Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav targets Krishna

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Sharma saying you have given a good performance on a short notice. Kartik says everyone enjoyed a lot. Naira says we are proud of all the kids, there was problem with everyone, but they didn’t lose courage. Mrs. Sharma says your Sita is amazing. Kartik and Naira praise Krishna. Naira says Krishna has much courage, such kids need a chance to show her talent. Kartik says we are proud of her. Kairav looks on and goes. He cries. Krish asks what happened. Kairav says I don’t like Krishna. Vansh asks what can we do now. Kairav says why don’t they love me, is she more smart than me. Krish says I don’t think so, she just does buttering, we should keep her away from them. Kairav says I got an idea, I don’t have to share my family with anyone. Vansh asks what will you do. Kairav tells his plan.

Krish asks are you sure. Kairav says I promise I won’t let anything happen to Akshu. Vansh says we are with you. They hold hands. Vansh goes to Krishna and says I heard Dadi saying you will get a prize. Krishna goes to see. Vansh takes the baby cot to Kairav. Kairav puts the cot in a box. He says sorry Akshu, I m troubling you, you are my good sister, I promise I won’t leave you. He says now they will ask Krishna, Dadi will scold her and make her out, I will take Akshu to them, everyone will praise me, will Akshu be able to breathe, sorry.

Dadi scolds Krishna and goes. Kartik asks why did you ask Dadi about prize. Naira says its bad thing. Krishna says but… Naira says leave it, go and get baby. Kairav says I have the baby, it will be fun. Naira says we should have refused for awards. Kartik says I m also afraid that one kid will be encouraged and others will be discouraged. Krishna says Vansh fooled me, where did the baby go. A man comes there and takes the boxes. Kairav stops him and says this box has my things, don’t touch it. The man takes other box. Kairav sees baby and asks her not to worry. Kartik asks where is Krishna. Krishna runs. They ask where is Akshu. Manish asks what did she do now. Krishna says I m not able to find her. They get shocked. Naira scolds her. Kairav says Akshu is here. Dadi and everyone get a relief. Naira thanks Kairav. Kartik says you are world’s best brother. Naira says world’s best son also. Dadi says you are the best Kairav. Manish says you are my fav. Kairav smiles. Dadi says I won’t let you stay here, you always get problems for us, Kartik and Naira, make her arrangements in hostel, until then, she will stay in outhouse. Naira says yes, it will be better for her. Krishna cries. Kairav smiles. His dream ends. Kairav says I was dreaming the future, Dadi will make Krishna out. Vansh says it will be fun. Naira asks where is Akshara. Kartik and Naira see Surekha with baby. Naira says so she is with Surekha, we were worried.

Krishna thanks God. She goes. Samarth takes Vatsal from Surekha and goes. Naira asks where are Kairav and Vansh, call them, dad is going to announce best actor award. Kartik says we should refuse to them, do something, kids will feel bad. She says I have an idea. He says brilliant, you have become very smart. Manish calls the kids to the stage. Kairav says I won’t go, Akshu will be alone. Vansh says Akshu will sleep, come, we will be back soon. Kairav asks Akshu to sleep, he will just come. Manish says its time to give award for excellence and acting. Kartik asks Naira to take Akshu from Surekha. Naira says I think she slept. The man asks the worker not to take red tape box. Another worker takes the box. Kairav comes. He says I was with Vansh. Vansh asks shall I sit here. Samarth says okay, sit. Dadi says the one who has acted the best is…. Kairav Goenka. Everyone smiles and claps for Kairav. Kirti hugs Krish. Gayu hugs Vansh. Kairav says wow. Kartik says Dadi chose you as best actor. The box is taken outside the house.

Kartik asks Krishna didn’t she like it. Naira says its fine, you told that prize is one and winner will get it, Kairav did well, its same if I get it or my brother. Kartik says you are very sensible. Naira says baby is sleeping well today. Kairav goes to take the award. He gets the award. Manish asks how did you act so well. Kairav says mum and dad told me to work with honesty. Naira thanks Kartik. Manish thanks the audience for encouraging the kids. He says we should go for lunch now. Kartik says no, there is another thing. Naira says we decided other awards, we will announce it. Kartik says best dialogue delivery goes to Krish. Krish happily gets the award. Naira says best entertainer award goes to Vansh. Vansh runs and gets the award. Gayu claps for him. Kartik says next one, best supporting actor goes to Sita, our Krishna. Krishna gets the award. Dadi asks why did they give award to Krishna, I m so worried. Naira says thanks to all the kids, we are so pleased. Kartik says we want to see same love in our kids, Jai Siya Ram. Everyone smiles.

Kairav says Akshu isn’t in the box. He sees the truck leaving. He shouts Akshu and runs after the truck. Kartik and Naira ask Krish and Vansh about Kairav and Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. They are showing too much negativity in a kid’s mind.. I agree that it is very difficult to share your parents with some other kid but this much negativity is intolerable.. this serial has lost it’s charm plus this track is too boring..😞


    From this episode it’s clear kairav loves akshara he ran behind the car to rescue akshara. Kartik naira except a small child to adjust for everything how were they did they ever understand their elders that they except their children to respect them they were the worst couple in their family

  3. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia how dad kartiks dad regain his memorys this fast i don’t get it im confused at least kartis dad has regained his memories now that’s really good news for everyone in yrrkh naira kartiks daughter is really cutie MashAllah i just hope that kartiks dad is alright

  4. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia i just naira martin find there daughter akshara really fast that this girl Krishna gets told off thrown out of the house by kartiks dadi for not looking after naira kartiks daughter akshara im doing loafs of dues in my heart that naira martin find there daughter akshara quickly plus kariav shouldn’t of put his baby sister in the box coz his baby sister is only a small baby his baby sister could of had breathing problems naira kartiks daughter would of been able to breath being put in that box

    1. U r saying adopting a abandoned girl is silly?? There are many parents who adopt children even after having their own kids.. Sick mindset.


    Yes because to give someone else future you cant compromise your own kids future when u can see that your kid is not comfortable why to adopt.
    Regarding kartik naira s story we all know how were they when they were kids then why do they except their child to suddenly to become over matured


    And that girl you see shes not thankful that she got accepted by the family she makes fun of others and how she back answers elders is very shocking. She accepts whole family to run behind her and not to forget this girl when she saw goenka house she wanted to stay here seeing the things of house and how big it is


    And how she made fun of kairav when he fell and if u read episode sita was supposed to go when ravan pulls and she intentionally made kairav fall she had made fun of manish or once might be pushed him. Even to remember this kartik naira dont listen to elders y should their kids respect them

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