Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani talking to her patients and asking them to have lu nch and go. Tnhey say no. She insists and asks Girja about food. Girja says its not there. Devyaani gies to see and she does not see the food. Girja says did Akshara send all food to poor temple, she was telling Chitti. Devyaani gets angry and asks Girja to give juice to the guests. She says I don’t know why Akshara did this, I will make them have food. Rajshri says Jasmeet went to buy friendship bands. Kaki says she will bring Ananya too. Jasmeet and Ananya come home and shows the greetings. Varsha asks why for Akshara, I will make it myself. I planned something else, she is my special friend.

Akshara talks to Naksha bout his school. He shows his homework and shows india’s map. She likes it. Naksh asks where is Chandigarh, as Riya went there, when will we meet her. She says they will go soon. Naksh says then I will mail her. He asks her not to see his mail, as his teacher says its bad thing to read other’s mails. He says he has sent it and will have food once she replies. Akshara comes and sees food made by Devyaani for her patients. She sees the tiffin and says why did she make new one, she did not use this, I would have send it if she told me.

Devyaani comes and Akshara asks her why did she make new food. Devyaani does not let Akshara say and ask why is she feeling bad. Akshara says you are not understanding. Devyaani says I understand and leaves. Akshara says what happened to her. Naitik comes home and talks to Mohit on phone. He meets Akshara and she says we know whats tomorrow, Varsha and I already planned. He asks what are you doing, gossiping about new dishes. Mohit and I decided to revive our childhood. She says we did planning. Naksh comes and hears them.

She says Neeraj called. Naitik says I told know what is Naman doing, there should be clarity. Akshara says maybe he has some way. He says he should share, the project is not started. She says yes, sometimes we understand and sometimes not. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He says Devyaani? What did she say, tell me. She says about the food, she is hiding something from me. He asks her to go and talk to her. She says she can feel bad. He says then leave it, she can tell you then, as Maa used to say. He says this happens in every time, time will make everything fine.

Devyaani hears last words and thinks Akshara complained about her to Naitik. Vishwamber tells everyone to celebrate friendship day. Everyone say about their plans. Kaki asks Anshu to go with Jasmeet. Anshu says I m busy, lets keep tomorrow’s plan, Naman and I can come. She says no, we have to go today. Omi says yes, you go. Jasmeet says we will go after ending house work. Varsha says no, I have to meet Akshara soon. Jasmeet says fine, we will go together. Rajshri sees Varsha upset.

The kids talk and discuss are they siblings or friends. They decide to meet at Naksh’s home and celebrate friendship day. Everyone is happy and havea talk. Bau ji says we will celebrate family day. Naman comes and is busy on phone. Bhabhimaa says Rajpanna will make tea as he made 30years ago. Naman messages Karishma to come and says he is busy in project. Naitik and Akshara look at him. Devyaani asks Naitik to guide Naman and asks Naman to become like Naitik. Muskaan tells Devyaani that Jasmeet is coming. Devyaani asks her to be careful.

Muskaan says don’t worry, give me some money. Devyaani asks her to spend carefully. Bhabhimaa saks her not to scold Muskaan and asks her to have fun. Muskaan hugs Bhabhimaa and thanks her. Naksh comes and asks for money. Bhabhimaa asks why. Devyaani gives him money. They smile. Akshara and Naitik talk about their plans. Devyaani sees Akshara. Akshara says Varsha is coming and we will go out. Varsha comes with Ananya and Mohit comes with Yash. Jasmeet comes to meet Muskaan. Naitik says its competition to see whose planning is best. Mohit says its best in our case.

Varsha says our will be best. Muskaan says lets make them wear bands. They wear the friendship bands. Akshara says we are leaving and goes. Naitik and Mohit play Gilli Danda and think about their childhood. Akshara and Varsha come to the spa and talk about their college mate Kavita and laugh. Naitik and Mohit come to play videogames. The kids come and asks them o teach them Gilli danda. Naitik and Mohit say we are busy in our game and play with pots. Naitik says we will do what we like.

Akshara and Varsha head to the mall. She says about many relations in life and most important of mum and child. Naitik and Mohit play music in the pots and everyone shuts ears. Bau ji asks them to shut it as Dadda ji just slept. The pots break. Bhabhimaa says they have broken many pots in childhood. Bau ji asks them not to make noise. The kids go. Naitik says we had fun in childhood and recalls those moments. Mohit says I wish Naksh and Yash become good friends like us.Naitik says lest go and play with kids for sometime. Akshara and Varsha have chaat. Everyone has a great time. Jasmeet meets Akshara and Varsha is annoyed seeing her. Akshara notices something wrong between Varsha and Jasmeet. Jasmeet leaves.

Devyaani asks Muskaan from where did she get so much money, did she take it from her dad. Everyone looks on.

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