Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik helps out Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat asking why did you come here with the police, they aren’t your house staff to check me, don’t dare to touch me, I won’t sit quiet here, I just have Naira’s face, not anything else, not even that ring. Kartik talks to the inspector. Sirat says talk to me, what are you murmuring. Kartik asks her to be quiet. He says you broke the house lock and entered inside, what was the need. She asks did you not call the police. He says I would have not waited if I had to call the police, do you have any idea who had filed the complaint. Mukesh and Sheela come. Mukesh asks who else will do, the house owner right. He says do anything you want, this house is mine and the lock was also mine. He says inspector, these ladies broke the lock and got in, my friend informed me. Kartik goes on a call. Sirat says I won’t leave you. Mukesh says free yourself from jail first. Nani says she is your stepdaughter. Mukesh says you should have given Gyaan to her. Nani says Sheela, have some shame, the police will arrest your daughter.

Sirat says don’t beg her, I can take care. She scolds Mukesh. She says I will file a case on you. He asks will you sell Maudi to get money. She gets angry. He says look she is fighting. Sirat gets arrested. Mukesh jokes on her. Sirat says I will not leave you. She argues with Mukesh. She says Kartik ji, I don’t know why you had come here, but take care of my Maudi. Kartik shouts stop, listen to me. Inspector asks are you her relative. Mukesh says ask him the relation, he stayed here last time, I think they have an affair. Kartik says my lawyer will be here any minute, I m just saving your time in paperworks, this case is fake, Mukesh has already sold the property to builder. Mukesh says yes, I can sell it to anyone, its my house. Kartik says remember, its builder’s right now. Mukesh says builder is my friend, they broke into my builder’s house, its a crime. Inspector says sorry Sir, come to police station and talk. Nani cries for Sirat. Kartik stops the police by coming in front of the car. He says my lawyer has come. He gives the property papers. He says its still on Kalavati’s name, its their house, its a buy back of the house from that builder. Mukesh asks how can they buy the house when they have no money. Kartik says its their house, no one can do anything. Police leaves Sirat and goes. Kartik warns Mukesh. He says Amma this is your house, don’t forget. Lawyer says you bought the house at a high rate. Kartik says we shall talk later, you will get your fees. He sends the lawyer. He asks Nani to keep the papers carefully. Nani hugs him and blesses. Sirat hugs Nani. She asks when did you do this and why. He says sorry, I had heard Amma talking to Mukesh by mistake, I didn’t tell you, I thought it will be between Amma and me. Sirat thinks this man is really nice, but I m not habitual to good men. Kartik stops Mukesh and Sheela. He says Amma is the house owner, it will be her decision to let them stay there or not. Nani says kids can be bad, but mother can’t. Kartik says fine, go. Mukesh asks why didn’t you find out who is this man, why did they go to Udaipur. Sheela says I will find out.

Nani says we didn’t tell you that we are coming back. Kartik says Kairav is in the car, shall I get him. Sirat runs to Kairav. She sees him and gets him out of the car. Nani asks Kartik to come. He says I will get the luggage. Gayu cries. Dadi asks what happened today. Gayu says you did wrong with my sister, don’t repeat my mistake, else you will regret. Surekha says she isn’t your sister. Gayu says Kartik took Kairav to her, she is Naira. She takes Akshu and goes. Dadi says I shall go back to ashram, I can’t see the house breaking. Manish gets angry. Rhea says don’t know what’s happening there. Nani says good, you changed clothes. Kartik says Kairav is still sleeping. Sirat says he did so much help and I scolded him, am I crazy, he always helps me, how will I pay back his favors. She leaves the rolling pin by mistake. It hits Kartik.

She says sorry. He says its okay. Dadi says her hands and legs aren’t in control, get tea. Kartik says get a helmet as well. Sirat gets tea. Kartik says away… and gets cautious. She keeps the tea. He thanks her. She says thank you for saving us again, 7 lakhs and now…. tell me, I will pay it. He says I have calculated, 1rs 10 paise till we are alive, I just helped you with money, you have helped me by saving Kairav, sorry, we made a mistake. Sirat says humans make mistakes and humans forgive it, we will make a new start. He says fine, there is one score to settle, sorry, I had shouted on you about Naira’s ring, it was my responsibility to keep the ring safe, sorry to you also Amma. Nani says no, we came in anger, your son needed Sirat. Kartik says no, we shouted and insulted you after calling you home, sorry, I got Kairav along so that he doesn’t get ill, we will go after he wakes up. Nani asks him to stay back, its not beautiful like a hotel like his house, but they will keep them with love.

Sirat sees Kartik and Kairav sleeping. Kartik holds her hand in sleep and asks are you upset, I love you so much. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Lolll he thought it was naira lmao

  3. Kartik should now move with his kids to be with Sirat aka Naira and leave Goenka’s to deal with greedy Surekha and Rhea. Let Manish take that slap in the face.

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