Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya and Yash coming to see Naksh in his room. They know Naksh is angry and pacify him, She says you can have kulfi as much as you want. She acts like kulfi vendor. They make Nash happy by acting. Akshara comes to them and thinks Naksh is really having kulfi. She asks why did you give him icecream. Ananya says we were eating fake kulfi. Akshara hugs them. Naman calls Suresh Suresh talks to him. Naman asks him how is he. Suresh says I m fine. Naman says I m in Jaipur for a project and Muskaan is with mum. Naman says don’t get me wrong, but I checked my bank account, you did not send me money.

Suresh says my everything is yours, don’t get me wrong, now you are with your mum, so Devyaani should not feel I m giving you money and trying to win your hearts. He says I won’t be able to bear this time. Suresh says explain Muskaan too and tell her that I love you two a lot. Naman says we love you too. Suresh ends the call.

Anshu feels sad and tells everyone how Akshara was reacting to give injection to Naksh. He says Akshara used to be afraid seeing anyone take injection. Rukmani talks to Nandini and asks her why did she come late. She says Naksh is ill and Yash can catch it too. Nandini says its not passable. Mohit hears them and answers Rukmani. Mohit reminds her of his childhood and tells whats the mum’s mistake is a child gets ill. Rukmani is speechless.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani come to Akshara and asks her what is she cooking. Devyaani says why is this all messed up today. Devyaani gives her some good advice and Akshara thanks her. Rajshri thinks how will Akshara manage Naksh everyday as we all won’t be able to go there everyday. Ananya comes and says I went to doctor. Dadi is puzzled. Varsha says I took her for tests as I had a doubt.

Naksh talks to everyone and says he had all the food and medicines, also had injection, now he has to agree to make him play football. Naitik says fine, you can go, but only for some time. Naksh asks Muskaan to come with him. Naitik signs yes. Muskaan agrees. Naksh goes to play with Naitik and Muskaan. Akshara messages him asking is Naksh fine. He replies yes. Akshara cooks some tasty kulfis at home for Naksh and says Naksh will like this.

Mohit comes and joins Naksh in football game. Naksh meets his friends who tell him that he is not selected in the football team. Naksh is shocked. Naman calls Muskaan and says I need to talk to mum. Naitik looks at Naitik thinking his dad lied to him. Naksh asks Naitik what did the boy say, you said I m selected then whats this. Naitik is speechless. Naitik says I will talk to teacher in morning. Naksh says ask him now itself. Naitik says you lied to me and runs. Everyone try to stop him. Naksh runs on the road.

A car is about to hit him but gets saved. Everyone look for Naksh. Naksh feels depressed seeing the kids play football and cries. He comes home alone. Akshara thinks what happened to him. Girja says Naksh came alone. Akshara says strange and calls Naitik. He thinks what will he tell Naksh. He says I m sorry, Naksh went somewhere, we are finding him. She says he came home, but what happened. He says I will come home and tell you. Naksh cries in his room.

Naitik comes home and tells everyone what the teacher said. Naksh throws all the footballs and everyone is shocked. They look at him. Naksh says you all are bad and liars, everyone lied to me that I m in team and will play the match. He says why did you tell the teacher that I m ill. I will never play football now, throw all these footballs. Everyone cry.

Ananya and Yash cheer up Naksh in the school and give him some ideas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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