Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik, Akshara and Naaksh having fun. Anshu thinks this is the right time to talk to Akshara’s mum but Ananya comes at the moment and stops him. Naksh scares Naitik and Akshara. Naksh laughs on them. Naksh calls them cowards and they run after him laughing. Akshara wakes up at 4 am to keep the fast for Naitik. She eats the tiffin being very quiet so that Naitik does not come to know about it. She sits by Naitik’s side and says we have celebrated Teej always, but this is the first time I m keeping karwachauth for you, I want to thank the Lord. She says I kept the fast for four years thinking I will keep the fast infront of you one day and the day has come, she says I m very happy and sorry for not telling you as you would have stopped me or have kept the fast for me. She says I will tell you after we reach home and I love you.

Maa and Bhabhimaa think they are forgetting something. Girja says Akshara is coming back today. Bhabhimaa says even I feel there is something today. They discuss some dates and wonder what they are forgetting. Sudha comes and Maa and Bhabhimaa says Karwachauth. Anshu talks to his girlfriend and she tells him about karwachauth. He says only married women keep the fast. She says even unmarried girls keep it. He says will you be able to keep yourself hungry. She asks him to come to her house to break her fast. Naitik wakes up and asks Akshara why is she ready in the morning, anything special. She says nothing.

He sees the plates. She says I had food as I woke up early and felt hungry. He says its fine. Akshara kisses him and says I love you. He says give me a chance too to say I love you. Maa and Bhabhimaa talk that how can we forget. Maa says Akshara won’t forget. I remember when she said that she wanted to keep the fast for Naitik. Maa says I lost hope in Lord. Bhabhimaa praises Akshara who takes care of them. Maa says I got an idea to do something for her. Maa says Naitik is fine now, so lets celebrate karwachauth very well. Bhabhimaa says yes, Naitik will be happy. Bhabhimaa says we will give surprise to Akshara.

Naitik and Akshara are on the way. He asks her why did you not eat anything. She says I ate sufficiently in the morning so…. Naksh says I have a chocolate and asks Akshara to taste it. Akshara says I don’t want to. Naitik says you like it right. She says I have pain in my teeth. Naitik gets worried. Maa and Bhabhimaa talks to some woman and find out about Karwachauth. Maa thanks her for teaching them the rituals. Anshu buys a ring as a gift to his girlfriend. He thinks what to wear. Dadi comes and he hides the ring. They tell Anshu to take them to some relative’s house. Anshu is caught up with them. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh come home. Akshara sees the decorations and smiles. Maa and Bhabhimaa smile seeing her. Naitik tries to figure out.

Naitik asks Akshara since when are you keeping this fast. Maa says this is her fifth year. He gets happy and looks at her. They ask them to get ready. Maa gives Akshara the gifts and the clothes to wear. Akshara smiles and thanks them. Anshu thinks what should I do now, Rashmi might be waiting for me. Dadi comes and says lets go. Anshu says I got some urgent work so I have to go. He asks them to go with someone else. Dadi says fine, you go. Anshu thanks them and leaves. Naksh tells everyone about their trip.

Akshara comes looking beautiful and everyone see her. Naitik smiles seeing her and she is shy. Maa and Bhabhimaa takes their blessings. They apply mahendi to Akshara. Naitik is happy and tells Maa and Bhabhimaa that Akshara kept the fast for me. He thanks them for choosing the right life partner for him. Maa says we are lucky to get her. He says even Akshara is lucky to have mum in laws like you. Naitik looks at Akshara and she shows him her mahendi. The katha starts. Everyone listen to the katha. The rituals starts. Bhabhimaa says we don’t know about this festival but it looks good. Maai agrees. Naitik and Naksh are happy seeing all this. Bhabhimaa wishes Akshara and Naitik always stay happy. Naitik and Akshara smiles.

Akshara sees Naitik through the net and he smiles and breaks her fast.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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