Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira gets Soumya’s medical reports

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Naksh and Kirti to decide everything. Kartik asks why. Naira says its their right and their responsibility. Kirti asks how will I decide alone. Devyaani says you always took responsibility and did everything well. Bhabhimaa says yes, you know it well. Surekha asks Dadi to see, Naira refused but they all want her to manage. Kartik says we can assist you, but you have to head everything. Naira agrees. Dadi looks at her.

Karishma and everyone talk about Sangeet theme. Devyaani says it was not decided who will take responsibility. Naitik says Naira was asking Kirti to take all decisions. Ananya says Kirti will have her tensions, shall I talk to her. Naitik says no need, Naira agreed, they all want Sangeet to happen well. Rajshri says Dadi maybe happy. Yash says she may do dance number first. Karishma says she will dance for Kirti, not for Naira, the difference between daughter and bahu is seen in that house, I think Dadi is behind Naira’s decision to not take responsibility, else its not possible that Naira doesn’t plan for Naksh’s sangeet. Devyaani says wait, I think we are overthinking. Rajshri says maybe Naira said so that it should be Kirti’s choice. Karishma says Dadi does as per her wish, as we justify such things.

Dadi talks to Naira. Naira says I said yes so that they don’t insist, I tried to let Kirti manage, but they refused, if I said much, they would have doubted, I want Kirti’s happiness, trust me, I will try to make Kirti take decisions. Kirti comes. Naira asks for storeroom keys to get Maa’s chunri for Kirti. Dadi says go, I will see Soumya’s cupboard keys. Kirti asks Naira to help her. Naira says I have work, Kartik will get annoyed. Dadi asks Kirti to try herself. Kirti goes.

Naira comes to storeroom and opens cupboard. Kartik scares her and jokes. She asks why did you come here. He says I heard you came to take Maa’s belongings so came to see. He helps her. He sees Soumya’s clothes and says she liked to get ready and adorn herself, she had many sarees and bangles, I was young like Lav Kush, she used to make parathas for me, I used to hear bangle sound. He cries. Naira hugs him. She says I can understand, I also lost my mum. He says why did Lord do this with us. She says I don’t have answer, but I know we have their love and blessings. He says I will keep this. He shows the two sarees Soumya liked, and asks her to give one to Kirti, and will you wear one. She asks why not, I will surely wear it, won’t I need mum’s blessings.

He smiles and asks why did you refuse to take sangeet responsibility, how will it work if you don’t help, Kirti has much tension. She asks him to help Kirti, she has much work. He says others are there to help Dadi. She says Manish is hurt, how much will Akhilesh and Surekha do, go and help Kirti. He goes. She says its difficult for me, if I do, Dadi gets annoyed, else Kirti and Kartik get annoyed. She thinks what’s in drawer and pulls it. Drawer falls down. She tries fixing drawer and gets some papers inside. She gets Soumya’s medical reports and reads. She says Soumya had some mental disorder, why did anyone not say, does anyone know or not, the way these reports are hidden here, I will ask Kartik. She runs to Kartik and says if he turns more upset by knowing this, Manish and Suwarna would know this, shall I ask them, whom to ask. She sees Dadi and goes to her. She says I was taking some things from Maa’s cupboard, she didn’t stay well right, I mean what happened to her. Dadi says why are you asking this, focus on work, don’t talk about this, house situation is getting fine by much difficulty. She goes.

Naira sees Akshara and Soumya’s pics and says I want to tell Kartik, he has right to know, you tell me what to do. Suwarna comes to her and asks her not to tell anyone. Naira asks did you know, why is this not told to Kartik. Suwarna says he doesn’t know this, you don’t tell him, it will be better if his dad tells him, if this is hidden till marriage, I want Kirti to have bidaai happily. Naira says Kartik and I don’t hide anything. Suwarna says you know it has your happiness, but its good to hide this, you can show papers on right time.

Naira says maybe Kartik’s misunderstanding for Manish and you can end. Suwarna says maybe the distance increases, I don’t want this, don’t take this risk. Kartik is on call and goes to room. Suwarna says there would be some reason to hide this, think, if Kartik knows this, put blame on me. Naira says no, it will be wrong. Suwarna says you know he hates me, it doesn’t matter if he gets another reason, but I don’t want you both to have problem. Kartik attends a call and goes. Suwarna says if he gets annoyed with you, go and hide the papers, he shouldn’t get this. Suwarna goes.

