Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets to know Suwarna’s sacrifice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan’s friend telling Aryan’s dad that Aryan is in Greece, Manoj told me that he will be brought to Udaipur tomorrow. Aryan’s dad/Suwarna’s brother asks who is getting him. Naira recalls Aryan’s words. Kartik says I feel tired. She says I have to tell you something, I thought you will be disturbed. He asks what is it, tell me. She says Aryan told something to me.

Manish passes Suwarna’s phone to her. Suwarna answers her brother’s call. He says police arrested Shubham. She gets shocked. Naira says maybe Aryan is lying. Kartik says maybe he is saying truth, I hate Suwarna, I was respecting her, but she is not like she appears, I couldn’t trust her completely, Suwarna is involved in this case. She says what, no, we can’t reach any conclusion, its unfair. He says Suwarna’s envelope had Aryan’s pic, she went with him to get the cake when she could have gone alone. She says she loves you a lot, she worries for you, don’t forget she risked her marriage to clear misunderstandings between you and your dad. He says Aryan took her name. She asks why are you believing Aryan today, I told you so that we can find the truth together, Suwarna is imp part of this family, our one mistake will affect all the relations.

Suwarna asks what did Shubham do, find out. Her brother says his friend said its some fraud case, my son is not much, I gave him good values, will you come with me. She says I have to go with Kartik. He says anyone else can go with Kartik, I don’t have any power so I m asking you, Shubham needs you. Kartik says if Suwarna is wrong, I will not listen to you, I will make her leave the house.

Naksh jokes that Kirti got much things as she had a coolie. Everyone likes the gifts. Baisa jokes too. Rajshri asks Kirti to go and rest. Naksh says Kirti is sensitive. Bau ji says we all know. He gives evil eye keychain to everyone. Baisa likes it. Manish says we shall leave now, I will not leave ?Aryan. Kartik sees Suwarna messaging someone. Suwarna asks shall I come along, which police station are you going. Manish says what will you do there, I know you worry a lot, but I will inform you on phone.

Kartik says Suwarna will try to contact Aryan, I will keep an eye on Aryan, you keep an eye on her. He goes. Naira sees Suwarna.

Kirti says I didn’t get any useful gift for anyone, I m so stupid. He asks her not to say anything such about his wife. She asks him to say truth. He says your gifts are not so useless but everyone is happy as your emotions are pure, they all liked the gifts, balm would have been good for my shoulders, its okay, I will manage. She smiles.

Suwarna thinks how to go to Bhaiya, don’t know where are Kartik and Manish. Naira comes to talk. She asks her to promise, she won’t worry and won’t feel bad. She says I just want to know this, I respect you a lot, I trust you, actually, when we were in Greece. Dadi comes and asks Suwarna to donate the things to Guru ji in ashram. Suwarna goes with her. Manish doesn’t see Suwarna’s brother in the police station. Inspector says Aryan’s dad just left. Manish says I would have confronted him. Suwarna’s brother calls her and asks her to come fast. She asks him to check if Kartik and Manish are there. He looks inside and says no, maybe they went somewhere else, I m here since morning. She says I will reach there soon. She prays and leaves.

Naira is on the way to drop the kids to music class. Suwarna’s car breaks down. Naira passes by. Manish calls Suwarna. She doesn’t see the call. Naira drops the kids. Naira sees Suwarna passing by in her car. She says what is she doing here, temple is other way. Naira follows Suwarna. Suwarna calls her brother and says I can’t come there, just come out. Naira reaches the police station and sees Suwarna. Kartik calls her and says police is interrogating Aryan. Naira says I saw Suwarna and came here following her. He says we are in same police station, Suwarna has come to meet us or Aryan, stay there, I will come out.

Suwarna says anyone can doubt on us. Her brother says Shubham is your son. She says I have just one son, Kartik, he needs me the most. He says you said this when you left little Shubham with me. She says yes, after Soumya died, Kartik and Kirti fell lonely, they needed a mum and dad, I couldn’t see their love getting divided, I didn’t wish anyone else to come in between. He asks her to think for Shubham. She says its good if I don’t meet him, he will hate me or he will expect me to get his rights. I m helpless, I can’t give anything, not even his dad’s name, I gave him birth, but I didn’t keep any relation with him, he is your son now, we decided to keep this a secret, if anyone knows this, Kartik will know this, my son will get much hurt, which I don’t want at any cost. Kartik and Naira get shocked hearing this.

