Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik to reveal the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani saying we will tell truth to Kirti when she gets fine. Dadi and everyone scold her and say its really wrong. Baisa asks didn’t you think what will Kirti go through knowing this. Naksh says we need to accept the truth, Kirti is emotionally and physically weak, but I will take care of her, we won’t snatch Naira’s baby, not even for a moment, I won’t let this happen with my sister. He asks Naira not to worry. He says allow me to handle this situation, I will explain Kirti when I feel she is okay. Naira says we will take care of Kirti. Kartik looks on. Kirti thinks of her accident. She says my baby…. where is my baby….

Its morning, Manish thanks Lord. Akhilesh says Kirti will wake up after medicine effect ends. Everyone prays. Naira

says everything will get fine, Kirti will get normal soon. They do the aarti. Kartik asks Krishna ji to tell him what to do. He thinks you want me to tell truth to Kirti. He goes and thinks of Naira’s words. He goes to Kirti and holds her hand. He says I can’t believe it, a miracle happened, we did hope for it but no one was sure that this could happen, actually, your baby…. Kirti asks how did she look like, who did she resemble, me or Naksh, tell me. Everyone looks on. Kirti says you have seen her, tell me, I know, I heard it, the nurse and the doctor were talking, I m still not alert but I can understand, when I asked everyone about baby, no one answered me and went out, but I remember something, it was like a dream. Naksh says all of us decided to not tell you, I m sorry, how do I tell you that this is truth, sorry. Naira says sorry. Kirti says its not your mistake, I already you, I end up losing happiness. Naira says don’t say this. Kirti says I m very lucky that everyone is fine, nothing happened to your baby. Kartik looks on.

Kirti asks what did you name the baby. Naira says Krish. Kirti says I opened my eyes hearing this name. Naksh says I have kept a speaker here, everyone was singing. Naira says Kartik kept the name of your choice, we shall leave now. Baby cries and holds Kirti. Naira takes baby. Dadi asks Kirti to take care. Kirti cries and says my baby, why did Lord do this. Kartik comes back. She turns and acts to be sleeping. He sees her sleeping. He says I love you Kirti and goes. She cries and says I love you too Kartik, I love you all and don’t want you to see my tears, sorry, my fate has affected your happiness too, but not anymore.

Naira asks Leela to make Krish ready. She hears Leela and nurse talking. Nurse says he is premature but he looks like mature babies, his skin color and health. Leela says how would I know it. Nurse goes. Naira asks does premature babies have different color skin. Leela says no, doctor would have told you. Naira says what do I need, its good that baby isn’t weak.

Naira and Kartik make baby sleep. She says he is very naughty. She says Kirti has really got up, I hope sh forgets her pain, she must be feeling much hurt, I can understand her pain, sorry for talking all this, we need to celebrate. He thinks to give her the happiness. He takes her to kitchen. He shows the baby on camera feed. They spend time and romance. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. he hugs her and thinks we will see the situation, I will keep you and baby very happy. After few days, Kartik and Dadi about talking Kirti’s improvement. Dadi says we should go and meet Kirti. Naira says yes. Manish says you all go, we are going office, we will join you there. Naira says good idea. Naksh says sorry, it won’t work since we have come on own. They smile seeing Naksh and Kirti. Everyone hugs Kirti. Surekha asks Kirti what will she have today. Lav and Kush say we will play board game with Kirti. Kirti smiles seeing Krish. Naira gives her Krish in lap. Kirti plays with him. Kartik looks on.

Kirti says there is a voice in my head, as if its Kartik’s voice. Naira asks what does it say. Kirti says forgive me Kirti for whatever I have done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. As usual.. yehi hona tha.. naira is so dumb.. she really doesn’t know the difference between a matured and pre matured baby.. and Karthik you are so disgusting and pathetic.. Kirti is so so so unlucky to have kaira like brother and sister in law.. and naksh.. I feel so sad for him.. everytime he has suffered and sacrificed.. and good for nothing naira.. never ever did anything good for family.. all she did was to separate people and go around faking her love for family!! blo*dy response attention seeker she is!

    1. YESSSS! I can’t stand these two

  2. Please god, save us from this disgusting love birds.. with their meaning less love, they are spreading sorrow to all other lives and living their life happily..

    How can be so shameless .. learn good values from keesh.. how mature and bold .. they are suffering.. in that situation also they are not supporting bad things like kaira..

    Who ever saying kaira rocks… They are really correct..

    Because they are ” ROCKS( stones)” with zero relationship values except their blind love


    Now people who watched this show especially kaira fans a question to you all
    Do you still think kartik is a good brother or even deserved to be called human see the difference one side is naksh who taught about his sister even at a critical time saying I won’t snatch naira s baby I won’t let this happen with naira…. and naira didn’t even speak a word let baby be with kriti atleast still she is fine….
    Do you all still feel kaira is great?
    If you all still feel so I really don’t know what to say….
    Bcz if kartik can think naira s clot can re occur and snatch kirti s baby why isn’t he thinking about kirti now like what if she goes back to comma upon that hez romancing with naira….
    Disgusting shameless person kartik is…
    I seriously prefer naksh is much better so plz c
    makers concentrate on keesh other than kaira….
    If you seriously want to give any message to the people through this serial stop making kartik naira great for whatever silly or foolish thing they do…. just concerntrate on naksh kirti as they are true couple and they are the ones who fullfill all relations….
    Are there still any kaira or kartik supporters?

