Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea learns about Sirat’s past

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Manish arguing about Sirat. Dadi says Kartik is right, Kairav told me about it, but I left it to Lord. Manish says please don’t explain me. Dadi says Sirat’s face and heart got Kairav attached to her. Gayu smiles. Sirat asks Nani to choose one hand. Nani says I thought you did that for the last time, when you and Ra… Sirat says forget it, choose one hand, decision was made that time also but it got changed, I don’t understand, I had faith before as well, I got cheated, tell me what to do.

Nani says we won’t know result of the match before fighting. Manish says stop it Maa, you think I don’t understand people, sorry to say, you also don’t understand people, Sirat did magic on you, do anything you want, you will make a mistake and everyone will bear it. Kartik asks why do you think its a mistake. Manish says you didn’t tolerate me coming in your first marriage, this time, I won’t come there, but I m your dad, I m much hurt but I will bless you, stay happy. He cries and goes.

Rhea thinks I will see that Sirat. Nani pacifies Sirat. Sirat says like the last time. Nani says don’t talk about the past. Rhea comes and hears them. Sirat says I try hard to not recall the past. Nani says seal the past. Rhea says who was in her past, I have to find out, this will work in my favor. She goes. Sirat hugs Nani and says I have to tell my past to Kartik, its his right. Nani says don’t take name of the liars. Sirat says I will not hide anything from him.

Manish says Kartik doesn’t trust me, I bless you that you stay happy, I hope you become a good father in your son’s eyes, which I didn’t become. He sees Kartik’s pic and says I wish you and Kairav stay happy, Naira united us, but she separated us. Rhea comes. He says sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise. She says its fine, don’t say sorry, save Kartik from that gold digger, she isn’t innocent, she didn’t tell us about her past, maybe she had a guy in her past. He asks does Kartik know about it. She says no, we should tell him, he will get cheated, you should use the time and save your son from getting hurt. He says go from here and find out about her past, I have to save my son. She says sure, don’t worry. He says thanks. She says thanks for trusting me. She goes. She says Kartik and my future will be build by your past. Dadi and Suwarna talk of the marriage. Kairav and Vansh come to ask about marriage. Dadi jokes that guests will get welcomed by a punch. Suwarna asks shall we book a hall or banquet for marriage. Kartik says nothing.

Sirat sees Rhea and says sorry. Rhea says I m sorry. She thinks your dreams will break soon. She says congrats, you have tolerated a lot to reach here, everyone accepted you, its a good thing, all is well that ends well. Sirat thinks why is she acting sweet, she is bitter within. Kartik says I just want your blessings, this marriage is a comprom…. Rhea says I will try to make the marriage a hit. She goes saying I will open up her past.

Sirat says I have to tell Kartik about it. She comes home thinking I have to tell Kartik…. Kartik gets a call. She says I have to tell him as soon as possible. Her phone gets off. Kartik is in his meeting. He says we need this company more. Manish says its our need, if we have better options, then its not necessary to compromise. Kartik says its an arrangement. Manish says you are going for face value. Kartik says I have found all details. Manish says maybe you didn’t find out everything, go anything, remember my advice, truth can also be hidden, focus on the past, maybe you find something that opens your eyes. He goes.

Nani says I came for walk. Sirat asks why did you come, you should have told me. Nani says I have to do this myself, why are you worried. Sirat says I didn’t talk to Kartik, I can’t cheat him, they are thinking its my first marriage, first haldi…. but I just want… Kartik comes home. He sees them. Dadi and Kairav come. Dadi gives a gift to Sirat. She asks Nani to come. Nani says I m not permitted to come in. Dadi says relatives are allowed, come. Dadi makes Sirat wear chunri. She says everything will be fine. She asks Gayu and Suwarna to come. They do the rituals. Dadi says you can give a kerchief or coconut to Kartik. Nani says I didn’t prepare, but I will do it. She gives some money to Kartik. She says I will call you Jamaisa from today. Sirat thinks to tell Kartik the truth before it gets late.

Everyone dances. Sirat says I have to talk about you. Sheela and Nanko come there. Sirat asks Sheela to leave. Manish says no one will go, you can’t decide. Sirat says Sheela is acting. Manish shouts enough.

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    the serial is all about culture and values. but y isnt any bahu wearing mangalsutra. it looks so damn bad when they were broad necked blouses but no mangalsutra. where are the cultural practices. they celebrate every festival with full devotion. but cant wear mangalsutra??

  2. Above,you are living in the past,this show no longer teaches us culture and values,but it teaches us How to have multiple divorces,how to pretend to be dead for 5 years and how to cause pain To every Member of family,how to run away from every problem instead Of facing it etc..Ever since 2019 they have ruined the basic structure of the show just to drag it.

    1. So you mean only naira is wrong… I know you didn’t mention her but your examples indirectly points towards her only…. I know serial isn’t interesting as it used to be before… But pls keep your all hate for Naira.. inside you because naira isn’t any single person who hurts Everyone… Do count the times, kartik blamed her , hurt her and never trust her…

  3. You are right @unknown.

  4. @ Unknown No doubt karthik was wrong many times,but he wasn’t as toxic as naira was,who didn’t care about how many people other than karthik she used to hurt with her actions.When karthik question her character(mir incident) instead of running away like a coward,she should have divorced him,and went to her own house.By her selfish act,she not only hurt her family members specially Naksh,but kairav and put a small child in so much emotional trauma.(What was kairav me fault in all this.

    1. Stupid Rex
      How dare u speak against Naira
      Ur stupid idiot
      U want u shut up your idotic mouth
      U r so stupid idiot

      Like u there are some fools
      U go and die
      I will tell u like u insulted Naira
      U will get badly insulted
      U will be all alone with sorrow
      But no one will there with u
      U will lose everyone u love and care
      If u want u scold makers u scold serial but not my Naira and Kaira
      My Naira is the best
      No one should insult her
      Or speak anything wrong against her
      This is ur last warning

    2. Dear it’s okay we understand ur feelings towards kaira but u should not say all these things to someone like he / she will lose everyone ,, it’s just a serial we are talking about,, and if u r kaira fan should not be saying all this,, it’s his / her pov ,, why to curse someone,, and last but not the least serial is really loosing it’s charm and that everyone knows
      PS:- nothing against anyone

  5. @Vaishnavi what last warning🤣 as if I am scared of you🤣 you can blabber is whatever you want I don’t care at all,it just shows how civil and mannered you are.

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