Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Retro night fun

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav and Kush calling Kartik. Kartik goes. Naira says its fine, I will tell him later. Kartik and Naira welcome everyone in the party and announce the team of both Dadis. They name the team members. Everyone claps. Naira says lets start the healthy competition now. Nani team and Dadi team compete and dance on Duniya ke bahare… Samarth and Naksh have a dance. Kartik and others join. Bhabhimaa, Dadi, Baisa, Shankari Tai, Devyaani make a team, and dance. Manish, Samarth, Akhilesh and Vishwamber compete with Suwarna, Surekha and Varsha’s team. Tum kya jano….plays… Everyone claps.

Kartik and Naira dance together on Milgaya…. Dadi says their romance started again, Naira its a competition, romance later. Dadi shouts Naira, Kittu….

Kartik and Naira dance like one team. Everyone dances on koi yahan nache nache….. Naira takes Kartik aside. She says I was saying, I want a baby. He says I m very happy today, tell me how many. She smiles. He asks what do you want. She says baby, I was confused before, now I m prepared. She jokes and reminds the last time she told him about her pregnancy. She says I think its the right time, everything will be perfect when the baby comes. He says no, did you listen, no means no. Mansi says keep romance aside and make family priority for two days. They go. Shankari asks them to play some game.

Naksh suggests one. Ananya says we will decide who plays first, Mansi’s team will get blindfold now, they will be finding other team, game is clear. Kartik thinks how did Naira think of this. Naira thinks why is Kartik refusing, I will explain him. They play. Naira says I have to talk to you. Kartik says no means no, everyone is here. Manish says kartik and Naira are there, I will catch them. Suwarna says yes, come. Kartik and Naira hear Manish and go. Suwarna says we aren’t blindfold, we can see everything. Manish says I can see what’s happening. Everyone enjoys.

Manish tells everyone about his college days. Samarth says sorry, I have work, I will go. Vishwamber asks them to come and sit. Akhilesh says it will be fun when everyone gets stuck with me. Naira sees the temple and talks to Lord. She says I find babies cute and want a baby like Baal Gopal, don’t know why is Kartik refusing, he reacted like I said something wrong, do something, tell me am I thinking right or wrong, give me some sign, I m waiting. Lav and Kush come and say see what Shankari Tai taught us to make. They show Kanha idol. Naira smiles.

