Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2018 Written *Maha* Episode Update: Devyaani reveals truth to Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lawyers questioning Kartik and Naira. They ask them not to answer right and fight if they want divorce. They ask them to do acting well. Naira says we have come to get divorce, not to get any chance in film. Lawyers mock the fight and show them how to lie in front of the counsellor to get the divorce. They leave the decision on Kartik and Naira. Kartik calls Kritika and says Kartik is fine. Kritika says call me if Kartik and Naira get married, they are girlfriend and boyfriend, I saw them hiding and talking, Kartik had a sleepover at Naira’s house once, sorry Naira asked me not to tell anyone, don’t scold Naira and Kartik. Dadi says I won’t scold. Kirti says the counsellor is good, she brainwashes the couple to stop the divorce. Manish says I wish this happens. Dadi says what shall I do, that lady can convince Kartik and Naira to stay together.

Naira and Kartik meet the counsellor. Lady asks them did they try to solve the problem. Naira and kartik say its not possible, we have no love and trust. Lady asks them to go. Naira gets hurt. He worries for her. Suwarna thinks I wish the counselling ends soon. Dadi worries. Surekha says no one thought of sangeet, theme isn’t decided. Kirti says relax, I messaged Kartik, we will meet at home, Naira and Naksh will also help. Suwarna says take Ashi along, she wants to dance in sangeet. Kirti agrees.

Kartik and Naira go to have coffee. He asks will the counsellor get convinced. She says maybe. He says then you will get free. She says you too. Lawyers come and says counsellor said she can see hope in your marriage and want to meet again. Kartik says we did what you said. They recall the moment of concern. Lawyer says you have to meet them, did you show concern for each other. Naira scolds Kartik for showing concern. He says you would have fought on this. They argue. She says you were acting as hero, like you can’t see me in pain. He says yes. Driver says car needs repair, you can go by cab. She says I will go by cab. He says Kirti messaged me, I m also going to Singhania house, I will drop you. They think how did counsellor see hope in our relation. Rukmani asks Bhabhimaa to think about sangeet.

Kartik and Naira come and say nothing happened today, we shall focus on sangeet. Suwarna says why did this happen, where is the hope. Manish says who are we to decide, its legal procedure. Suwarna asks can’t we force her, Kartik is worried, how will he move on till he gets free. Manish says you are saying as if you decided his second marriage, what’s the big deal if it gets delayed. Mansi says I want fairy tale theme. Anmol says I m okay with it. Kartik says no, its not good. Naira asks what problem do you have. Kartik recalls Naira and says its kiddish. She says let it be, done we will have same theme.

Ashi comes and hugs Naira. She says you didn’t meet me. She takes Kartik for a talk. Naira looks on. Dadi talks to Guru ji. He says you have to do a puja, tomorrow is a good day, you don’t need many people for this puja. She agrees. Suwarna hears her and asks what were you talking, what puja is it. Dadi thinks I can’t tell you. Suwarna asks is it related to kartik. Dadi says let me do my work now. She goes. She calls her friend and asks her to send Ashi’s kundli, Ashi is the best suitable girl for him. She thinks to prepare for kartik’s marriage.

Mansi says I want to do ball room dance. Anmol says sure. Naira and Kartik sign no for dance. Ashi says Naira, you are so good at dancing. Kartik recalls her leg injury. Naira says I didn’t anything yet, you can select any song. Kartik says you should go for treatment, problem can get high. Naira asks him to go and dance as much as he wants. Devyaani comes to Kartik.

She says dance was her life Kartik, the same day snatched everything from her, dance, love, life, family…. He asks what. She says she was waiting for you at terrace when she fell down. He asks why would she wait for me. She asks why, she told you she won’t go till you talk to her, if you met her once, your lives would have been different. She says Shubham was dead, what would I tell Suwarna. She says Shubham didn’t die because of her, you didn’t support Naira, she was waiting for you, she fell down and was rushed to hospital, she was taking your name, when she came to your house, you didn’t believe her, you lost a part of family, she lost entire family, don’t scratch her wounds, she can never dance now.

Naira comes there. Kartik asks were you waiting for me when you fell down the terrace, why didn’t you tell me, you should have called me and informed that you fell down, even your family didn’t tell me. She says you didn’t ask me, I came to meet you, you weren’t listening, you were just shouting. He says mum got upset seeing you. She says don’t blame me for everything. He says I asked you many times, you didn’t say, why. She says for how long should one clarify, you had big claim about love and trust, you didn’t think if I wasn’t at home that time, I was related to Shubham. He says I m blamed that you got hurt and can’t dance because of me, I would have come to you if I knew, you know the situation, we promised that we will always support, but you go. She says you asked me to go. He says I asked you to go for that moment, as mum was hurt, I kept waiting, I needed you. She asks why didn’t you call me, you just blamed me, without knowing what’s the truth. He asks how can anyone decide this. She says leave it, I will get treated when I get time, I want to attend this marriage with peace. He goes to washroom and cries. He says why do you always do this Naira.

