say sorry and then they marry each other again. This is the storyline of this show.

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