Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara telling Bau ji that they have completed all work, and Naman helped them a lot. The credit goes to all their team. The Maheshwaris do shopping at home. The men are happy seeing their wives happy and think to do much more for them. Jasmeet likes a light saree and Kaki asks her to buy heavy saree as she is newly married. Jasmeet’s family comes and are happy seeing their daughter happy. The clients like Akshara and Naitik’s work and they ask about the competitors. Naitik and Akshara say they maintained secrecy and will not find out the other’s work. They say we will not do cheating. They are impressed by Naitik and Akshara for valuing ethics so much. Girja comes to Dadda ji and sees Devyaani and Bhabhimaa are not here. She thinks to steal and comes inside the room seeing Dadda ji sleeping.

She tries to open the locker and does not get through. She sees some gold coins and takes it. Dadda ji wakes up and sees her. She gets shocked. He scolds her. Bhabhimaa comes and asks what happened, how did this happen. Girja lies to her and says she will taking bedsheet from cupboard. Bhabhimaa asks her to keep it back. Girja is tensed. Bhabhimaa says I don’t keep bedsheet here, what were you finding here. Dadda ji asks Bhabhimaa to make mango pickle and she leaves. Girja says I got saved but I did not get anything.

Naman talks to Karishma and says about Teej. She says even Jasmeet is keeping fast, you also keep it. She says fine, you also keep for me. They argue and end the call. Naitik and Akshara make their jewelry sets ready and are happy. He says we did it. She says yes, we will handover this pieces to the client tomorrow morning. He says yes then we will celebrate. Naksh comes to them and says he will make them sleep. The driver talks to Girja and asks her to get some jewellery else he will leave her. He says promise me you will come with the jewelry. She says she will come, as she is keeping fast and she loves him a lot. He says I also love you, come fast.

Girja says how to do it and goes to Naitik’s room. She sees they are sleeping. She steals the half the jewellery sets and runs. Naitik and Akshara wake up by a call. Naitik says everything is set, I will come for delivery of sets in morning. She notices Naitik’s designs sets missing. She asks where did he keep the sets. He says I kept it here. They open the lights and look for the sets. They panic on not finding it. Bau ji and Devyaani come. Naitik says his sets are missing. They are shocked. Bau ji says maybe Bhabhima kept. Akshara says no, only Naitik’s sets are gone. They go to talk to Bhabhimaa.

Bhabhimaa says she did not take the sets. Chitti says I did not take as well. Akshara says Naitik, see the main door is open. Girja is going to meet her lover Chandan. She sees the temple and apologizes, as they will be hurt but she has to marry, everyone told me they will give me a lot, if I took it myself, what wrong I did, I m sorry and protect me. Devyaani says Girja went out. Naman checks the security system and says Girja has run away with the neighbor driver Chandan. Everyone is shocked. Naitik says he is a very bad man. Bau ji says yes. Naman says Girja gave an apology letter.

Akshara says we have to find them and save her. She says I m worried for Girja. Bhabhimaa says we did her upbringing as our daughter and she did this. Devyaani says she did not do this right. Muskaan says what if we don’t get the sets, client can take legal action against Naitik. Naitik informs the police. They look for Girja everywhere. Chandan talks to his friend and says he will run with the money, he has trapped many such maids of rich homes. Girja is on the way. Naitik comes home and says everything is ruined, his name, reputation, hardwork. He says client will take legal action against us, we will be ruined.

She says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He says how will we do everything again in so less time. She says I will take blame on me. Naitik says no. She says she will support him, and they will face everything with him. Everyone looks on.

Naitik asks inspector to do anything. He says we can’t find anything. Everyone is worried. They are shocked seeing someone.

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