Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik reveals the truth


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira thinking of Kartik. Naksh comes and says Naira, sorry, did you get scared, I went to meet Kartik, but he refused. She asks can you come with me. He asks where. She says just come. They leave. Kartik makes a sketch and says this is my fate, I m away from you all, I will sign the confession papers, either everything will get fine or it will spoil, sorry Dadi and everyone, I had no other option. Naira comes to him and says I got to know the truth, you have hidden the truth a lot, but truth always comes out, see how I change everything. She scolds him.

He asks why, we were getting a lot instead this pain, our family, staff and their families would be in better state, what will we do now, you would have done this. She says I would have never done this. He says I m not wrong. She says you did wrong, ask me and everyone. Kartik wakes up and says it was a dream, relax, Naira won’t know anything in real life. Sita goes to get medicines. She sees Naira and Naksh at the door. Sita asks why did you come here. Naira says I came to apologize. Sita says I don’t want to talk.

Naira says you are giving us loan, I had hurt you, really sorry. Sita says forgiven. Naira says you are really nice to help us and give us loan, the entire family is thankful, we are worried for Kartik, you maybe knowing it, he fell into a strange problem, police is saying that he did someone’s accident and ran away, but he can’t do this. Sita says its right, I mean I m upset knowing this. Naira thinks I can see the truth on your face. Naksh coughs. Naira asks are you fine, your medicines…. Sita asks which medicine. Naira asks her to get water. Sita goes. Naira and Naksh get inside the house. Sita says I told you to stay outside, why did you come inside, Naksh is already coughing. Naira says he said he wants to sit, we got the medicine, thanks for water. Sita says take him home. A man comes to deliver medicines. Naira looks around. Sita takes medicines. Naira thinks so many medicines.

She makes Sita drop the box. She asks are you fine, I can stay here for you, tell me. Sita says medicines are for servant’s dad, he is unwell, take Naksh home and make him rest, go. She shows the exit. Naira thinks I didn’t get any proof. She leaves with Naksh. She sees Kundan with bandages and resting. Sita shuts the door. Naksh says we didn’t get to know anything. Naira says I understood what happened and what I should do now. Dadi says explain and scold Kartik, make him talk to the lawyer. Everyone stays sad. She prays. Naira comes to Kartik. He says I m going mad to day dream. She asks what happened, its not a dream, I came to break your stupid dream, your stupid plan failed, you have hidden the truth a lot, but truth always comes out, see how I change everything. She scolds him. He says this trick won’t work on me. She says no, I got to know everything, that accident, Sita, Kundan…

He asks her to leave. She asks why can’t you tolerate the truth. He says I didn’t do anything. She says don’t lie, how did Kundan get hurt, why did Sita hide him at home, why did you take Kundan’s blame on yourself. She says I can bring the truth out, tell me the truth, or shall I send police to get Sita and Kundan arrested. Kartik says no, we lost, I didn’t think the solution will be so easy, Sita had called me. FB shows Kartik apologizing to Sita. Sita says I don’t have time for useless matter, you can get money if you want, I want something in return. Kartik says thanks, whatever you say, I will repay loan soon. She says no need, I want something else, will you go jail instead my son. He gets shocked. FB ends. Kartik says she said she will give us loan and also invest in our company. Naira says you agreed to her. He says no, I refused to her. FB shows Sita saying I have just Kundan, this way is better for both of us, I will get a chance to save my son, you may lose family forever, think about it. She threatens him and asks him to decide. FB ends.

Naira thinks Kartik would have gone through a lot. Kartik says I still refused. FB shows Kartik saying I won’t take the blame on myself. He recalls Dadi’s words. He says I can’t see my family getting homeless, Naira you would have done the same, why are you crying, you already knew it, you didn’t know it, you made me say it, right. Naira says sorry Kartik, I had a doubt, I had no way to find the truth. He gets angry and hits the water pot. He says I will give my life for family. She says we all have a right on your life, dad wants his son, not business, Dadi wants you, not haveli, Suwarna and Akhilesh also want you, Kairav and I stayed away from you already, you didn’t think of it, you just thought of business and took the blame on yourself, you didn’t think of family, you didn’t ask me, this sacrifice wasn’t necessary, you did much wrong, you broke our heart and trust, this broken soil pot, it will never join, if we break down, then we will also not join again, we don’t want money, we want you. They cry.

Manish says Kartik has signed confession paper. Naksh says Kundan is leaving, it will be tough to catch him. Naira says I will make Kundan meet Tina now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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