Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira’s Dandiya event

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I was coming and felt like something is stopping me, many things happened one by one. He recalls and says be on time, next time. She gets Kumar’s call. He gets Damini’s call. They clarify about missing the hearing. Kumar and Damini explain their clients. Kumar asks Naira not to commit to anything. Damini says I need to know the mother’s point of view. Kartik says fine, Naira, my lawyer wants to meet you, its good, she is not biased, don’t repeat what you have done today. He goes. She thinks to meet Damini Mishra and see what she thinks about her. The lawyers follow Damini.

She asks why are you following me. They say we want to advise you, don’t take this case of Kartik and Naira, they got them divorced before. Damini says their divorce

is going on now. They laugh and say they never go apart and unite again, they got divorced before and then they got married in the hospital, they both are crazy, be careful. Damini says I m neither Sharma nor Gupta, I can handle any mad people. Kairav and Vansh talk on call. Vansh says I will have a big surprise. Kairav says it will be fun. Kartik attends a work call. He scolds the servant. Vedika looks on. Kartik says don’t hide the truth, I can’t tolerate it, its better you admit your mistake, anyone would tell me. Vedika thinks if Naira tells him some day about me, he will be angry on me.

She goes to tell Kartik. Samarth comes and says we should leave now Kartik, Manish will join us tomorrow. Kartik goes. Vedika asks how will I tell Kartik, I will be guilty, I hate myself, why did I do this. Kairav hides in Naira’s car. Naira says I didn’t tell anything to Kairav, I m leaving, sorry Naksh, I was busy. Naksh says Damini is very smart. Naira says yes, don’t worry, I know how to handle her. He says be there on time, else she will make issues. Kairav says it will be so much fun, wow…. Kairav sees Kartik there. Kartik stops the car and tells Naira that Damini will give best advice in custody case. Naira nods. Kairav says what’s custody. Dadi compliments Vedika’s pot design.

Vedika says one end of it came out and it all came out. Dadi says it always happens, everything spoils by one thing, try to mend it. She goes. Vedika says I m trying this since long, nothing is going fine, I hope that Kartik suffers more because of me. Kairav thinks why did mum and dad come here, there is no stage. Naira asks Kartik to see the beautiful wall and click her pic. Damini looks on. Naira says take a selfie, see the backdrop, its so good, take it from this angle. Kartik gets puzzled. She says we will go there and start pic with Navratri board. She says we need to buy clothes for Kairav, don’t tell him about Dandiya night, we will go to mall. He asks what’s all this. Kairav smiles. Naira shows Kairav in mirror. He asks what is he doing here, how did he come. She says don’t know, we will do acting. Kartik says its good you kept the surprise. She says our grand surprise will be waste. Damini asks have they gone mad. Naira says lets go in my car, come.

Damini signs Damini that he will call her. He goes with Naira. Kairav hides in the car. They discuss about Dandiya night and see Kairav in backseat. Kairav says surprise. They say its wrong to come out of the house this way. Kairav asks Vansh how to do the dance. Vansh explains him about the Dandiya. Kartik says we didn’t know what to do. Naira says I made this excuse. Kartik says Kairav took this serious. Naira says now he wants to go there in Dandiya nights. Kartik says please come for Kairav’s sake. Naksh says we will come. Samarth says we will come. Vedika thinks I hope this smile stays once I tell the truth.

Kartik and Vedika are at the Dandiya events. Kartik asks the man not to put him in awkward situation, don’t address them as Mr. and Mrs. Goenka. Vedika asks did anything happen. Kartik says I don’t want Kairav to know this. Vedika says I know. Kartik says Naira said they left from home, they are coming. He thinks where are they. Vedika messages Pallavi to come there. Pallavi replies I m on the way. Vedika thinks I m alone even when I have a big family here. Kartik waits for Kairav.

Kairav comes and sees Kartik. He shouts dad. They hug. Dadi and everyone smile. Kartik says I missed you. Naira comes. Kartik sees her. Dilon ke mohalle jaake….plays…. Kairav and Vansh hug. Kairav asks why is everyone silent. Vansh says they are sad. Kairav asks why, did they have a fight. Devyaani says no. Suwarna says everything is fine. Dadi hugs Bhabhimaa. Naira says we will dance in some time.

Vedika says I m sorry Naira, trust me, I had no idea that things would go so far after divorce matter. Naira says even I didn’t know this, I thought to take Kairav and go. Vedika says its not Kartik’s mistake, he loves Kairav a lot, he was so concerned for him even when he didn’t know he is his son, I pushed you to do it, this is the result of all that, I have no right to apologize to you. Naira says don’t say this. Kartik and Naira pray. Vedika thinks to apologize to Kartik. Kairav says we will dance now and click many pics. Pallavi comes. Vedika thanks her for coming. She says Kartik and my relation didn’t happen yet. Vedika says I m thinking to tell him the truth. Pallavi says his relation is still with Naira, are you mad to say this. Vedika says I asked Naira to leave, how did I do this. Pallavi says you aren’t treated fairly, their bond has only got stronger because of Kairav.

Kartik and Naira argue. Kairav and Vansh look on. Pallavi says if you don’t fight for your rights, you won’t get it, Naira has always been a part of your life. Vedika worries. Pallavi asks her not to fool herself, its obvious for outsiders. They see Naira and Kartik. Pallavi says Naira won’t go anywhere. Vedika worries. The man makes the announcement, today’s theme is union, a reunion after separation. Kartik and Naira think of each other. Everyone dances. Kartik and Naira dance when the partners change. Dholida….plays…. Vedika thinks of Kartik and Naira. Vedika hears two men talking about the electricity wires sparking possibility by live wires.

She shouts and says I should tell the families first, there is everyone inside. Everyone talks of Naira and Vedika’s situation. Manish says Kartik is also suffering. Vedika hits the door and tries to shout to them. She is outside. She doesn’t get access. She calls Dadi. Naira says I m tired now. Kartik and Naira dance with Kairav. The wires get down. Suwarna says we couldn’t think of this day. Vedika shouts. Dadi asks where is Vedika. Pallavi says don’t know where she went, I will go and check. Vedika says why isn’t anyone looking here. She shouts Pallavi. No one sees her. Her phone gets off. Vedika signs Pallavi to open the door.

Pallavi rushes to help. Kartik sees Naira’s blouse lace opening. He holds her and takes her aside. He says your dress lace is opening. She tries to fix. He helps her. Kartik hides her from Samarth. Aahatein…..plays….. he says it would have been awkward in front of them. Vedika says I have to ask the family and Kartik to move from there, the organizers are stupid people. She collides with the lady. She sees Vansh and Kairav there. Naira asks Kartik to go. He says okay and goes. He sees some guys looking at her. He goes to Naira and holds her close. He says let me do it. She says I will do it myself. Teri hi saaye mein….plays…. He fixes the lace by hugging her. She recalls the old moment and cries.

Vedika sees Naira dancing. The wires get down. Vedika shouts to Kartik and signs about the wires. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this episode was the best thank u 4 showing kaira moments u made my day. It’s funny how every1 even outsiders know abt kartik and naira’s love story and srsly vedika should listen 2 pallavi even she can c their love. All I need is 4 them 2 reunite then I’ll be good

    1. Keke is right it is the best episode of all

  2. I am relieved and happy and but other Maan ki awaaz Pratigya cast n members

  3. I want Maan ki awaaz Pratigya cast n members

  4. Most exciting episode from the previous two months episodes 😌😌😯😯😯

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