Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing happily. Naksh gets unwell and faints. Everyone is shocked to see him. They try to wake him up. Everyone think how did this happen. Devyaani says he has a problem, I told you that you have to take him to doctor. Naitik says Akshara call the doctor. Akshara says we did not get the doctor yesterday. She tries to take the appointment. Devyaani asks the guests to have food. Akshara and Naitik take Naksh to the doctor. Rashmi says we will leave now. Rama says pack some food, we will take it. Rashmi says inform us when they call about Naksh. Bhabhimaa says sure.

The doctor checks Naksh and Akshara tells his symptoms. Naitik asks what happened to him, is there something to worry. The doctor says we have bring him in senses first. Bau ji talks to Rashmi and says I know your worry, but don’t be annoyed without knowing the truth. Rashmi says the truth is Muskaan is here against my wish, fine keep her, I will not come here. She says no one cares about my feelings, I thought you and Naitik understand me, but no. Akshara has made you do this.

Bau ji says we can’t cut our relations with Naman and Muskaan, we were helpless to bring her here. He says I know what you are feeling, but situation was………… Rashmi says what if they stay here forever, will you accept them as your children. She leaves. Devyaani comes to him and says Rashmi is very annoyed, shall I talk to her. He says no, she is angry, maybe she will say anything wrong to you, we will talk to her later, what about Naksh. Devyaani says they did not come.

Naksh opens his eyes. He gets up and asks why did we come here, what happened. Naitik says you fainted while dancing. He says yes, I remember I fell. Akshara hugs him. The doctor says don’t worry. Naksh says I eat well and drink more water. The doctor asks him to have a blood test. Naksh says no. The doctor convinces him. They take his blood. The doctor says I have some doubts, bring him tomorrow and don’t make him eat anything, he won’t be able to go school tomorrow. Naksh says can I come in evening. The doctor says no, we have do fasting tests in morning. They come home.

Naksh hugs Bhabhimaa. Devyaani asks Akshara what did doctor say. Akshara says they will do tests tomorrow. Bau ji asks them not to worry. Devyaani gets worried for him. Muskaan makes Naksh happy. Akshara says I wish everything is fine. She asks about Rashmi. Bau ji says I will see her. Bhabhimaa says talk to your parents, they were worried. Bhabhimaa says fine, lets have food now.

Varsha tells everyone that Akshara is taking Naksh again. But why did Devyaani insists to take him to doctor. Akshara asks Naksh to sleep. He sees some gifts and likes it..

Naksh says he is feeling hungry. She asks him not to eat anything, as he has to do fasting test. Naitik comes and joins them. Naitik says ants came in the loo again. Naksh teases Akshara that she is scared of ants. Naitik asks Naksh to sleep. Naksh says good night and wishes happy birthday. He says I m sorry, the party spoiled because of me, what happened to me. She says nothing, sleep now, you will be fine. Naitik worries. He says we think we should not tell this to Naksh that he fainted, he will feel low. He asks her to see his gift. Akshara opens it and likes it. He makes her wear the diamond ring.

She thanks him and says its different, why don’t we keep it in our collection. He says you have become a business woman. He wishes her happy birthday and she thanks him. Rashmi asks Rama to sleep as Nikhil will come late. Rama asks what is troubling you, why did you come so early, don’t worry, everything change with time, take care. She leaves. Rashmi says I m upset as my family changed. Its morning, Naksh asks for food. Akshara says have food after the tests. Everyone make Naksh not worry by diverting his mind. Muskaan sees Akshara’s ring and praises it. Akssahra says Naitik gifted me on birthday. Muskaan says I also want and stops saying………………. Everyone looks on.

They leave for the hospital. Naman calls Muskaan and asks the updates. Muskaan says Naksh went t hospital for tests. Naman says I hope tests results are fine. He asks why is he worried. He says my camera lens broke, if it does not get repaired, I don’t have money to buy new lens. He says dad did not send money till now. She asks shall I ask him. He says no. Rajshri tells everyone that Akshara took Naksh to hospital, why did Devyaani asks them to go. Vishwamber says she is worried about Naksh, so she asked them to do this.

He asks her to understand each other and not find blame in each others. Omi says yes, don’t do like Rukmani. Naksh asks Akshara to give food. She says wait for some time. The nurse comes to do his tests. The doctor asks did Naksh eat anything at night. Naksh says no. The doctor says we have do test after food too. Naitik is shocked.

Naksh comes home and goes to his room. Bhabhimaa asks what did doctor say. Akshara breaks down and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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