Naira says can we… Doctor says you want to plan a baby right, I will discuss your reports with gynac. Naira says fine and smiles. Kartik looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akshara’s body has not still found yet because makers will plan to bring back her to her 1st show(yrkkh)..akshara was the who adopted daughter(who is better known as sridevi’s onscreen daughter)..she will be the who will take care of adopted mother(akshara)..akshara has been in coma since many yrs..flashback will be shown as when akshara was fallen from cliff,then she got injured..then someone broght her to hospital for asked someone to her to usa for betterment…her adopted daughter who become doctor in usa..she felt that her adopted mother is also was accidently bumped into her mother..she got emotionally seeing her adoptive mother..after that she would be in coma for many yrs..suddenly she came out of coma,she will see changing the world..she will recall everything with her family..she will also recall that she was met with an accident by car..adopted daughter comes to akshara…
    Akshara:who are you??
    Adopted daughter:you are the one who adopted me as daughter in childhood..u have sent me to boarding school for education..
    Akshara:what do you mean?so whats your name?
    Adopted daughter:im your chikki as lovely daughter..
    Akshara:i mean you are prerana singhania?
    Prerana:yes im prerana singhania..i become doctor now..
    Akshara:i cant believe!!you have grown up as doctor..
    Prerana:im also married now..i have one husband is a very nice person..he was my childhood friend since boarding school days..he was the one who stood by me during my bad times..he is a business man..
    Akshara:wow thats really really happy for ur happiness..
    They get emotionally hugged with eachother..
    Prerana:i was the one who took care of u while you were in coma for 5years..i was so concerned for u..i was waiting for u to wake up for long time..i got information about from nurse n patient..i was glad to hear about it..i thankfully to god that you r back in action…i will take u to my home..
    Akshara:im really confused as i it has been 5yrs..i didnot meet my loved ones like singhania and maheswari family..they must be thinking that im dead..i have to rush to meet them now..they need me..please take me there
    Prerana:maa,its not india..its just cant go anywhere as you are not in good condition now..i will take u to my home to stay there for your peaceful and pleasure..once you are fine,i can take you to india..this is my promise..
    Akshara:ok all right…
    After sometimes prerana and akshara reached prerana’s own home
    Prerana introduces her husband and daughter that im her foster daughter..she was the who took care of me in childhood..her husband named as abhisek mehera and daughter named as bobby..they touch akshara’s feet..akshara blesses them..
    Akshara:hello abhisek thank you so for taking care of my beloved daughter prerana..u also made her have done husband’s duty very well..
    Abhisek:yes saas maa,i used to tease and play prank her during her anger..then i made her get rid of anger..i always made her calm..
    Akshara:so sweet of was cute fight..
    Bobby:nani,let’s watch cartoom movie together..please make maggi for me..i saw u as nani for the 1st time..i want to bring happiness moment between grandmother and grand daughter..
    Prerana:no ur nani cant cook as she is in bad condition..u know na??
    Akshara:no bete i want to cook as its my hobby..i cant take rest or feel relax..i want to do work so it makes us powerful..
    Prerana:how??you can do anything for bobby’s happiness..
    Akshara:yeah,i love to make everybody happy
    Bobby and akshara hugged with night akshara,prerana,bobby and abhisek watch movie together..they are also eating popcorn..
    Prerana and abhisek have an eye lock in romantic mood..
    Bobby asks akshara,did u prepare something food for me?
    Akshara comes as chef to serve them pizza..they r eating together..they said that its really amazing tasty..they hug akshara with affection of love..
    It takes 6 months leap
    They return to udaipur to meet akshara’s is happeining on diwali’s day..akshara gets emotional seeing naira,kartik,kriti and naksha..she get happy seeing naksha with kriti..
    Goenka,maheswari and singhania get shocked seeing her alive..akshara’s grandma hug her tightly with love
    Akshara’s dadi:i always believed that you r still alive
    Akshara:yes dadi..prerana was the one who took care me when i was in coma for 5yrs..
    Full rest of family get thankfully to prerana for saving akshara’s life..they compliments her..naira called her mom to talk with suhasini
    And goenka family..
    Suhasini:naira is a perfect daughter in law,mother and bhabi..she took responsibilities like u..i love her a lot as like my daughter..
    Akshara:yes because she is my daughter..thats y im like her..kriti has a lovely heart..she is the best wife for naksha..i become mother in law and also grandmother now
    Suhasini:haha,you are being sensible and intelligent lady..
    Kriti comes to hug her
    Kriti:saas maa,i missed u lot..
    Akshara:aww so sweet my sweet daughter in law..i hope you r always happy with naksha..
    Kriti:he is a perfect partner in my very luck to have a great husband like naksh
    Naksh comes to them,they are talking with eachother about their lovely memories..naitak comes back to home from mumbai,he gets happy seeing their happines in normal time like before..akshara comes to hug her saying love u..he gets shocked to hear akshara’s words..they recall everything with love stories..they hugged with eachother tightly..naitak confronts her for not calling or meeting me for long upset with u..prerana comes to naitak
    Prerana:im prerana as r the one who adopted me as daughter
    Naitak:ohh my sweet daughter..i cant believe that u have grown up as intelligent n sensible..did u took care of akshara?
    Akshara:yes she was the one who took care of me when i was in coma for 5yrs..
    Prerana:yes i saved her life..
    Naitak and prerana hugged with eachother…then varsha comes there with ananya..varsha is very shocked to see her as best friend and sister in law..she runs to akshara n hugged her tightly with emotional..ananya also hugged her..akshara says lets dance together..they say loudly sure
    Kaira and rinaksh’s children came to hug their grand mother..
    Naitak and akshara say that thank you so much for your love and support from viewers..akshara also said that i hope you liked kaira and rinaksh’s lovestory..its time to end story now..after sometimes they get shoot photo together..perfect family pic..happy ending..

  2. Hemlata Patel

    How do you know all this

    1. Im thinking abt it..hope it will happen..if it happens it wud be awesome..

  3. It’s so cute to see two annoying kids wanting a kid of their own..
    Please shut this serial for everyone’s own good.

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