Rukmani sees the E invitation card. She asks him not to be miser, everything will be grand. Rukmani says that’s not necessary. Mohit says Naira will make invitation on peepal leaf. They smile. Ashi asks Kartik to come for dance practice. Kirti asks Naira to dance, its light steps. Naira says not now. Kirti insists. Naira sees kartik and Ashi dancing. She agrees to dance. Kartik says this is done to show me. Naira dances and thinks I don’t want a partner to dance. Rukmani asks why is Naira included in this. Mohit says she is part of family. Rukmani says her name will be on Mansi’s name, she is still Goenka, she didn’t take divorce. Surekha says yes, Naira’s name should be there in card, what shall we do, shall we ask Naira. Suwarna says just put her name, what’s there to ask her, you can take Dadi and Kartik’s advice. Surekha asks are you okay with it. Suwarna says no, just put her name and remove my name. They get shocked. Naira slips. Kartik holds her. Kirti thinks Suwarna can’t separate them. Dadi sees Naira’s bridal dress and cries. She thinks maybe the baby makes their relation stronger, if my puja succeeds, then I will get Kartik and Naira remarried.

A man tries to steal a bike. Naira gets scared seeing Rukmani with a face mask. Naira says I won’t come. Rukmani says its fine, Kartik will taunt her and get upset. Mohit and Nandini stop Rukmani from hurting Naira. Naira goes. Thief looks on. Suwarna gets Ashi’s kundli printed. She goes. Kirti comes there. Everyone asks Dadi to come for Jamai bhoj. Dadi says this puja is imp, ask Suwarna to do Jamai bhoj. She refuses to tell about puja. Surekha asks Suwarna what is Dadi doing. Suwarna signs don’t know. She thinks its related to Kartik. Dadi prays for Kartik and Naira. Singhanias come. Rukmani likes the welcome. Naksh gives a rose to Kirti. Lav asks about Naira. Anmol says she is busy. Ashi says she would be practicing dance. Bhabhimaa asks about Dadi. Surekha says Dadi is doing puja. Rukmani asks why did she not welcome us, its imp for her to be here. Surekha says Dadi said Suwarna will do all her duties and rituals. Suwarna completes the rituals. She gets a call. She gets dropping the sand. Kartik holds her. She rushes to answer call. Rukmani says I think everyone’s attention is somewhere else, why did you call us here. Kartik says its nothing like that. Suwarna says fine pandit ji, I will handover the paper to your son. Kirti asks about the paper. Suwarna asks her to mind her own business and goes.

Naksh asks all okay. Kirti says don’t know what’s mum planning, I m afraid its not the same thing which I m thinking. Lav and Kush get the kundli print. Mansi asks Naira to come. Naira says don’t compel me, I had come in engagement, how are you now. Mansi says I m fine, I will show you something on video chat. Kartik comes and sees Naira. He smiles seeing her. He asks her to switch off the stove, be careful while cooking. He sees the thief in video and asks who’s behind you. She says no one. She says I felt someone is there, who is at home. She doesn’t say. He says I m not interested to talk to you. Anmol sits for rituals. Mansi sees him and smiles. Surekha asks why didn’t Naira come. Devyaani taunts Suwarna. Kartik asks Lav and Kush is Naira coming, call her and ask her to come. Lav calls Naira.

Naira stays busy. Lav says she isn’t answering. Kush asks are you missing her. Kartik says shut up. Lav says it means we are saying true. Thief comes to Naira. She is hearing music and cleaning the sofa. He falls by slipping and gets hurt. He calls his friends and asks them to come by back door. Kirti gets a call and takes paper from Lav to write something. She notes down. Suwarna gives kundli to pandit’s son. She says no one should know about it, tell your dad to match kartik and Ashi’s kundli and let me know soon. She sees Kartik and Ashi. Dadi does the puja. Goon hears door bell and hides. Naira goes to check and opens the door. Kartik comes. She says you…..

Goon catches Naira. Kartik says leave my wife, how dare you touch her. Naira beats goon and says how dare you touch my Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow my wife & my kartik!!!!

  2. Dis naira nd her family r sick y they r taunting kartik fr evrythn as if naira s some godess
    Both kaira r stupid
    Naira as always shows herself as mahaan nd evry1 should go behind her
    Irritating arrogant loser naira

  3. Devyaani I love you!

  4. Yes, yesterday in the episode of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 4th August 2018, this time devyani and naira said right to kartik. This time yesterday kartik is/was also right, but I totally agree with devyani and naira. And another that it is good kartiks childhood friend aashi has come because including to know the truth of each other kartik naira should realise their love for each other because of kartiks childhood friend aashi, because whenever between husband and wife some other boy and girl comes, then that time husband feels that why other boy has always stays close to my wife instead of me, wife also feels that why other girl has stays close to my husband instead of me. So that’s why I hope that including to know the truth of each other and realise their mistakes including this because of kartiks childhood friend aashi I hope that kartik naira should realise their love. Is it right?

  5. so boring full of ugly people

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