Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Omi telling Vishwamber that Tiwari has a police record and police went to arrest him. Everyone are shocked to see Dadda ji hearing them. Dadda ji asks what is the matter. Vishwamber says nothing, its about out hotel. He lies to him. Dadda ji says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Vishwamber gets a call and is shocked. The police looks for Tiwari. Tiwari gets a call and prepares to hide somewhere. Tiwari tries to tun but is arrested by the police.

Akshara comes out and everyone ask her about Naitik. Akshara cries and hugs Naksh. Naksh says I will not go without Papa. She says Naitik is fine and released. Bau ji brings Naitik out and everyone hugs him. Naitik greets Bhabhimaa and hugs her. Bhabhimaa says its good you came. Bau ji says yes thanks Akshara too, as she acted smart and strong. Naksh asks did they trouble you. Naitik says no, they were afraid of you so they left me, I missed you all. Naksh says ladies will cry now, stop it.

Bhabhimaa asks how did this happen. Akshara says my family also caught Tiwari there. She says Naksh also helped us by telling about the couple. Naksh asks did they keep that packet, they looked so sweet. Everyone are happy to know Naitik is free now. Naitik tells Naksh that he is proud of him. Akshara says we will celebrate Ghunghor here. Bhabhimaa says no, we have to do puja there, lour family is not here. Bau ji says if we try, we will get all the puja items. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to book return tickets.

Varsha tells everyone that Akshara is not coming tomorrow. Akshara hugs Naitik and cries. She says she can’t live without him and would wish to die one day before him. She says she was very afraid but she had trust that nothing will happen to him. She says I don’t want anything, but my family. He hugs her. Rajshri asks Varsha to call Rashmi and Nandini. Varsha says Nandini said she will bring Rashmi with her.

Dadda ji sees the ghunghor preparations and miss Bhabhimaa. Naksh and everyone go for shopping for the Ghunghor. Akshara says we ladies will find everything, let the gents stay here. Dadda ji makes the Devi Maa idol. Everyone see him and are happy. Akshara buys the idols. Bhabhimaa says there is nothing like we want. Akshara says lets buy what is available here. Devyaani says we will make idol’s clothes. Akshara says we will get it, don’t worry.

Naitik tells Bau ji to understand Devyaani’s love. Akshara buys some flowers. Naksh says I need to buy gifts for my friends. Bau ji says even I have to buy for Vishwamber. Bhabhimaa pulls Akshara’s leg taking Naitik’s name. They complete their shopping and are happy. The ladies dance on the music. Naitik and Bau ji come there. Naksh says we have a surprise for you. They look on.

Naksh shows Naitik and Bau ji something and they smile seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan


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