Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira sink in sorrow

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we will be talking in the court now. Naira says no, don’t go. Kartik says fine, give me written statement that Kairav will be with me. Naira says he will stay with me, you can meet him anytime. Kartik asks why, you want to take him away. Naira says no, I was going to tell you. Kartik says I don’t care, I only care for Kairav, he will be with me. Naira says you will always have right on him, I wanted to go as your marriage…. Kartik says I will handle my marriage. She thinks you aren’t able to handle. She says we should go from here. He says you go, Kairav will stay here. She asks with whom will he stay here, his dad has another wife here. Vedika says don’t know what are they talking, did Naira tell them that I told about the divorce,

no, she won’t do this, Kartik will never forgive me knowing this, he will fight with even Naira. Naira says none can snatch Kairav.

Kartik says I m not snatching him from you, I want full right on my child, I m not a mum but I know a mum’s importance, I know he needs his mum, I love him but didn’t get blind, he will live without him, but not without you, I can’t have a relation with him like you, I just want my right on his life. Naira thanks him. He says don’t thank me, I won’t leave my right, we will fight through the court, I decided to fight legal case for Kairav, Kairav will stay with Naira, but I will have right on him, I will decide for his life. Naira says no. Kartik says I have done this, matter ends here. He goes.

Naira goes after him. Gayu says what’s Kartik going, Naira should get legal rights, if Kairav stays with Kartik, Naira won’t have any reason to live, Vedika and her marriage… She thinks Vansh’s future is also at stake, he can’t make his place in family if Kairav stays here. Naira asks Kartik to listen. He says I will meet you in the court. He leaves. Naira cries. Goenkas leave. Bhabhimaa cries and says we praised them so much and now they are facing this problems. Naksh says don’t know what will be the end of this fight. Manish comes to Kartik. Naksh comes to Naira and asks what are you doing in my tent. She says you used to sit here when you used to worry, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have mum’s diary now. Manish says I will find some way. Kartik says I don’t want to hurt anyone, am I doing wrong by asking for my right. Manish signs no. Naksh says you didn’t do any mistake. Naira says I m falling weak, I m scared. Kartik says Kairav won’t stay with me, I would have not done this, Naira will take Kairav away if I take this light, I can’t believe her promise. Naira says I should have spoken to Kartik before. Kartik says I don’t trust myself, I feel I may ask some question that makes things worse, I just want my child, I don’t want to snatch him, I should meet him at least. He cries.

Naira says Kartik isn’t asking for more, I m helpless, Kartik can’t settle unless we are here, why is Vedika getting punished, I feel guilty, I don’t want to make them away. Kartik says find the best lawyer for me, so that Naira take my son away, promise me. Naira says a lawyer who understands why I m fighting this case, promise me you will hire the best lawyer and the court will decide in my favor. Naksh thinks they both are right on their front, how can one from two right people win. Manish and Samarth talk about the lawyer. Manish says Kartik is much worried, he didn’t make such a big mistake that he is bearing this. Samarth says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he wants his right. Manish says we want a lawyer who makes Kartik win. He gets Damini’s call and says fine, we will meet tomorrow.

Naksh says I want that lawyer, I want to end the case soon. Bhabhimaa asks whom are you talking to. Naksh says I was talking to lawyer. They talk about Kartik. He says I hope Naira wins the case if this lawyer fights, she is Damini Mishra, I heard a lot about her. Dadi asks are you hiring Damini for this, she had used lies to win the case. Manish says yes, we have to win the case. Dadi says Kartik has to get Kairav, we should end this matter out of the court, Kartik and Naira should talk and end this. Manish says enough now, trust me and leave this on me, just pray that we get the court date soon. Kairav talks to Kartik on video call. Kairav says mum, dad and me, happy family together, when will you come to take us. Kartik says I m getting a call from office, I will get scolded by boss. He ends call. He says you come here or not, I won’t let you go far.

