Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani selecting sarees. Akshara advises her to wear heavy border saree, whereas Karishma chooses stylish light one. Devyaani goes with Akshara’s choice and likes it. Karishma gets upset. Sanju asks Rajshri to come with her and Rajshri says room is messed up. Sanju asks her to leave the work, and asks her to have fun in life. She says she used to play games with her friends, like different hair styles. Rajshri says I love my hair. Sanju says we will make hairstyles and asks her to sit. She clicks selfies by her hair clips art and laugh.

Rajshri says she used to do this in her childhood, she left everything after her marriage. Sanju asks her to have time for herself, she will be happy and keep others happy. Rajshri says right. Dadi calls her and Rajshri says she is coming. She thanks Sanju. Sanju says come on bets friend and hugs her. Yash makes tea for Nandini. She asks how did he know she wanted tea. He says like you know everything about me without my saying. He sees her bridal jewelry. He says girls are senti. She says yes, its senti to see oneself as bride. Yash imagines Sanju as his bride. He gets happy and says he was thinking. She asks since when did he start thinking this. He says nothing and leaves. She smiles.

Akshara says kids are settling well. Naitik says he is worried for Naksh’;s result. They talk about the hotel. He says a businessman is interested in buying it, but he wants to change the name Krishna. She gets sad and hugs him. She says it will always be Krishna for them, name will just change on papers. Naksh checks his answers. Yash talks to Sanju and says he will help her in shifting and arranging home. She says she likes him as he is caring. He says whom will he care for. She says he is very sweet, she is lucky as she got everyone caring. He asks everyone? She says yes, Naksh, Ananya, you and everyone here. He smiles and asks what did she go. She says she missed him a lot and sleeps while talking to him. He says I think she slept and smiles.

Its morning, the kids in school talk about the fresher’s party, and they oppose Naira, saying she shows attitude. Naira hears this and does not find her invitation. She gets sad. Bau ji says client was happy and praising Naitik. Naitik says I just did my work. Bau ji asks Naman to say. Naitik says Naman started this deal and credit goes to him. Bau ji says Naman did great, and you did outstanding, I m feeling this business is in safe hands, I feel we can take it to heights like before. Naitik says don’t worry, Naman and I together make your dream true. Naman smiles.

Ananya sees her tiffin and says I told mum to give light lunch. Her boss comes and all the girls stand. He says relax, have lunch. He asks what did they get in lunch and checks light food. He asks don’t they have something interesting. He says he is getting good smell from Ananya’s tiffin and likes it. He asks will she share, can he have it. She says sure. He likes it and says its very tasty. She smiles and asks him to have it. he says I will have it, what will you eat, will you mind if I regularly share your tiffin. He thanks her and leaves. She gets happy.

Naira tells teacher that no one is including her in group. The teacher talks to them. She asks Naira to pay attention. The boy says now Naira can’t be included in any group. Naman tells Karishma that client liked Naitik’s help. She gets annoyed and says it was your work. He says Naitik helped me a lot. She says you worked a lot in 10 years, you did not get credit. Naman says nothing like that. He hears manager praising Naitik. She asks did he feel bad. He says nothing. She says if this goes on, Naitik will become boss and he will become employee. He asks you really think so. She asks him to understand. He gets sad.

Rajshri asks Sanju to take care. Sanju gifts Dadi from her side. Vishwamber says elders give gifts. She asks Nannu to keep it and share with everyone. Dadi gets Lord’s idol and they all get happy. Rajshri shows her gift, she has bought same Idol for Sanju. Sanju says our choice match so much, thanks. Naksh asks her to come. Rajshri says I will come along and help Sanju. Sanju says no need. Naksh says we are there. Yash says she has few things. Naksh says she should know arranging. Rajshri says she will see home. Shaurya asks how will they go in one car. Yash gets Nandini’s call and says I have some work, I will do house work in evening. They ask Yash to go home. Yash says no, its not urgent. Naksh and Ananya laugh. Naksh says we will manage. Yash gets sad. Sanju smiles and Yash waves her bye.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani about Bau ji, she wants to buy Dharmic book. Akshara says she can buy online and shows her. Naira comes home in bad mood. She sees the room messed up. She scolds Mishti. Everyone hear her and come. Naira asks did I beat you, why are you crying. Karishma hugs Mishti. Naira says I set the room in morning, and look at it now, it happens daily, what shall I do. Akshara asks her not to reach, she can explain Mishti by love. Karishma says we did not stop Mishti till now, her freedom on her room is gone. She takes Mishti to play. Akshara says this room is Naira and Mishti’s, and asks Naira to adjust. Naira asks her to tell Mishti. Devyaani says Mishti is young. Naira says it would have been good if we did not come here, I had my own room there. Bhabhimaa says she will get her room one day, everything will be fine. Naira cries and goes to sleep. Akshara recalls her words and gets sad.

Naksh tells Yash that he will not get admission anywhere, I told dad that I applied for other courses, but I did not. Akshara and elders hear this and get shocked.

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