Kartik comes and asks Naira what happened. Naira says nothing, I was missing Maa and mumma. He says I can understand, I gave you a number, its urgent. She says its in diary. She keeps papers in a diary and keeps there. She thinks Suwarna was right, I should not tell this to Kartik. Manish asks what. Suwarna says yes, Naira got the prescriptions of Soumya, I didn’t tell her anything. Manish asks did she ask you, if she asks Kirti and Kartik, I can’t tell them, I can’t see tears in their eyes, I can bear their hatred. She says I don’t think Naira will talk till marriage, but she will ask after that. He says don’t know how did papers come, I have removed it. She says truth always comes out.

He calls doctor Singh and says I had to meet you, when are you coming India, I had a request, if anyone calls about Soumya’s case, don’t say anything, thanks. He says my children should not know about this, especially Kartik.

Kartik says I told you not to hide anything from me, I got the papers which you have hidden from me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vivian20


    1. Fenil

      Yeah….You came here after a long Bro.

    2. Vivian20

      Oh…yes but I was following it everyday.

    3. Vivian20

      U know I have been watching yrkkh since start….I was a kid then ok not kid though I was small and I have very fond memories of it

    4. Fenil

      i m also watching from first promo and episode.
      Yrkkh ke bina jaise jeena mushkil hain mere liye

  2. Ponkuri

    Hi everybody??????

    Today episode make me worry….if the truth abt Soumya condition come out I think Karthik is going to make a fuss again…or he will realize tat Manish n Suwarna did not cause the death of his mother????? wat will be the outcome?? Good or bad??? Dadi might blames Naira for letting out the truth??? Nervous as to wat will happen?????

    Dear Bro Fenil Sis Kaina Missy Tvfan Raf Soumya Anjana Tuttifruiti take care n waiting for ur comments. ??????

    1. Nice view ponkuri.i think they are saving this track for future.may be after marriage.

    2. Fenil

      Nice views Sissy.
      Yaa i m fine…You say !!

  3. Tvfan1

    track is’s not dragging that much!!
    i think the truth of soumya will be out soon!
    excite to see KEESH’S SANGEET!!

    Being part of a Rajan Shahi show is quite a treat specially if the show is one of his best.
    One of Shahi’s longest running shows, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is also one of his grandest and actor Rishi Dev, who plays the role of Naksh, couldn’t agree more.

    “It has been a great experience! When it’s about Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the team and the channel know what exactly is to be done with each character. If it’s about Naksh, every single day brings a new challenge and a large spectrum of emotions to play.

    Talking about the response for my character, people are eagerly waiting for ‘Keesh’ wedding to happen,” he says.

    The show is known for its elaborate wedding sequences and Rishi says Naksh and Keerti’s wedding on the show will be no different.

    “Yeh Rishta… knows how to make every wedding look grand and amazing! The Keesh wedding is on its way and I’m pretty excited to see how marvellously our creative team and the writers from the production house and the channel bring out the grandest wedding of this era!” he avers.

    The actor says that he shares a great relationship with his on-screen fiance Keerti, essayed by Mohena Singh. “Knowing each other’s character, listening to each other’s advice and working on the scenes together before the shoot can only happen when you share a great bond with your co-star. Mohena is a great friend. She has a positive aura around her and believes in her character. It’s fun to work with such actors,” he says.

    1. Fenil

      well said by Rishi.
      Keep sharing news and interviews

  4. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Awesome episode.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey fenil why did kartik i grandmother say to naira that she can’t help with brother sangeet celebrations when kartik grandmother was being nasty to naira I felt sorry for naira so much I was crying for naira

      From soofia bhatti

    2. Fenil

      Hey are you.?
      I also against Dadi.she is thinking Keerti will not get place in Singhanias so she is restricting Naira in all possible ways like Dressing,Jewellery etc nd now in Sangeet.
      Don’t worry Bhabhimaa is going to take good class of Dadi Goenka.

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey fenil why did kartik i grandmother say to naira that she can’t help with brother sangeet celebrations when kartik grandmother was being nasty to naira I felt sorry for naira so much I was crying for naira

    From soofia

  6. Gowri Ranganathan

    I hope no separation this time of kaira

    1. Fenil

      No separation ….don’t worry Dear

  7. Oh God this serial is going to be more boring. Everyone is going to take classes to daadi about naira’s make up and all . anyway in keerthi s sangeet also it’s going to be discussion about Naira.

    They are making keerthi weak to show Naira great.varsh is a strong girl in the beginning.akshara doesn’t know anything she gradually learned has lots of reality. now just Naira.

    Kaina and all , yesterday I really thought today Naira is going to say she said everything for fun like she will attend the function as a was better if she says v will get keesh opinion in every no she said like the way everyone feel something fishy.