Naksh says Naira you will get custody. Devyaani says we will talk to Kartik. Kartik asks Naira to meet him in the court.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kartik is acting stupid.this show should end now , it’s getting quite boring seeing this fight n all. Why Kartik didn’t realize this before when blaming Naira, wat Kartik does is right. Don’t think so. He knew Naira was alive n still he got married to Vedika, actually he shouldn’t get kairvas custodyplease finish this show

  2. dear god this is overkill vedika this is ur fault look at wat u did and it’s sad cuz this time neither kartik or naira is wrong and they both understand each other but don’t have a choice. This custody track is going 2 break my heart like srsly wat r u doing 2 kaira makers

    1. What creating unnecessary drama when this can be settled with shared custody allowing both parents to have kairav. Vedika only worries is that karthik will go back to naira for kairav sake. She was understanding at the beginning but turned highly insecure when she noticed karthik and naira were too close. There are millions of ex couple who are raising kids together while moving on in life with someone’s else.
      Karthik and naira should confront vedika’s fears and make her understand Kartik will always be kairav father and he and naira will be cordial to each other for kairav sake but nothing more. And if karthik is so desperate to be with naira then simply free vedika, it’s not fair to give her fake hope and turn her jealous and insecure because that gigolo is not man enough to decide what he wants.
      Vedika is getting all the curse but how much one person can take without doing anything wrong. One day her husband calls her wife, next day he gets cozy with his previous wife and tells her she doesn’t natter to him. At least if she had family she could have seek emotional support but she has no one to live for and people she actually considered as family are just playing with her life.

  3. Anonymous fan

    In between all these fights kaira is really forgotten. Kartik begged and waited for Naira’s comeback and now when she finally came he is treating her like a stranger as he doesn’t seem to understand her. He is the root cause of their bad relation but he mostly only sees Naira’s fault. Out of a sudden where is his pure love for her gone? And why Naira is not even taking her stand by explaining herself and tell all the truth? Vedika…..
    I am tired of seeing her cry in every episodes after the leap track.

  4. Kaira r nice but y ru doing this with them Kartik did wrong with naira and blaming her for his fault how is this possible naira should get the custody of kairav or kaira should unite naira shoul tell wat Vedika did so Goenka’s may understand her & support her

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kartik told Naira to butt out as he can manage his marriage 😐 does he feel that marriage is a joke ??? 😡 Vedika almost committed suicide and he said that he can manage 😐 you can clearly see how immature he is… and his temper 😡 he really needs to get admitted to an anger management class else he’s gonna be ruining more lives 😡 I am so sorry Naira decided to stay there in the first place… that Goenka family does not even care to hear any explanations, period 😡 every one feels sry for Vedika but I don’t, becuz she knew it was a one sided marriage… and with Kairav involved, she shud at least try to cope with both parents… if it doesn’t work, then like Kartik told her… she is free to leave… problem is that Kartik foolishly took her responsibility… so it’s a no win situation for all 3 to try and work things out… bottom line is that Vedika knows Kartik loves Naira, and she will never ever get that love from him… so why is she staying ?? 😞

  6. Verma4

    Why is Naira surprised by Kartik’s call. She was the one that took the legal approach. They did not talk 5 yrs ago why would they talk and settle now. Kartik has every right to fight for the custody but no one gives a dam about Kairav who would be punished either way.

  7. totally crap this episode.kartik naira as usual fight .surekha and samarth are a mute spectators .gayu so selfish of you .for ur child s happiness u want others to be sad that also a innocent kid is he not son of someone your son is not a prince who will be above is grateness of goenkas they have given ur kid their name .if you have so much problem then leave vansh to vivaan s family his real paternal family .i remember in pavitra rishta manav s younger brother sachin had died when his fiance was pregant with his child but she took a wise decision she gave birth to the child and gave him to manav archana .in this way her son got his legal rights and she got to live one was long troubled by shravani (her name ) .suhasini is such a irritating character out of mind and leave vedika uff!!!!! as for samarth i think he gets mood swings .vansh and rashmi both were better than gayu.what when krish ,luv kush ,mansi s child enter .what will she do then .vansh deserves love but what is wrong if someone loves their family heir a lot .what if in future vansh marries a mother of child or unwed mother like his mother then gayu will understand what it is to love someone else s child .what u urself cant do sholudnot be expected from others .just heard luv kush are to enter and liza again shooting ??????

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