Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri thinking of Akshara and lying in shock. Everyone cry. Shaurya says I m trying to call Naksh, its not connecting. Bau ji says what will we tell Naksh. Devyaani says I wish call connects but its better that we could not connect to him, else what will we tell him about Akshara. Mishti asks about Naira. Naira cries and thinks of Akshara. Kartik recalls the accident and tries to get a glass. The glass drops. Nurse goes to help and asks him not to worry. Suwarna goes to him and asks how are you feeling now. Kartik says there is no one around, no need to act. Suwarna goes out of ward. Manish asks why did you go to him when you know how he reacts. She asks why do you go then.

Inspector comes. Naira says I know you found my mumma, where is she, tell me. He says sorry, we want your dad’s sign to declare your mum dead. She asks whom did you say dead. He says take Naitik’s sign, else police can’t take action against Kartik, Naitik’s sign is necessary to file case. The papers fall over Akshara’s footprints. He picks it and says you mum should get justice, that rich guy was drunk and driving, he should learn a lesson, get the papers signed, I will come later. He gives papers and goes. She cries seeing papers. Kartik asks nurse did Naira come to meet me. She says since I m on duty, none came. He says why did she not come.

Naira takes papers. Manish asks Akhilesh not to tell Kartik about accident, get him back home, just you can do this work. Akhilesh says matter is out of hands. Manish says then get matter back in hands, you know how I feel hearing no. Akhilesh goes. Suwarna says I m thinking something. Manish asks about what.

Kartik shouts don’t lie. Akhilesh and Surekha ask him to come home. Kartik says I don’t have home, tell me what happened to me. Akhilesh says I m going to make discharge papers, get ready. They go. Kartik asks nurse to find out what happened to him. Nurse says we have no permission to say, its a police case. He thinks what happened, what did I do, I have to find out.

Naira goes to Naitik’s room and sees him sitting in darkness and taking Akshara’s name. She cries and hugs him. Kartik asks nurse to call Surekha, tell her to come fast. Nurse goes. Kartik gets up and takes his clothes. He changes the clothes and gets ready. Akhilesh and Surekha enter the ward and does not find him. Akhilesh says maybe he is in washroom. Kartik goes out. He falls and turns seeing constable. Manish is on call. Kartik sees Manish and hides. He leaves from there. Akhilesh says Kartik is not in washroom. Surekha asks where did he go. Manish comes and sees Kartik gone. He gets shocked.

Kartik goes to the lift and stops. He feels unwell and holds his head. Naira cries thinking of Akshara and goes to Akshara’s pic. She says I could not become your best daughter, you can’t go leaving me like this, I had to talk to you, I had to stay with you, you can’t leave me, come back. Suwarna comes there. Naira says I want my mumma back. Naira turns to see. She smiles thinking its Akshara and runs to her saying mumma. She goes and hugs Suwarna. She cries. The lights come. Suwarna holds her.

Naira sees Kartik and shuts the door. Kartik enters the house and asks what happened. She asks him not to do drama as if he does not know. He asks what. She says you have knocked down my mumma by your car and made her fall in the cliff. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg… todays episode is v sad.. everyone start to blaming kartik,no..dnt want dis if kaira will seprate thn what is the use of watching seriel.. dis drama is like real,The Makers i appreciate all of them..brillient..just ammazing
    we saw many seriels bt the reality is in only yrkkh..

  2. Very good Naira, very good!

  3. Vrushy

    Finish this track fastly yarr….
    Too depressing to watch !!

  4. If there’ no kaira, then the serial has become complete nonsense!

    1. It was right ww

  5. This track is too draining for viewers and actors too.but naira not understanding karthik is right at this point of time as all proofs are against him and her thinking capacity is blinded by the loss she n her family is going she giving him benefit of doubt at this time is not possible .
    but eventually whe things settle downshe wwill remember her mother’s words to trust karthik and she will believe karthik…its very real people thinking stops when world collapses yrkkh is showing apt emotions n reactions. ..don’t always think from couple view think neutrally what u would do when world comes crashing back to back infront of u.

