Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi assumes Naira is pregnant

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti asking Suwarna did you call Ashi. Suwarna says no, she has come on her own, arrange a room for her if she is staying back. Its morning, Devyaani says I feel tired. Bhabhimaa says think of Mansi, she would have got much tired. Naira asks Naitik will he come with her to park. He says sure, lets go. They come to park. She sees Kartik and goes to him. She stops him and says we didn’t tell family about Mansi’s pregnancy, but we have to show her to doctor, if she exerts herself, she may get unwell. He says I didn’t realize this, your leg injury can be treated there too. She says all right, I will fix an appointment, shall we take her to the same hospital. They recall. Naitik looks for Naira. He sees a running tap and saves water. He says when will people understand the value of water. Naira says lets meet at 3pm. Kartik nods. Naira goes.

Naitik asks who was that friend. She says school friend. They leave. Kartik sees her. She turns to him and sees Ashi. Kartik says I didn’t tell you as I had to jog, not laugh. Ashi says such a cute compliment. He says you will never change. She asks shall we go for lunch. He says I have some work. She jokes and says you have to come. He says we will go for dinner, I have work. She agrees. Anmol says that girl is stand-up comedian. Bhabhimaa says show me the video, I will understand by myself. They see the video. Nandini says she is Kartik’s friend. Rukmani says I can do this too, I need a chance. Mohit says come for performance. Naira says is she Ashi… She sees the video. FB shows Kartik and Naira seeing Ashi’s video and laughing. He says she is mad, she is my best friend, she just visited twice, but I was out of town, we finally met in US, she was everyone’s best friend, mom wanted me to marry her. Naira says you could have married her, she is so cute. Kartik says how would I meet you then, how can I marry someone else. She laughs. FB ends.

Naira goes to Anmol and says switch this off, I need to talk. He says just a bit is left, she is damn good. She says its imp, we have to take Mansi to hospital, she is fine. He asks why. She says she is pregnant, that’s why. He says oh… Kartik says what oh, proper medication is needed. Mansi says I hate doctors, I don’t want to go. He says its imp for you and baby, Naira will get Anmol. Anmol asks why shall I come. Naira says Kartik will get Mansi, doctors ask couples to come, not just mothers, any girl will need her partner in such times. She thinks of Kartik. Kartik says they have to be together since day 1. he thinks of Naira and says I will leave early, you come later, if we go together, we have to answer questions. Naira says you come there, it will easy if you meet doctor. They see Rukmani.

Rukmani says suggest a topic for stand-up comedy. Suwarna makes Ashi’s hairstyle. Ashi says I can use this hairstyle in my videos. Dadi says I have seen your videos, its good, but the language…. Suwarna says today’s kids talk like this. Kirti gets dresses designs for sangeet. Suwarna laughs. Dadi says Suwarna seems happy after a long time, I want to see everyone happy. Kirti says I m quite angry with her, she is more happy meeting Ashi, not by my coming, its nothing, look at these colors. Suwarna says Ashi, you were going for lunch with Kartik. Ashi says we are going for dinner, he is busy. Suwarna says go to his office, he doesn’t work for someone else. Kartik says Mansi is coming. Naira says Anmol is coming, we can’t give Mansi’s name, shall I give our names. Kartik nods. Naira says Mrs. Naira Kartik Goenka. Nurse asks them to sit.

Naira asks how is Ashi. He says good. She asks will she stay till marriage, why did she come here suddenly. They see a couple and recall their times. Doctor asks how are you both, are you here to confirm good news. He asks Kartik are you still scared of needles, it was the most memorable surgery of my life. He says sorry, I have to go, I will come for your appointment. Kartik asks did you just get this hospital. Naira says I asked you before taking appointment. He says any way, forget it. Dadi asks driver about the charity items. Driver says its in Kartik’s car. She says fine, you give it at the temple. She calls Kartik’s driver and asks him to hand the things to her driver. The driver says Sir is not at office, he is at clinic. She asks why, is he fine. He says maybe he came here to meet, Naira has also come. She says fine, don’t tell them that I had called. She thinks what are they doing at nursing home together. She asks driver to take her there.

Kartik and Naira think of their past moments. Dadi comes there. Naira thinks they got late. Kartik thinks anyone will see us and make rumors. Naira says Rukmani made them sit in puja, it will end at night. He says your relatives are… I won’t wait now, lets go. They leave. Dadi comes at reception. She sees Naira’s name in register. Doctor asks where did Mr and Mrs. Goenka go. Nurse says they just left. Dadi thinks is Naira pregnant.

Kartik says what happened Sharma, you called us suddenly. Sharma says its something imp, how well do you act, sit down fast, your appointment with counsellor is fixed, you should act like you want freedom from each other. Kartik and Naira agree. Sharma says convince him that you both are fed up of each other, lets rehearse a bit. Dadi comes home. Suwarna asks about puja. Dadi says they stayed in Mumbai for many days, I didn’t notice. Suwarna says what happened, are you fine. Dadi says don’t know, I want to go and rest. Ashi shows her dress. Suwarna says its beautiful, Kartik’s clothes are of same color. She thinks I want to make your pairing, but he has to get rid of his old bond first. Dadi recalls Kartik coming home in the morning once. She thinks I have to stop Kartik and Naira’s bond from breaking.

Devyaani says she was waiting for you at the terrace of your house, when she fell down, she is not responsible for Shubham’s death. Kartik gets shocked and asks Naira were you waiting for me there when you fell down.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I do not condone commenting on looks but doesn’t Suwarna look like ‘The Cowardly Lion’ from The wizard of oz?? Please fix up her look.

  2. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I can’t believe it that suwarna what’s to get kartik remarried again to his friend ashi even tho he is married to naria plus kartik won’t dare marry his friend ashi coz he loves naira only naira kartik r made for each other that surarna is just being jealous of naira hanging around naira kartik coz naira kartik shouldn’t get a divorce anymore

    Kind regards soofia

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