    There is a contradiction that is Naira didn’t want heavy jewelry in the beginning and daadi forced her by saying she s goenka naira should be happy daadi asked for light jewelry but no .this is unnecessary drama like pregnancy drama to give more screen space to kaira during keesh wedding.this is the problem of makers ,I don’t think actors demand for it.but it’s true that YRKKH lost its charm.once in a while they will give nice episodes.

    1. Hey Anjana I agree with you
      Dadi Goenka has double standards and she is too too two faced – she listens to Surekha a lot.
      Yes Singhanias did the praising too much but they did the same with Naksh for Naira’s wedding. They used to tease him and he handled everything.
      In this instance when Singhanias were going on and on Dadi Goenka should have said to them I thought it was Naksh and Kirti getting married but you all are sounding like it is Naira’s wedding. She could have interrupted and said yes Naira will handle arrangements but Kirti needs to give opinion on stuff.
      I think I heard Naira said to Dadi that she will do all the arrangements but to Kirti’s taste.
      I just want the old YRKKH charm back
      I want Naitik and Akshara’s children to share equal screen space
      I want them to stop pushing Kaira on us
      Why did they let Gayu leave now they should have hold on to her until after the wedding
      Where is Mishti (I think she is probably doing exams) hope she comes back soon

    2. Fenil

      Agree double face Dadi is manipulating things without thinking and when anything go wrong she is blaming Naira…she never scolded SUREKHA she did mistake in Rakhi also,….sayad DAHEZ mein leke aayi hain Surekha ko.

  8. Hi all hope all is well
    This is going to be short as I have used up all my energy on the TSMPS – don’t start me off on that one.
    I read some of the comments yesterday and I am in agreement with all
    So Surekha and Dadi Goenka strike again
    What is their problem with Naira
    Good on Karishma she spoke a lot of sense today and I love all what she said
    This Dadi Goenka is so two faced and have double standards
    Was she not the one that asked Naira to see to all the arrangements for the wedding but she has to choose which house she will support most.
    Also what is wrong with the family members praising their child
    Also Kirti hasn’t gone to the house yet and when she does then she will have her chance to make her place in their heart. The way Dadi Goenka acts with Naira if the Singhanias acts like that to Kirti she wont like it, but then again she will be okay with it
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the fact that Kaira has more screen space than Keesh but Dadi Goenka and Surekha are wrong because their motive was jealousy. Naira cannot overshadow Kirti through dressing because both have different style – Kirti likes simple dressing that’s why she will fits well with the Singhanias. Naira is flashy that’s why she is perfect in Goenka house.
    But I read the spoilers and the Singhanias are going to confront her on her behaviour towards Naira and her mentality.
    I want Naitik and Akshara’s children to share equal space on screen.
    Manish and Kartik relationship is going well and I am enjoying their little interaction but hiding their mother’s death from them is going to create new problems. It was funny when Suwarna was advising Manishji that secret comes out in the end – I laughed because she has a secret she is hiding.
    Hey Fenil bro, Ponkuri, Anjana, Kaina and Sachu sis I pray you are blessed.

    1. I really don’t know why but when naksh did all the responsibility of kaira marriage I didn’t feel he is overdoing it because it was just like akshara. Moreover gayu was there to support the same way here if everyone decide it will be more gpod.

    2. Yes because he is calmer and unassuming
      Whereas Naira is hyper
      And you are right if they all work together it is better.
      I only pointed these out because of Dadi Goenka’s hypocrisy – one moment she wants Naira to manage all next when she is being praised she doesn’t want her involved. Make up your mind lady. I don’t know why she hates the Singhanias lovey dovey attitude but she wants Kirti to go there because she knows she will be loved but can’t stand them. I just can’t stand her. She comes across as foolish. Like last episode she told Naira off for saying about Aditya in front of the Singhanias like as if they don’t already know Kirti’s story – stupid but I love Naira’s response to her that my family don’t think such and she was proved right/correct when they sent a bouquet ? to Kirti.
      Sometimes even when she is right coming from her makes it wrong.

    3. Fenil

      yaa Don’t know what is problem Dadi have with Naira if she does good and get credit she have problem and if she does mistake all blames came on Naira she never said to SUrekha when she did mistake in rakhi also.
      Yaa..Bhabhimaa is going to take good class of Dadi goenka.
      Karishma also always talks sensible not now….she always speaks what she feels and in her hearts she never hide her words.


  9. Tvfan1


  10. Fenil

    Dear Raf and All, Sachu Dii is busy with some work so she will not able to update her FF. So wait for some days. She said Sorry also for the delay.

  11. Again naira will begin with her Mahanta.. she can never be like Akshara..

  12. More than dadi.. naira is too double faced..humesha Apne apko dusre se better prove krna.. nautanki

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