  6. serial is becoming boring without kaira’s love stry…wht a tragedy the producer put in…

  7. When hina Khan was in the hospital due to kidney stones, kaira love story was awesome and this attracted a lot of viewers. And now makers are thinking that by killing akshara show will go on!!!!!! Nooo way!!!! Akshara is the soul of this show. Kaira love story, gayu love story and naksh love story are just the external look or smartness of this show, while akshara is the soul. Makers should change the face of akshara by plastic surgery plot and please complete this kaira love story. And I don’t think ki suvarna ne accident kiya hua hoga sayad Kartik ko bachane ke liye suvarna saare blames apne upar Legi . And suvarna hi Kartik ki step mom hai. Anyway feeling bad for naira ?????. And ab pata nhi how will kartik prove his innocence????. And I think Naksh ki shaadi keerthi se hogi aur gayu ki Vivaan se.

    1. Yrkkh / dabh fan

      Very emotional ep Aksharas surrounding death drama , she wil be missed but kairas separation to short hogi per death mystery ka katrik ki step mom Akshara KO murder Ki hai . Nakash were are you ap Ki family need you .

      1. Naksh is big boss. Isiliye usko phone nahi lag raha hai and wo Abhi nhi aayega??????????

  8. Guys I have read somewhere that after Naitik and naira accusing Kartik for akshara death and sending him to jail , suvarna (step mom of Kartik) will succeed in proving kartik’s innocence. After that both Kartik and Naira will join hand to find akshara real murderer . And this incident will also decrease the distance between Kartik and his step mom. I think suvarna is going to play a major and pivotal role in proving kartik’s innocence and uniting naira and Kartik. I also think that Naksh will fall in love with keerthi.

    1. Tessie

      yes even i have read dis hope its true cos sometyms they all make up their own stories.
      andd the keerthi and naksh relationship idea is good but i tot keerthi is already married cos she said once to karthik ki kaash meri be beti hoti toh me uska name misthi rakti when kartik went to delhi that time.

  9. Yrkkh/ Dabh fan

    Lots of emotion on Aksharas death and kairas separation will be short per death drama but mystery solved hogi kartriks step mom Akshara ko murder Ki hai . Nakash were are you family need you.

    1. Tessie

      Naksh big boss me hain n i dnt wnt some new entry now he is perfect for this show..
      but when naksh will come to know about kartik dn wo uska na murder karde.

  10. Gayu ki shadi vivaan we nhi hogi…there will be new love entry in gayu’ s life…but later…I also think swarna will take all blames of kartik and that’s why kartik and his family relation will improve…and kartik naira marry will happen…and naira will become like akshra but kartik I think kartik will always feel guilt for his act…I also think new akshra entry will be later…after marriage of kaira…

    1. Tessie

      ritu kartik didnt kill akshara in the serial so he will find the real killer behind aksharas death so n if so happens like u said that he wil feel guilty i dnt think that he will tell lies cos even in the news they showd that kartik is guilty n dont wanna sign the bail papers but his chachu makes him sign n tels him to find the real truth. i just want they dont drag dis story much.. as of now in one week they showd full one to two days ka shoot,

  11. Plz dont separate kaira

  12. Sethidisha002

    if u seperate kaira then it will worst episode to watch

  13. Akshara is the soul of yrkkh..The show can never go on without her..Even with kaira’s love story..some views had already stopped watching yrkkh after karan mehra left..some were watching bcz of akshara..And now hina & karan both of them has left the show..Even naksh is in big boss..Only naira is left..They r saying that they will run the show by kaira’s love story..very funny..There is nothing in yrkkh withour hina and karan…..

  14. *Without

  15. Guys Naksh Abhi big boss me busy hai???????????. And wo abhi nhi aaraha hai. And I also think ki Abhi Naksh ka Abhi kuch khas kam nhi hai . So it’s good ki naksh Abhi nhi aaye yaa aaye to uska love story keerthi ke sath ho. Yes Tessie you are right that keerthi is married but she is Not happy with her married and it shown in the serial that keerthi is not happy with her married life. So I think keerthi and Naksh love story will start after Naksh entrance. And I think Vivaan is good for gayu. But still i have not any idea about gayu . Kartik is innocent and he will be proved innocent by her step mom suvarna.

  16. please please dont separate kaira and bring akshara back. please this serial is the most different show in whole star plus.
    dont ruin the show olease please.

    let it remain a show of values festivals weddings relationships all good things. there is so much to learn from this

  17. Dezine

    yrkkh is a journey of naitik-akshara not of karthik-naira.. the show might not run long

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