Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being shocked seeing Meena’s eyes infection. She blames Devyaani for this. Rukmani taunts Devyaani for giving wrong medicines. Devyaani says how did this happen. Meena says she should be in jail for giving wrong medicines. Everyone is shocked. Bau ji says please calm down. Meena and Rukmani scold Devyaani and insult her. Devyaani says you maybe have allergy. Meena says you will be punished now, you guys are rich, but I have contacts too. Devyaani says this should have not happened. Rukmani says you did this intentionally. Devyaani says its not my mistake. Akshara says Devyaani has cured many, even Dadda ji and us. Rukmani says you both were fighting before and se you supporting her. Naitik says how can you know Devyaani did mistake. Rukmani says don’t do anything with my Mohit, he trusts you, I told him no, as you know you all show off. She leaves.

Devyaani cries and says don’t know how did this happen, I don’t understand, if anything happens to her eyes then. Akshara says calm down, think what happened to her. She says she will talk to her dad and take advice. Jasmeet brings the chopper by exchanging it. Kaki asks her to use it. Varsha says wash it, lets see how its working. She gets the bill and says its new piece. Jasmeet says sorry, he was not taking it back, but gave new piece on discount, if Kaki knew this, she would have been annoyed. She asks Varsha not to tell anyone as Kaki is already annoyed. Varsha says if she comes to know, she will feel bad and leaves.

Devyaani talks to her dad and says I don’t know happened, did I put anything more. He says no, its in right amounts, maybe she has allergy. She says no, I asked her and she said she does not have allergy. He says I will see. Bau ji talks to Meena’s husband and defends Devyaani. Naitik asks what happened. Bau ji says he is angry, he is saying he will complain if anything happens. Devyaani says why did I give her medicines, I think I should apologize. Naitik says even if its not your mistake. Bhabhimaa says Rukmani will tell the world. Naksh encourages them and says the lady will apologize to them. Devyaani hugs him. Akshara says we have to find out how the infection happened. He says how.

Ananya works on palmtop. Jasmeet and Anshu come to them and show her new phone. Anshu says I ordered online. Varsha says it looks costly. Anshu says yes, its best as her old phone was no working well. Jasmeet says she will take two days to learn its use. Ananya says she will teach her. Saurya tells Varsha that he did not ggive her anything, and gives a rose. She thanks him. Chitti asks Akshara what to make at night. He says the milk is out. Akshara understands what might have happened.

Dadi says its good phone, how to use. Jasmeet shows her that its like computer. Kaki says you have everything, why to buy such costly phone. Anshu says Maa, her phone was not working, so I bought this. Kaki says you could have bought phone like Varsha’s. Varsha says everyone uses such phones. Omi says be careful next time. Jasmeet feels bad and leaves. Anshu goes after her. Shaurya and Varsha look at each other and sign to talk to them. Devyaani is worried. Everyone pacify her.

Akshara comes and says its not your mistake, she did not tell her, she did not tell her about her allergy and shows a diary. Bhabhimaa says yes, she told us to give medicine fast. She says she did not tell you reason for her stomach pain, then can it influence her. Mohit asks Nandini to take medicines from Devyaani. Rukmani comes and says no need, she does not need anything. Mohit asks what happened. Rukmani asks Nandini to go to a good doctor. Mohit says she treats Bau ji and Dadda ji. Rukmani tells about Meena’s infection. Nandini says what.

Jasmeet asks Anshu to return this phone, I knew everyone will tell this, why did you not ask me. He says leave it, let me work now. She says I don’t like tensions. He says its ok, don’t take it seriously, but Naman and Karishma’s secrecy is not good. She gets annoyed. Anshu calls on her mobile and makes her smile. She smiles. Devyaani’s dad says you asked her right thing and she should have not got the infection. Akshara says I won’t let this happen, we will find it out, she is hiding something. Devyaani says no. Akshara says come.

They come to meet Meena. Meena says see my eyes, if anything happens, I will claim in court and give it in media. She says I won’t forgive you. Naitik says we did not come to apologize. Meena says I have proof, Rukmani was with me. Akshara says think if its some other reason, do your tests, maybe its some other problem. Meena says she will get her reports and show them. Devyaani says she is a Ved and she did her good treatment, so bring reports please. They leave.

Vishwamber says this is second call about Devyaani. They discuss that everyone can lose good name because of this case. Devyaani’s dad says if she was fine, then nothing should happen to her. Devyaani says if its my mistake, everyone will stop believing me. Naitik says everything will be fine. Meena and her husband come with the reports. He says it has nothing to do with eyes. Naitik and Akshara show it to Devyaani. He says I spoke to my laywer. Devyaani asks Meena about her allergy. Meena says what does this matter. Devyaani says you should have told me. Akshara says so we asked you. Devyaani says its reaction. Devyaani says she should have told me about her medical history, how will I know does she have any other illness, I asked her many times.

Devyaani’s dad shows the books that wrong medicines can harm the eyes. Muskaan also shows the internet page. Naitik says we are also checking this. Akshara defends Devyaani and says doctor is like Lord’s avatar, if patient does not tell about allergy, how can you blame doctor. She shows the diary and says Devyaani asked her everything. Meena’s husband says yes, its Meena’s mistake. He apologizes to them. Meena worries for her eyes. Devyaani says it will be fine. She asks them to continue giving medicines. Devyaani smiles. Rukmani comes to know it was not Devyaani’s mistake, you are treating there itself. Nandini and Mohit hear this and say its Maa wrong again. Mohit asks Rukmani to trust and identify people. Rukmani says Naitik and Akshara might have trapped her in their sweet talk. Mohit asks Nandini to take medicines from Devyaani. Devyaani thanks everyone. Everyone smile.

Devyaani asks Bau ji whats today. Bau ji says you will know it. Akshara says we won’t say. Naitik says yes its special day and we won’t say it. Everyone pull Devyaani’s leg by making her more curious to know.

Update Credit to: Amena

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