Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets upset with Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying the chances of clot are higher than pregnancy. Doctor says no, we can confirm your pregnancy by some tests, don’t worry. Naira leaves. She smiles. She sees a feather coming inside the window. She holds it. She says its similar feather like I have seen in my dream. She says I got my good news, Kartik and my lucky charm, everything will get fine now. Kartik recalls Mihir and Naira. Naira prays that her dream gets fulfilled. She blows off the feather. She sees Kartik with a baby. Kartik smiles seeing her. Kartik recalls her words. Naira sees a lady with her baby, and ticks her head. She goes. The feather lands in burning junk. Naira comes home. She smiles seeing their pic with a baby. Kartik says you don’t even see me now. She stops and says you scared me. He says you too, did your work finish. She says no, maybe I have to go again, its half done. She thinks sorry, I don’t want to give you hopes so soon. Suwarna calls Naira in. Naira goes.

Samarth asks Gayu is she upset with him. Gayu says no, I feel my baby isn’t… He says its our baby, a Goenka. She says you are very nice, I m afraid Dadi won’t accept the baby. He says she accepted the baby already. She says I feel strange, send me to Rama’s place. He says you are overthinking. He thinks to talk to Dadi. Kartik wakes up and asks what’s the time. Lav and Kush say 5pm, you slept all day, Suwarna came to see you, Naira has gone out, Manish has sent her for work. They go. Kartik checks his phone and says she didn’t call me. He messages her, shall we go for dinner. Naira replies okay. She messages, we will call Kirti, Naksh and Samarth also, they wanted to come along. She says if doctor confirms, I will tell him there. He says is this necessary to go with everyone. She messages, if this is okay with you. He writes no, and then changes to yes.

He says I can’t talk to her in front of everyone. She says I will tell him and happiness will get doubled, I wish doctor calls soon. He disconnects Mitali’s call. He gets Mitali’s message… I spoke to Mihir about Naira, guess what he said. He plays the audio. Mihir says I like Naira, she is much better than you, she is sorted and focussed, she is responsible. She asks do you believe me now or not.

Naksh says we are meeting after a long time, thanks for this idea. Samarth says Gayu can’t come with us, she is unwell, she said this plan shouldn’t cancel because of her. Kirti says Naira will come. Kartik calls Naira. She says sorry, I couldn’t leave, I got stuck in work, I will reach there directly. Kartik says we shall leave, she will come. Everyone comes to the restaurant and gets seated. Manager says I made Naira’s fav dish ready by seeing your booking. Kirti says wow, Naira is so lucky. Naksh says you are also lucky, your husband makes your fav dishes. Kartik waits for Naira. Samarth talks to Gayu on call and says you should have come, did you have food, take some rest, I will get icecream when I return. Naira rushes and leaves. Naira thinks I can imagine Kartik’s expressions when I tell him the good news. She gets a call and asks driver to stop the car. She answers doctor’s call. She says I have to go away from Kartik to get close to him. She goes for hospital. Manager asks Kartik all well, why isn’t his mood good.

Kartik says everything is fine, send the dish if you want. He sees Naksh and Kirti. He recalls Naira and looks at the door. Naira goes to hospital. Her phone gets off. She meets the doctor. Doctor goes. Kartik calls Naira and gets her number off. Naira leaves from the hospital. She comes there. Kartik sees her and turns away. She plays with Krish. Kartik asks shall we order food, its too late. Naira says its not too late. Samarth asks Kartik what will he take. Kartik says clear soup, we don’t need to wait for it. Naira says I will order the salad, it will be good. Kirti takes Krish. Kartik asks Naira to focus on those who are close, its not good to be always busy. She says I m not always busy, some things happen which shouldn’t, even growns up do what they shouldn’t do. Two cakes are served. They see I love you Naira, I love you Kartik written over it. Kirti says they are fighting and surprising each other, how romantic….

They leave. Kartik thinks how to tell Naira about Mitali in front of driver. Driver plays the radio. The RJ asks them to clear the misunderstanding by speaking the heart. Kartik sees the corn seller at the signal. Rahatein… plays… Kartik and Naira recall the old moments. He thinks I spoke to her rudely. She thinks he is upset about the project. He thinks to buy corn. She refuses to the seller. Kartik turns away.

Naira helps Suwarna. Kartik says Naira didn’t come yet. Kartik gets Naira’s pic and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why kartik is always like “naira didn’t come yet”? She dont have any work or what? Why kartik always wants naira with her? He really needs to get a life

    1. He’s his dadi’s chauvinistic spoilt boy. The way he’s reacting is so juvenile. Grow up boy life is not all about s*x and touching.
      Every time things get tough he can’t handle it. Over protection by his family has turned him into such a waste of a being

  2. naira and responsible and focus!! hahhahhhahhahahaha.. joke f the century.. she is just a selfish b*t*h who doesn’t think about anyone.. just only i me and myself she is.. bagodhi kahi ki.. dekhna ab kuch hoga aur yeh fir bhag jayegi.. bs apne se bado ko family and family values pr lecture dena ata hai iss aunty ko aur kuch nahi..!!

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