Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav traps Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira running away from Raghav. She falls down and cries. Baisa says where did Naira go, what’s this truth. Rajshri and Devyaani defend Naira. Bhabhimaa cries. Baisa says I m scared, Naira’s mistake will affect both the families. Kirti worries. Naira says where am I. She prays. She hears Lord’s name and goes to see. She sees the procession passing and runs there. She covers herself with chunri. She asks them to help her, let her make a call. No one listens to her. She finds a phone fallen. Raghav looks for her. She cries and calls Kartik. He doesn’t answer, being on call with manager. Naira sees battery getting low.

She clicks pics of the landmark and says maybe Kartik can know about me. The phone gets dead. She says don’t know my message went

or not. Raghav throws a rope and catches her. She coughs. Kartik stops the car and coughs. Raghav drags her. Kartik asks Anubhav to ask Sakshi about Raghav. He asks Sakshi to recall. Sakshi says I don’t recollect anything. Anubhav says Sakshi won’t hide anything from me. Kartik says sorry, just tell me if Raghav calls Sakshi, Naira is missing. Anubhav says poor Kartik, such a good man got such a girl, his life got ruined. Kartik gets stuck and asks the people to move. He gets Naira’s message. He sees the same procession pic.

He shouts Naira… and looks for her. Suwarna prays for Naira. Naksh and police try to find her. Kartik sees the landmark. He sees the chunri as well and says Naira was just here. Raghav says my revenge will get fulfilled today. Naira stops him. She throws the rope and runs away. Kartik calls her out. Naira falls in a water tank underground. Raghav stops and laughs. Raghav and Naira argue. She says if Kartik gets you, none can save you, just pray. Kartik sees the rope.

He thinks of Naira and shouts. He says I can’t shout, Raghav will get alert. He sees the foot prints and follows. Raghav laughs and says you were going to make me wash my sins, now you are washing your sins, I regret Ganga ji is not here, don’t worry, my revenge will be perfect. He looks around. He sees the door. She asks him not to do this. He shuts the door. She asks him to open the lid. He laughs. He rotates the valve. It breaks. Water starts getting in. She shouts. He says no one will come to save you, bye….. He goes. She shouts. Kartik comes there. He says where would have Raghav taken her, where shall I find her. She falls down. Suwarna prays. Naira’s family also prays. Naksh is on the way. Naira finds a stone pot and tries to hit at the door. She falls back. Kartik stumbles. She gets unconscious and sinks.

Kartik beats up Raghav and asks where is Naira. Raghav says she was going to throw me in Ganga ji, I gave her jal samadhi…. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have heard that Actress who was playing the role of Karishma singhania ( mishti ‘s mother ) have left the show.
    Actor who was playing the role of Naman ( mishti’ s father ) have already left the show.

    Feeling bad for mishti ????. Now she has become orphaned ?????.

    Don’t worry mishtu your this bhaiya will kidnap you and will love you a lot. ??. You are so cute. Also now no police is here so no trouble for me anyway that police team who was going to kidnap luv kush were full lazy, liar, victim of memory loss and cowards people(???)

    1. who was going to *save* luv kush *from me* were full *of* lazy, liar, memory loss and cowards people (???)

    2. Ha ha ha you rocked……u r lovely too….. She will be very happy with you

    3. Nithisha

      Mishti left the show along with gayu in august itself ?

  2. what a mindblowing episode??shivangi joshi and mohsin rocked it today .you can feel their pain expressions on point ? u kaira

  3. Nithisha

    Shivangi looked like she has constipation and has piles and unable to defecate ???

  4. Just a few words

    Ok this is going too much!! How can the other person feel hurt if they don’t fall down? Like here Karthik gets crazy when Naira gets crazy and he coughs too when she does! I know it’s a serial but this is getting too much overboard non sense! Oh I miss the lovely non violent yrkkh! This serial is full of melodramas which wasn’t necessary! They should have made this new story as season 2! It would have saved the face the serial had earlier! Glad that Karishma left! She should have left Long back! There is no role for the new Naithik also! In fact for anyone except Goenka family and the so called leads – Naira and Karthik! Sometimes no one has a role as all their roles are based on Naira’s track! She is the saviour of the world ??

    1. Even the goenka family has no role except stand, smile, praise and appreciate when kaira praises each other or fight infront of everyone or when naira talks overboard etc… Same even when naira is humiliated or scolded..Either this extreme or that extreme.. I just loved the character Manish and suwarna, when they were introduced.. But how they have turned pathetic and inconsistent..

      The only way to make audience to lose interest in Keesh is to make Keerti also selfish.. And they have done that.. Now suddenly she is shown supporting Dadi and only caring for her family life.. Overnight change.. Everyone have turned dumb or negative to promote their leads..

      It is like a one man show, where only leads has to do everything.. Either Kartik in danger or Naira, only they have to save each other..Let it be in desert or during sandstorm or anywhere else in the world.. If Naira falls, Kartik will fall.. if she coughs, he will also cough.. Because all these are signs of pure love.. Utter Bull Shit…Always Hiding things from each other or later making promises never to hide and romance anywhere in any situation like you have an on or off switch for it..Now again Kartik will shout and be rude to his family.. And this is for to set example as an ideal husband, who supports his wife.. And the saga continues..

      The story will change to such an extent that persons who were wronged & who suffered will be made guilty.just like,

      Manish will beg Kartik to forgive him and accept him as father and address him as “Papa”, despite all humiliations and pain..
      Shubham will beg for forgiveness from Kaira and Suwarna, as he has been made to a selfish and money centric guy..

    2. You are right dear… Just like Karishma, I want the actors who plays the role of Bhabima, RB and Devyaani to also leave.. CVs are ruining their years of hardwork to make this as a long running and successful show..

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