Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Manish opposes Javeri’s plan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira coming to Kartik and seeing him on some call. She asks what happened. He says we won’t get any data. She says what will we do. He says don’t lose courage, something will happen. Mohan says forgive me, the lawyer was asking me such that I got nervous. Naira says we can understand, its not your mistake. Mohan says I m sure, these three boys were there. Naira asks can you see them well. He says yes, I m wearing glasses, I was wearing wearing glasses even that day. He gets a call. His glasses’ rubber band falls. They think of the clues. Lav gets angry. Javeri says relax, Abhishek, your dad is here, none is imp to me than you, truth, this case or anything. He thinks to do something big, its about Abhishek’s truth.

Naira recalls and says there is a cctv outside the academy. Kartik says come, Naira wants to prove that Mohan was therem. Shivani says so that we get some time. Javeri says case would have ended today if Naira didn’t get the man, maybe she is doing this for herself, maybe she has a hidden agenda, its easy way to get famous. Manish asks are you in senses, mind your language, she is our Bahu, she isn’t wrong, we have supported the wrong, she is supporting the truth. Javeri asks did you feel bad, she is your Bahu, make her your lawyer, I will fight Abhishek’s case. Samarth and Akhilesh ask him to keep Naira out of this. Javeri says keep Naira away from the matter. He argues that Kartik and Naira don’t care for them.

Naira asks will we lose even if we win the case, will our families understand us. Kartik says just do what you want, they will be accepting it. Javeri says find a lawyer for yourself, you have two sons in trouble, they are defamed now, you can find your way. He goes. Manish says we got the wrong man, he is saying bad about our Bahu, he can do anything. Akhilesh says its his work. Manish says he got much personal in the court, we should find some other lawyer. Akhilesh says no, I beg you, Javeri knows our case and his son is involved, he will try his best, else he will trap our sons. Javeri says call the media, I will tell about this case. Kartik asks Naira to go home with Trisha, he will go with Mohan and Naksh. Mohan says I m scared of police. Naksh says we have to go soon. Shivani also goes. Naira asks Kartik to take care. A car comes in front. Naira worries for Kartik. She scolds the man. She cries. Kartik says I m fine. She says I feel scared. He says I will go and come soon. She asks him to take care. He leaves.

Naira takes Trisha home. She says don’t know what to do. Trisha says Javeri is a cheap man, I feel scared. Naira says its fine, getting afraid is allowed, not losing. They see the media at home. Trisha says I can’t handle them, you handle them. Naira says you go by back door, I will see what they do. She sees a boy and his mum. She cries and says Kairav, come to me, I want to hug you.

Javeri says we want to prove that our sons are innocent, some people want to spoil your reputation. Manish asks what do you mean, you are….. Akhilesh says leave it, let Javeri handle. Javeri asks shall I continue this case or leave it, we have to think the battle we are fighting in the court and in the house. Kartik and Naksh see the cctv. Javeri says we have to stop Naira from becoming a Devi. They all stop him. Javeri thinks its time to think what I thought. Naira drives away. Kartik checks the cctv footage. Javeri goes to Kairav. Naira’s car breaks down. She sees the tyre punctured. She takes the keys and goes. Javeri asks are you missing your mum. Naira comes running. She sees the reporters inside the house. Akhilesh says we shall go out. Manish asks why, we will talk to them and go. Javeri says we will make them wait so that they don’t get time to think and understand.

Kairav comes out to pick the ball. Reporters ask don’t you miss your mumma, how will you live without her. Naira says don’t say anything, go in. Kairav says no, I don’t want to go to mumma, she will send me to jail, Dadu loves boys and saves from police, mumma doesn’t like Lav and Kush and sending them to jail. The reporter says Naira is fighting for a girl, she is a big example to fight for truth, but her son got away, is she a good mum. Kairav recalls Javeri’s words. Javeri says once Naira changes her mind, then everyone will stay as a happy family. Kairav says Vansh, if I say this, mumma won’t call police, mumma and dad will come back home. Vansh says yes, tell anyone outside. Javeri looks on. FB ends. Naira cries and goes to Kairav. She hugs him.

Someone sends Kartik’s pic to Javeri. A truck comes towards Kartik. Naira gets a shocking call.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    I think Kairav is really in the foot steps of mama bear but he will end up like the twins. Javeri says that mighty Naira is fighting for the truth and he is shaking in his boots.

  2. BalajiMurugadoss

    They are dragging this track too much. Though I liked the track, it seems boring now. Trisha doesn’t have any guts to defend herself. So pathetic for the show

  3. Javeri has become very cheap-Is he a criminal advocate or criminal himself? With this, he himself need a good advocate to bail him out.

    I like Manish the way he expressed anger his – very genuine and appreciable .

  4. Avni bhardwaj

    Akhilesh and gayus husband are despicable characters they need to be killed off. Akhilesh is a ridiculous father whom alongside his wife can’t accept their sons have raped a woman.

    1. Sorry but raped and molested has a difference

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