    1. Completely agree with you.. how can someone be sooooooo selfish.. nd yet ppl is still supporting and defending Karthik attitude..Ohh good like seriously🤷.. I don’t get it.. atleast he should have consult baby swapping with naksh.. and I’m damn sure he should have give baby to his sister (naira).. (at least until she recovers)… Really feel bad for naksh and keerti😶

    2. Lol they’ll tell it’s just a serial, chill. Don’t take it seriously.
      But I think at the end makers will create sympathy for kartik- what a dilemma he must have been, how hard it must have been for him to know that his baby is no more, he wanted good for both naira and keerti- they’ll give everyone such dialogues and create sympathy for the lead. And theyll make keerti and naksh the mean and wrong people who came to ask their own baby back from the girl who has a brain problem.
      If naira is fine and gives back the baby-the singhania family will tell hamari naira so mahan, apni khushiya keerti ko dedi, woh bhi toh maa hai, phir bhi apni mamta ko chupake she gave the hold to keerti, as if she’s doing a big favour by giving keertis baby back to her.
      If naira gets some clothes attack, which she’ll get when things are not done in her stupid way, then everyone will blame keerti saying how heartless she is to see naira in such a condition and still think of snatching the baby. After all naira is yashodha and yashodha loved Krishna more than devki loved him. Or naira will get all psyched and say main apna baccha nahi doongi, this is my baby, he was put in my lap, I have nurtured him and her drama will start again.
      Maybe at the same time kairas baby will be found and then everyone’s attention will shift to Aditya.

      Kartik and naira are like those ungrateful children who get all the best things, the best school, resources, tutors, but won’t make use of them, won’t work hard, and when they fail in exams, they cry and emotionally blackmail their parents into forgiving them and give another chance and mess up even that chance.

      Some stupid justice the makers will give.

  4. Gazab hai ye kartik, apni sister ka baby apni wife ko de diya , aur kya happiness dega use ab, kuch to sharam kar lo kartik, abhi tak tum logon ka cheap romance chal raha hai, vo bhi aisi situation mein, tumhari sister coma se uthi hai abhi , phir bhi tumhein apni wife ko “happy” karna hai , vaise tum log to dinbhar cheap romance hi karte rehte ho phir keerti ka baby kyun churaya , ek aur baccha paida kar lete… The shameless cheap couple… Aur jab baby keerti ki ungliyan pakad raha hai to naira madam thode time to keerti ke paas rehne deti use ya fir tumhare cheap romance ka time jaa raha tha, waah naira mahaan, baby chala jaate kahin, to “mera baby, mera baby” karti ho aur baby ko nurse taiyaar karegi, kyun , tum kya kar rahi ho, baby ko sambhalne ke liye weak ho tum aur kitchen mein cheap romance karne ke liye saari energy aa jati hai tumhare paas, agar theek se padh li hoti, dance academy Jo ki tumhara mamma ka sapna tha aur phir shaadi ki itni jaldi na padi hoti tumhein , to aaj mature aur baby pre-mature baby mein difference pata hota atleast. Rukmani ji ko itna sunaya sabne aaj sirf bolne par aur kartik NE to yahi cheez karke dikhayi hai , jab sabko pata chalega to use thodi na kuch bologey ,tab to yahi bologey ki usne “naira ki critical condition” ki wajah se ye kiya, itni hi critical condition hai to bed rest par rahe madam, kya dinbhar cheap romance karti rehti hai, aur keerti ka baby use de do kartik, atleast ab to naksh se kuch seekh lo, ek vo hai wife coma se uthi thi phir bhi apni behen ki khushiyan ni snatch ki usne aur ek tum ho acchi-bhali biwi hai tumhari jise cheap romance aur drama karne se fursat ni hai, uske liye apni behen aur nàksh ki khushiyan kurbaan kar Di tumne, baccha to sambhalna aata ni hai tumhari mahaan naira. U should rot in hell for this heinous crime kartik,aur hell mein bhi apni naira ko sath le Jana cheap romance karne ke liye…. Cheap couple…. Disgusting people

  5. seriously, this karthik is really damn disgusting, he had promised that as soon as Keerthi gets up she would get her child back, but what happened to his goddamn promise now??? did he not remember it now or what, seriously he should rot in hell… so so so selfish……..really hate him at least now he should have told the truth, arrey even his sister and brother-in-law deserve happiness,,,,well it was shown in the spoileers that the singhanias will break all ties with goenkas,,,,really that is wat should happen keesh should take their child away and never allow kaira ever near their child

  6. I am hating this Naira and Kartik. Stupid couple.

  7. Keesh for life

    They should take kaira out of the show first of all kartik is not a f**king good brother he swapped is sister baby so his wife could be happy who does that secondly he makes naksh feel so sad,unhappy,disappointed and shattered I do hope that naksh and kriti never talked to either kartik are naira for life,kartik I f**king hate u im not a kaira fan f**k u,PERIOD…!!!!!


    None of the kaira fans are responding hence it proves keesh is best couple and I hope kaira fans have started to hate kaira and become keesh supporters atleast now….I hope no one is there who still supports kaira….

  9. This serial has crossed all the limit. Why the f**k someone else suffer because a b*t*h wants happiness. Just because these are supposedly lead stars let all the others suffer. I do wish Naira has died in the stupid serial.

  10. Thats why the serial has been named yrkkh.
    Feeling sad for Keerti n Naksh.

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