Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman and Karishma talking about bachelors party. Baisa is not much happy with children. Devyaani worries and tells this to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says such things happen in marriage. Devyaani says she is afraid as relations get spoiled. Its morning, Baisa and Dadda ji asks Naksh about the themes. Nandini comes home and everyone is glad seeing her. She says she went to doctor and came from there, as Yash and Mohit are here, and she can spend time with Baisa. Bhabhimaa asks Baisa to sing song. Baisa sings maari banni gulaab ka phool…………… The Maheshwari men get ready in black suits and everyone is glad seeing them. Rajshri asks will they go like this. Shaurya asks why, can’t they wear it. She says she is stunned seeing this. Varsha says its bachelor’s party.

Singhania men also get ready and Baisa blesses them. Bhabhimaa says its good Dadda ji is not going anywhere. Naitik says lets go. Akshara gets annoyed and asks them to go. The kids say they want to come. Naitik says its not kids party. Naksh says we are real bachelors, as we are really unmarried. They all leave. Both families meet at the party venue. They have a talk and click selfies. Rajshri says they are making us jealous by sending the pics. They all see the pic. Akshara shows pics to everyone at home. Karishma says we should also enjoy, in pyjama party and we did all arrangements, the decorators will be coming anytime.

Naman likes the party and says he did not know dad did grand arrangements. Bau ji says every father wants to do best for their child. Suresh welcomes them. Naman asks what was the need to do so grand. Suresh says you are my son, you did not see everything, the night is still there, Vishwamber thanks him for inviting them. Suresh says I will see my special guests, you all enjoy. The guests asks Suresh about Devyaani’s second husband Mr. Raj Shekhar Singhania. Naitik says she is my mum now. Naman says he is my dad, you can’t talk like this. Bau ji says what wrong did they say, we are here to be a part of Suresh’s happiness, end this here.

Maheshwari ladies join Singhanias ladies. Baisa and Dadi say they will leave. Bhabhimaa asks them to come. Shaurya sees Alok talking about Akshara and gets angry. He says he will not leave him. Alok identifies him. Shaurya asks did he remember how he has beaten him before, how did you take Akshara’s name. Naitik says he knows who is Alok, he studied with Akshara, but we are friends now. The girls get ready for pyjama party. The elders look cute. Shaurya says sorry, I did not know this. Naitik sas I m sorry, I should have told you, Alok is my client and friend, we are happy. Shaurya apologizes to Alok and says I love my sister a lot. Alok says its fine.

Karishma says there should be a guy in party. Akshara says yes, she is right. The men see girls coming and think to leave. Bau ji tells Suresh that they don’t like all this. Suresh asks what do they mean. Vishwamber says we want to leave. Suresh sees the girls. He says he did not invite them. Naman says he will leave. Suresh says trust me, I did not call them. The girls call him Mr Sharma, and Suresh says he is not any Sharma. They say sorry, we came here by mistake and leaves. Vishwamber says trust is important in between husband and wife, and it should never break.

The ladies stop few guys and says who called you. Muskaan says we did. Devyaani asks them to go. Karishma says even they are enjoying there, we gave them high fees, we are sure it will be fun. Desi girl…………..plays……………. Its Akshara and Jasmeet dressed as men and they dance, while everyone smile. The men also dance in the party.

The men come home being drunk and shocks the ladies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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