Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira yearn for each other

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish, Dadi and Akhilesh talking about Suwarna. Manish says someone had to tell this to Suwarna. Akhilesh says Suwarna gets anxiety attacks since Shubham’s death, Rajshri shouldn’t have told this. Manish says its wrong to blame someone. Dadi says its better that we change our ways. Akhilesh says yes, we should forget that Kartik and Naira were together, both families should stay away, else we will get hurt and hurt them too. Its morning, Naira thinks will he come for jogging today, what will I talk to him, I just have to see him. Kartik looks inside the gate and thinks I just have to see her and know how is she, I can’t talk to her.

Suwarna wakes up and says Kartik, where is Kartik. Manish says you can talk to him, take rest. She says I have to tell him about Ashi. He says stay here, I told you, you are unwell, get better first and then talk to him. She says don’t know what is Kartik thinking, I have to clear his misunderstanding. He asks why did this happen, I asked you not to get between them, see what happened now. She says you can punish me, I can’t get peace until I justify myself to him. Kartik leaves. He walks on the road. Khayal tera jagata hai….plays…. Naira walks on the road and sees a tea stall. They both try to call each other and stop. Kartik comes there and sees her at the tea stall. He recalls their old moment. He crosses the road and signs to stop the vehicles. Naira thinks of him. He stops and hides aside on seeing Naitik with her.

Naira asks what are you doing here. Naitik asks why are you having tea here, are you fine, I was scared thinking where you left early morning. Naira says I just came here for a walk. He asks where did you go. She says Joggers park. Kartik hears them. Naitik asks if you are done, shall we go home. They leave. Kartik says why would Naira go to Joggers park, she knows I go there for jog, did she go so far for my sake.

Devyaani says Bhabhimaa said there should be small puja for Jhula. Rukmani says yes, Mansi will go in few days, we won’t invite outsiders in this rasam. Rajshri says they aren’t outsiders, but its better not to invite them. Rukmani asks what about Mansi’s shagun that comes from Maayka, we should do rasam by all rituals. Devyaani asks Nandini to call Surekha and ask her to send shagun. Rukmani says I will explain them. Devyaani says ask them to send shagun by staff. Dadi says now terms aren’t good, send shagun by staff, Manish and Akhilesh won’t go. Akhilesh says yes, this will be right, our meetings will get less when Mansi goes to US. Surekha says this drama should end. She asks servant to send shagun to Singhania house. Kartik comes and looks on. Suwarna comes to him and says I…. He goes.

Naksh asks are you thinking the same. Naitik says yes, whatever happened with Naira is wrong. Naksh says she will bear it all for Anmol and Mansi’s sake. Naitik says we had some hope back then, now everything is over, my helpless princess…. Naksh says princess is not helpless till she has her father and brother with her. Suwarna goes to room and cries. She says Kartik didn’t talk to me, I m not wrong, I just want you to be happy by forgetting past, start a new life with Ashi, please talk to me once, I m alive only for you, if you get angry with me, I will die. She cries.

Naira sees the arrangements and swing. Kartik also sees a swing. They recall their moments. Yahan wahan…plays….They think of their memories, which makes them happy. Naira sits on the swing. Kartik also sits on the swing. He thinks why did I just think of fights before, and now I m just thinking good things. Naksh comes to Naira. He asks her to get ready. She asks why. He says ask Kirti, she sent all this from her boutique, she is in ashram and coordinating everything. She says I have nothing to do in function. He says you have to come, I will fix your hair, you can change later. She asks what. He says I was your hair dresser in your childhood. She says you can try on Kirti. He says I will practice on you. He tries to set her hair. He jokes and makes her smile. He asks her to always smile. Naitik sees them and smiles. Rukmani asks the man to show some matching glass bangles. Mansi and everyone are downstairs. Naira comes and sees everyone.

Rajshri thinks we can fight for you, we can stand by you, but can’t share your pain. Devyaani thinks I wish I could do something for her. Naira thinks what would I do in these rasams, whose name bangles shall I wear and whom should I show. Naksh takes her. Naksh says we are here to select bangles for you. Naksh and Naitik select bangles and make her wear. Naitik blesses her. Naksh asks Naira to get mehendi applied. Naira says I don’t like it. He teases her. Rukmani says lets offer prayers to Lord. Anmol asks what. Rukmani asks did you forget values in US. Mohit jokes. Rukmani asks all suhaagans to take their plates. Naira leaves the plate and gets sad. Naitik says Naira will be with us, she will help Naksh and me in setting the food we prepared. Naksh says yes, she will taste it and let us know if its fine. He asks Naira to wait and goes. Naira sees some spark in lights and goes to remove the wire. She gets back and falls. Kartik holds her in arms. They both fall on the swing. Om morey saiyyan….plays……….

Kartik says we are here to give shagun, here it is. Naksh says you both are no longer together, so learn to live without her. Naira looks on.

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  1. its so sad…I dont like whatever is happening to these two. I hope they get back together and wont torture us with all this emotional drama now.

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