Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani wishing Devyaani happy friendship day and sounds excited. Devyaani thanks her. Rukmani says lets go for watching movies and will be partners in kitty, and will always. Jasmeet and Muskaan got to watch a movie. Devyaani gets money in Muskaan’s cupboard and says how did she get so much money, if she had this, why did she ask me, did her dad send this, no, I will ask Naman. She calls Naman while he is busy with Karishma. She asks where is he. He lies he is out for some work. She asks about Rs 10000 in Muskaan’s cupboard. He says I don’t have any idea, you ask her.

She says fine and ends the call. Rajshri sees her and Gayatri’s pic and misses her. Dadi and Kaki see her and ask is she missing Gayatri. Rajshri says yes, I had a friend and sister in her, this relation turned into new one, we used to have laugh, share pain and happiness. Dadi says yes, its true, so we say every relation grows at its speed. Rajshri wishes all friends grow with time. Bhabhimaa sees Devyaani tensed and asks her why is she tensed. Devyaani says nothing.

Bhabhimaa asks her to share. Devyaani tells about money with Muskaan. Bhabhimaa asks her to ask Muskaan once she comes home. Naksh falls and everyone comes out. He laughs and says I was fooling everyone. Naitik says don’t do this, see Ananya and Yash got scared. Yash says its ok. Varsha and Akshara come home. Akshara dons the ghunghat and Bhabhimaa asks why this, what happened. Naitik says remove it. Akshara moves it and shows her new haircut. Everyone is shocked.

Naitik says whats this. Bhabhimaa says where did you go. Akshara says I asked her to cut my hair little and she has cut much. Varsha says she cried so much here. Akshara and Varsha laugh. Akshara says this is just a wig and laughs fooling them. Everyone smile. Naksh asks Naitik to scold Akshara now.

Muskaan comes home and tells Akshara that Anshu called Jasmeet and she left to meet him. Mohit and Naitik say how much they enjoyed. Akshara feels something wrong as Jasmeet is staying far from Varsha now. Varsha says see Akshara, Jasmeet went alone. Akshara says what happened in between you two, I noticed today. Varsha says I think Jasmeet has a problem with me, since Kaki told her that Shaurya and I will go on honeymoon with them, these days she does not talk to me well. Varsha leaves.

Jasmeet and Anshu are together. Jasmeet says Varsha will feel bad, as I told her we will go home together. Jasmeet says I feel Varsha is annoyed with me. He says no, I know my Bhabhi well. Mohit meets Naman and asks from where is he coming. Naman says work. Mohit leaves with Yash. Devyaani asks Muskaan about the money and asks did Suresh give her. Muskaan says no. Devyaani says then who, did you steal. Akshara says why are you talking like this. Devyaani says wait Akshara, I want to know.

Muskaan cries and says this money is my earned money. I did not steal or did not get it from anyone. Naman says tell me how did you earn. Muskaan says I told you about online job, I worked for website and I withdraw the money two days before so that I can……….. Devyaani asks what, tell me. Muskaan says I wanted to get gifts for everyone, as its my life’s first salary, I did not get tome to go market. She asks Devyaani, can she think she can get money from wrong way. Devyaani is ashamed of her words.

Muskaan says I know no one will say no to give me money, if I ask for. Even Naksh will give me mpney if I ask him. She says how can you think this mum and cries. Jasmeet comes to Varsha and says I wanted to come, I knew you will feel bad. Varsha says why will I feel bad. Jasmeet says Anshu called me. Varsha says its ok. Jasmeet says its not ok. I felt you are annoyed with me. Varsha says you are annoyed, not me, I don’t want to talk. Rajshri sees them arguing and is worried. Varsha sees her and leaves.

Naksh asks Muskaan not to cry and gives her tissues. Devyaani apologizes to Muskaan and holds her ears. Muskaan says no mum and hugs her. Everyone smile. Muskaan says she wants to become Ethical Hacker. Naksh asks what is it. Muskaan says how to explain. Naitik explains that they can go in other’s computer and get info, which can be used for country. Bhabhimaa says they are computer thief. Devyaani asks Naitik is this work good for her. Naitik says its good, and she likes to do it. Akshara says its good its work from home. Naman says yes, she can work with her convenience.

Muskaan smiles. Naitik says Muskaan can decide everything, if she has to do this, do a course. Msukaan says yes, I will check online about it. Everyone smile. Rajshri talks to Dadi about Jasmeet and Varsha. Bhabhimaa talks to Bau ji and says this is good what Muskaan is doing for respecting you as her dad. He says we all live in one home, but relations are tangled. Naitik hears them. Bau ji and Bhabhimaa discuss we should all be united, and happy.

Naitik talks to Akshara about Bau ji and Bhabhimaa’s talk, as they are worried our families are not one till now, despite living together. She says yes, they are right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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