Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira goes missing

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik coming as a doctor. He asks her problem. She says I have much pain and irritation, but my husband is very boring, treat him that he doesn’t stay boring. He thinks my fear should end, I have to be strong tomorrow. Naitik says I wanted chocolate, I left medicines at home, so…. Manish says you are getting panic attacks. Naitik says yes, I m trying to get courage from loved ones, few things break you down in life. Manish says I can understand, I also passed through such things, come with me, I will give you some chocolates. Naira does drama. Kartik signs her. Kartik lifts her on back and takes her out. They dance. Chori chori….plays…. She throws the cotton. They play.

Kartik takes her wheelchair. She tickles him. They smile and hide.

Surekha asks why did you get this new problem. Akhilesh says yes, this work is urgent, we can have big loss. She says don’t take me wrong, you are equally worried for Kartik and Naira. He says I know. She says no one sees your efforts, you never tried to express it. He nods. She goes to get coffee for him. He says I have to say this, after Naira and Kartik come home, I will talk to Manish. Manish comes and asks what do you want to say, tell me. Akhilesh says I will talk to manager and handle clients. Manish says thanks for being there for me, you sleep now. He goes. Akhilesh says I wish you could see what pain I m going through.

Doctor comes and asks what’s going on, this is not a film, its real hospital, CCTV cameras recorded your doings, you wasted cotton, the bill is sent to your room, go and sleep. Kartik says sorry. Naira asks will you come in our marriage. Doctor says of course. He signs Kartik. Kartik takes Naira. She sleeps. He sees sindoor box. Yeh rishta….plays…. He says I left everything to Lord. Its morning, Kartik wakes up and doesn’t see Naira. He asks Manish about Naira, is she taken for surgery. Manish shows the room. Kartik goes in and sees everyone making Naira ready.

Ab to ek hai safar…..plays…. He smiles seeing her. Kirti says be quiet, I will fix it. Naira jokes. Kirti asks Kartik to manage his wife. Naira turns to him. They smile. He says oh God, will any call a doctor, this heart attack. Akhilesh and Naksh hold him. Everyone smiles. Dadi says we have seen your drama many times. Naira asks will my groom come like this. Naksh says give us some time, our groom will look better than bride. Manish asks Kartik to get ready. Naira winks to Kartik. He smiles and goes. Naira gets shaky. Doctor says we will start all procedures soon. Kartik greets him and says Naira is fine, thank God I didn’t force her for marriage. Doctor says sorry but sometimes such love for partner isn’t good, she isn’t fine, she is pretending, I m happy that the night passed peaceful, I came in morning on rounds, when you were sleeping, her state has got worse, she knows it. Kartik gets shocked and says she didn’t tell me. Doctor says so much love isn’t good, your intentions are good, lets hope everything goes fine, God bless. He goes.

Manish says doctor will be here soon. He asks what happened Naitik, do you want to say something. Naitik says no, actually…. He folds hands and says thank you all, for supporting Naira, she can forget anything, even her husband. Manish says she is our daughter already. Dadi says these relations are formed, if this happened with Kartik, we are doing what we would have expected from you and Naira. Manish says this is like one big happy family, you all come with Naira, we will stay together. Naksh says Kirti and Naira can’t threaten of going to their Maayka again. Everyone hugs. Kartik gets ready. Rangey hai….plays…. Naira smiles and looks at herself in the mirror. Kartik says everything will be fine. Naira stops and gets dizzy. She goes back and looks at herself. She asks what’s all this, why did I wear this, where am I, what’s happening here.

She removes gajras. She looks for Pungi. She says maybe she did this, I had to go on ghat for Ganga aarti. She leaves. Kartik comes to everyone. Everyone compliments him. Kartik asks where is Naira. Lav asks him to have patience. Dadi says Kirti and Naksh are getting her. Devyaani says she will be happy seeing the arrangements. Kirti and Naksh come and say Naira isn’t there. Kirti says I just got her gajra there. Kartik thinks maybe she forgot where she has to go. He looks for Naira. Manish asks Naksh to check CCTV footage. He asks Naitik not to worry, nothing will happen to her. Naitik asks will she be fine. Manish says she will be fine, come we will find her. Everyone looks for Naira. Kartik stops seeing….

Kartik says Naira….. and walks to her, recalling the video. She turns to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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