Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira don’t want to meet

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Naira the matter. Naira shuts the door and cries. He asks her to open the door and tell the matter. Kartik sits sad. Kirti says I feel bad to stop mum. Manish says if your intention was good, you don’t need to fear. Kartik says I will not stay in Mumbai and won’t come back. Manish says if we keep trying, we will succeed. Kirti says yes. Suwarna sees them and goes. Naitik asks Naira to say something. Naira looks for the scissor. She goes to kitchen. Naitik asks what’s the matter. She cuts the college ID and thinks nothing changed, he asked me to leave that day and even today, I kept waiting for him and he…..

Naitik asks what happened. Naira says I won’t attend from tomorrow, this was my first and last day. Suwarna sees Manish. She says don’t get me wrong, I thought your and Kirti’s relation will get a gap because of me, I still remained Kartik’s mum, I will be Kirti’s mum too, Kirti took a step towards her Maayka, I m glad, meet her once in a while, she doesn’t wish to meet me at all. Manish thinks it means Suwarna didn’t hear it. He asks what happened, did your flight get late. She says no, it got cancelled, you wanted to come with me, get ready, we will go together, its same thing if we meet Kartik tomorrow, meet Kirti as her dad, not as Naira’s Sasur. She goes. Manish says sorry, I can understand your sorrow, I also grieve Shubham’s death, I can’t ruin the lives of other two children. Naitik does aid to Naira’s foot. He thinks she went with a good heart, what happened there. She thinks I didn’t know I will come across old people and lose my courage, sorry, what shall I tell you….

Naksh kisses Kirti and says sorry, I was bit disturbed that time, I feel its tough to handle this alone, there is no other way. She asks why are you feeling guilty, I m fine. He says you are the best and kisses her. She says because you are the best. Bhabhimaa makes halwa for everyone. Bau ji asks what’s the matter. Bhabhimaa says I just wanted to make it. Kartik is at airport. He wakes up and asks for flight. The man says flight left. Kartik says what, there was no announcement, when is the next flight for Udaipur. The man says sorry, no seats available, sorry, all flights are full. Naitik asks what’s the matter, why don’t you want to study. Naira says professor isn’t good. Kartik says I will leave at any cost. He gets a message and says I don’t care for takeover, I won’t step in that college. Naitik says I will talk to principal. Naira says I don’t want to go, leave me alone. Chitti asks why did she get so upset. Suwarna says I m trying for tickets. Manish says I can do this work, you sleep, I have to come along. Kartik gets angry. Naira cries. Zindagi nayi rahon….. plays….

Naksh hugs Kirti and kisses her. He says don’t think much, we shall go out, if you are not feeling sleepy… She says we shall go, I m not feeling sleepy. She feels tired and goes to get ready. Kartik says I can’t go to college again, I don’t even want to see her. He talks to a dog. Naira says no one can understand how I felt during these two years, I waited for you so much and you… when I m trying to move on, I thought I would fulfill my dream, you didn’t let that happen, why, did you just get this college. Kartik says she didn’t just change the city, she changed herself too, since two years, I was waiting, she didn’t even bother, she is far away from me. Dog barks. Kartik says you understand me….

Naira says I won’t go to college. Kartik says I will take the first flight for Udaipur, I won’t go to Imperial college again. Naksh feeds sweet paan to Kirti and says its really good. She says yes. They hold hands and walk. He holds her. She says we are on the streets. He says you are my wife, thanks for supporting me, my mood gets fine on seeing you, no one understands me better than you. She thinks I wish you could understand me like before. Naira is sleeping and thinks of Kartik. Kartik thinks of her. Yeh rishta….plays….She says why didn’t you come Kartik, why did you do this to me. He says why did you do this to me, why did you go. They cry.

Kartik and Naira collide near the library door. Naira says why should I care if he doesn’t care. He says why should I care if she doesn’t, I won’t go because of her. She says I will study here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Karthik sees Naira like he saw a ghost cannot waits to leave the college just because Naira was there!!! Even to the extreme of leaving for Udaipur!!! what a joke!!! is not Naira ur beloved?? would you run away when u saw ur beloved someone u loved so much someone u yearns so much day by day??????if you really loves her??? You know very well Naira is not at fault yet u chased her out n now expects Naira to come back to you???Please Karthik !!! and Suwarna if u really sees Kirti as ur child u wouldn’t ruined her relation with Maakya!!! U only care for urself!!! Ur Shubham is ur son not Karthik if u really sees him as ur son u wouldn’t ruined his life knowing both Kaira love each other !!! U knows Karthik is suffering becoz of Naira’s absence!! yet you pretends not to see his pain!! Enough CV end this drama now!!!

  2. I completely agree with you unicorn. Please unite kaira forever please and suwarna should be taught a lesson please. She has been a selfish lady even more than dadi. Where is dadi. Please bring her

  3. Why they doing all these dramas the so called ideal couple, if they can’t live without each other then why acting like they really hate for seeing, what the height of stupidity is this, i mean what is the problem between which makes them to hate that deep, can’t face the reality. I bet both of them angry each other not just coz of shubham’s death but they didn’t meet up as karthik only angry that she left without informs him and same goes to her that she didn’t meet to karthik to explain for what happened, both of them are lacking for trusting each party. Thus always taking a vow and promises that never get fill full . Coming to keesh, today naksh was on fire ????? I like their cute scenes but what scared at me was, when keerti says “” kaash naksh aap bhi mujhe samjhe paate pehle ki tarah”” what does she meant that or our so called creative team are cooking something up, coz at my knowledge naksh was there for keerti everytime she needs and he always understand her. Please leave them alone, don’t messed up like others

  4. After kaira unite I guess there will b naksh and naira misunderstanding …The title is just apt for this serial ye rishta Kya khelata hai ..Every body is so selfish hea ..They are not deserve to b called as their loved ones .. Really ye rishta Kya khelata hai?????

  5. Naira doesn’t deserve agood guy like kartik. Naira is a b*t*h who always hid things n then act like she is the most pious woman on earth she never loved kartik. She wanted kartik only when she was horny and wanted to satisfy her bodily needs.

  6. It seems like the writers are, conveniently , forgetting that Akhilesh’s daughter Mansi (Karthik’s cousin) was responsible for Akshara’s death and Naira & her family forgave her!, Even Kartik doesn’t remember! And they’re holding Naira responsible for Shubham’s death???!!!

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