Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Akshara crying, Babhima comes and consoles her saying that she can’t accept defeat so soon. She tells her to be strong just like the way she was during the time Naitik was in coma. She tells her not to break apart as the family needs her. Babhima tells her that she has to make Naksh strong and not let this disease bring him down. On the other hand Naitik is shown talking to Gayatri’s pic. He asks her how she could gather so much strength when he was in coma. He expresses his sorrow over fact that he can’t bare to see Naksh like this. Devyani comes and tells him that he has to be strong for Naksh’s sake. Scene then shifts to Maheshwari’s house Rajshree and Dadi are shown doing some special pooja for Naksh. Other family members come and seeing her like this Varsha expresses her the concern that the way Rajshree used to engross herself in pooja during the time Naitik was in coma she doesn’t want the same to happen. Vishmaber tells he that he will speak to her later as this is not the right time and that she won’t understand anything right now. Shaurya asks him if he spoke to Akshara. Vishmaber says that he doesn’t have the strength to talk to her. He says what will he say to her as the Naksh has such a disease that will stay with him for life. Sunaina asks him go along with Rajshree and visit her but he denies saying that he can’t face her.

Naman and Muskaan are shown talking on the phone. Muskaan tells him how sad and depressed everyone have become since finding out that Naksh has diabetes. Muskaan and Naman miss their father. They think of calling him but then decide not to as they don’t want him to think that they are just calling to ask about money. Muskaan asks him if his camera got fixed. Naman says that it won’t get fixed. She asks how will he manage. Naman tells her that he has borrowed from someone. He tells her not to say anything to Devyani as they don’t want her to be disturbed cause of them. He says thatshe should concentrate on her family now as they need her the most now.

In SS everyone is gathered in the living room, Babhima asks Akshara to tell Naksh the truth about him having diabetes. She refuses saying that she can’t do it, when he asks Naitik he says that he can’t do it and he wants Akshara to as she can explain to him better. Devynai says that if they had another way they would use it but they don’t. She says that they have to tell him for his own good. Rajbanna also agree saying that even the doctor told them to say everything to him. Naksh comes and asks Akshara to pack his tiffin as he is getting late for school. They tell him that he can’t go. They tell him that the reports have arrived. Naitik tells him that he has diabetes. At first he thinks that it’s like cold or chicken pox but Naitik says that it’s much more than that, he and Akshara tell him that the symptoms that he has been having like feeling hungry all the time going to the loo often and tiredness are all cause of this. They explain to him what diabetes is. Naksh is shocked. He goes to his room but turns around and asks Akshara if he can continue to play football…she says that for a few days no school and no football. He gets disheartened and goes to his rom. Akshara breaks down. In Maheshwari’s house Rajshree is speaking to a preist about conducting a special pooja for Naksh. She tells the preist to conduct a havan for 21 days. Dadi and Vishmaber come and explain to her that what she is doing is not right. They tell her that they need to give Naksh strength to be strong. As they are talking they see Anayana standing there. She asks them what happened to Naksh, they are speechless.

In SS Naksh is shown getting ready for school. The others come in. Naitik and Akshara try to stop him. They tell him that till his sugar level is not under control he can’t do anything that will make him tired. He refuses to listen saying that he will go to school as he doesn’t want to be kicked off the team. He asks the pm as to why they are getting angry on him as he is doing everything they want him to. He says that he is doing his homework and is playing well. Naitik tell him that he will go and speak to the teacher and tell her if they can give him a few days to get better so that they don’t kick him off the team. When they come out they all ask him as to why he lied to Naksh. Naitik tells them that it’s necessary to inform the school of what is happening as seeing him absent for so many days they will demand an answer so it’s better of we tell them now. Devyani also agrees saying that the school should be aware of this as later on when Naksh joins back and something happens to him they should know how to look after him, she says that maybe with medicines he will get better before the match and will be able to play. Rajbanna also agrees with her. As they are about to go Naksh comes and tell them to request the teachers not to kick him off the team, he says to tell them that he will practice day and night. In Maheshwari’s house and in Mohit’s house everyone is trying to explain to Anayana and Yash about diabetes.

They tell Yash and Anayana that they shouldn’t give him sweets, they tell him to behave normally with him and look after him. They also say that for a few days he won’t be attending school do they ask them to take a not of all the homework and class work for him. They agree. In SS Babhima is trying to make Naksh eat food but he refuses saying that he won’t eat this but will have aloo paratha. Devyani tells him that Akshara told them to give him this food as it’s good for him. Naksh says that you all are eating good food but making me eat this, he says now he knows why Daddaji used to get angry. He says that once he gets better he won’t eat this one bit, Devynai tells him to eat it for now. Scene then shifts to Naman. He is worried as he doesn’t have a camera anymore and the one that his fiend gave he took it back. He phones his dad up but Suresh doesn’t take his call. Naman messages him but there is no reply. He then phones the manager but there is no reply. Scene then shifts to school. Naitik and Akshara are shown telling the teacher about Naksh having diabetes. They request her not to kick him off the team. She says that she understands as she has seen him work hard for this but she asks them if it will be safe for him seeing his condition. They ask him if he will be able to manage such a tough sport which can make him tired and on top he has to manage his studies too. They tell them to think carefully.

Precap: Naksh refuses to take the injection.

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  1. naksh has diabetes so big deal they are making a fuss like he have aids or something its not that serious i think this show shld end asap bec they are scaring more and more children and ppl with their stupid nakhras aki is so aritifical from begining so all of you take a chill pill

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