Kartik recalls Suwarna’s words. Naira asks him to say what’s going on in his mind. He asks who told Suwarna to do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kaina1

    guys next is KAIRA LOVE TRIANGLE y dont cvs take some time and die yes guys after this there is kaira love triangle mohsin confirmed about kaira love triagle ab aur saaho in dono ko yaar kyusupport kiya mene kyu

    1. Fenil

      What love triangle? Are u serious !!

    2. Kaina1

      haan bhai mohsin ne confirm kiya hai
      dekh lo aur ho sake toh cvs ko maar dalo

  2. Fenil

    Hello YRKKH Family !!
    Superb episode !!
    As usual short tempered Karthik and overdramatic Naira !! See how Suwarna said simply I have to go with Karthik and avoid her son so cheap Suwarna is crossing all limits and other side Naira was saying Suwarna is important part of family hell Suwarna ka ek words Goenka family mein nahi chalta Kahi Baar toh mujhe hasi aayi hain Suwarna pe uski Devrani and Bahu Dino use bol ke Chali jati hain but she I think she deserves it ..Her entry when happened in lexurious car I was thinking After AK may be her character will be strong but never found anything like that till now poor lady !! When Naira was talking with Suwarna Dadi poked her nose yeh budhiya Naira ka kaam kar leti hain bich me aakee??? See KaIra was keeping eyes on her so funny???? !!

    Now Best Scenes of Singhanias and Keesh Aflatoon ??? eyes got some relief after watching Goenka’s crap ….Keerti’s gift for family and NaKsh gave keychains so sweet and Keerti felt her gift useless for Family and again our NAKSH said don’t speaks bad about His Wife ????????He always nailed it!! Both looks so good and perfect ?????? kisi ki Nazar na Lage unhe khas kar oldie Goenka ki ??? !!

  3. Nithisha

    Aaj kirti ke gifts ko useless dikhaya. They showed kirti as someone who spends too much of money.. Writers are b*t*hes.

  4. hello everyone hope u all r fine I got some time so just taught to visit this page

    1. Fenil

      Hello Aayeshu !! How are you ? Good to see you !!?

  5. whatever is happening in this serial I don’t care at all…I don’t expect anything from this show now and kaina seriously kaira love triangle how boring yar anyways am sure it will be for only kaira lovers uffffff…..

  6. Two thoughts came to my mind, while watching this episode..

    Kartik, really I found it funny when you spoke about your respect for suwarna..We have never seen such thing in you..

    What has this woman done to you?? You lashed out at her and spoke rude, whenever she tries to come near you.. While leaving goenka house after marriage, you humiliated and accused her character.. She kept quiet for everything..You were cool, without even apologising even after knowing she has no hand in your Mom’s death.. Which hatred you are talking about?? Who has to forgive whom??

    In order to make you feel your wrong doing,feel sorry and accept suwarna, does she have to do such a big thing like abandoning her own son??

  7. Second, as for suwarna, God knows what sort of obligation you had with soumya and Manish.. Am just fed up that the only reason they are showing for you abandoning shubham is Manish and his children.. Then you should never have given birth to a child..

    Go Kartik, hereafter there is nothing to be proud about t in holding your head high and supporting for suwarna.. Showing you as great by making you argue with Manish for suwarna is no longer gonna work.. Manish’s anger in this case is fully justified..You can never be a good son.. You can only be loverboy..

  8. Saw upcoming segments..

    Shubham’s truth has come out and he is accepted and starts staying in goenka villa..

    Kaira and Keesh are supporting suwarna..

    Argue with Manish, who is fuming with anger and asking her to leave the house..

    Suwarna is gonna shed tears all the while..

    There also they mention about why she did this the family don’t know..

    Finally am relieved that Keesh are also involved in this..

  9. hey fenu am khidkitod perfect??nnnd u?

    naira should learn from anika(ishqbaaz) cuz in Monday episode between the argument if oberoi family the way she was quiet even though she had the full right to speak still she chooses to be quiet and if naira would have been there would she had been quiet???no not at all instead WO to elders ki bolti band karwake khud apni chirpy voice se shout karna shuru kardeti…naira doesn’t know when she should speak and in which situation instead she poke her nose everywhere and anywhere that’s what more annoying seriously she should learn from anika!!!

  10. Can i know what is Rajashree Nani doing at her daughter’s in laws’ house since so many days.? She came to help for naksh’s marriage,and the wedding is over. What happended to her entire family, where are they?

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